José Enrique Camilo Rodó Piñeyro (15 July – 1 May ) was a Uruguayan essayist. Rodó is best known for his essay Ariel (), drawn from The Tempest, in which Ariel represents the positive, and Caliban represents the negative. Ariel, by José Enrique Rodó. The book is an extended . April 5, at pm . you can also read it in english sometimes it’s just easier . Rodó, José Enrique. Ariel. Translated with an Introductory Essay by F.J. was, he explains, safeguarded from vulgarity in England by the English aristocracy.

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Any sort of disinter- ested thought, of ideal contemplation, of inward truce, to which the daily newspaper yields for a moment its dominion, for one glance that is noble and calm direct from the heights of reason to things as they are, will thus remain, in the actual state of our society, unknown to millions of minds, minds “educated” and “civil- ized,” who are by our education and cus- toms reduced to the automatism of an activity that is definitively material.

That feverish unrest which seems to centuple in its bosom the movement, the intensity of life — has it an end that is enriqur while and a motive suf- ficient for its justification?

And to do this one must often cope with a vulgar view of such relations: It is impossible to think on either of these as inspirations for human conduct or society, while contrasting them with those which are opposed to them, without at once con- juring up by association a vision of that formidable and fruitful democracy there in the North, with its manifestations of prosperity and power, as a dazzling ex- ample in favour of the efficacy of demo- engique institutions and the correct aim of its ideas.

But Ariel is more than a criticism of the U. I emphasize his gendered language because it adds even another layer of elitism to his writing. And from all this springs a dominant note of optimism, con- fidence, faith, which ordo them face the future with a proud and stubborn assur- ance; the note of “Excelsior” and the “Psalm of Life,” which their poets have opposed as a balsam to melancholy or bit- terness of spirit. I need to mose more about Hegelian thought and Romanticism, but it is certainly in that stream of thought, where cultures contribute to the progress of the human spirit.

How I came to be emglish to it, I do no know.

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If one could say of utilitarianism that it is the word of the English spirit, the United States may be considered t he incar nation of that wo rd. Engllish have to confess themselves powerless to contravene that lofty quand meme which springs from the depth of hu- man life.

In Tennyson’s “Maud” there is a symbol of this torturing of the soul when man’s society leaves it still in solitude ; where the hero in his madness dreams himself to be dead and buried but a few feet under- ground, beneath a London pavement ; and his consciousness remains, despite his death, attached to the poor remains of his body ; the confused clamour of the street makes a dull rumbling that shakes his nar- row tomb and impedes his every dream of peace ; the weight of an indifferent multi- ARIEL tude weighs wriel above his grave, the heavy tread of horses seems to trample on it with disdain; the days succeed days with inexorable tedium.


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Full text of “Ariel”

Admiration and belief are al- ready for the psychologist but the passive mood of imitation. Undoubtedly there is no more certain result of the aesthetic sense than that which teaches us to distinguish as relative the good and the true and the beautiful, and accept some possibility of engkish in evil and error. Also, they have known how to maintain a certain primitive robustness even amidst the refinements of a highly ARIEL civilized englisn ; they hold to the pagan cult of health, sanity, and strength; they pre- serve in strong muscles the instrument of ‘ a strong will ; obliged by theiir insatiable ambition to employ all human energies, they fit the torso of the athlete over the heart of the free man.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Joe 1 1 demand of you that in the battle of life you defend your souls against that mutila- tion of them by the tyranny rpdo a single and self-interested object. Moving men, or their merchandise, or englisj their mes- sages, at lightning speed from place to place, does not better humanity nor much improve man’s civilization ; nor does the multiplication of brute objects without beauty or value in themselves.

The past belonged entirely to the sword arm; the present seems well-nigh given over to the horny hand that clears away and builds; the future — ebglish future that seems all the nearer as the thinking and willing of those who look forward to it I ARIEL grow more earnest — shall offer the sta- bility, the scenario, the right atmosphere, to make possible the higher evolution of man’s soul.

In the epistolary- style of Saint Paul lingers a trace agiel that moment when charity was being Hellen- ized. The Bow and the Lyre Octavio Paz. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Warning of the danger of educating towards specialization, he cites how the beauty of Athens reflected a society in which balancing human faculties was highly valued. In such wise recognizing, as a necessity for any progress, the selection and predominance of the best equipped, it avoids that humiliation which in other hu- man contests falls to the lot of the van- quished.

It has more than once been pointed out that the great epochs of history, its most fertile periods, are always the result of dis- tinct but coexisting forces which by their very agreement to oppose maintain the in- terest and stimulus of life, which in the xriel of a universal accord might tend to disappear.

They have played, amid the elements of the struggle for life, a function of great realism, in that, show- ing a superior motive, a reason for prefer- ence, to the love instinct, they have caused to survive in every species those beings i ARIEL 57 that are best endowed with beauty over all the others. Does that society realize, or at least tend to realize, the ideal of such rational conduct as satisfies, to the heart’s desire, the intellectual and moral dignity of our civilization? It is a good book.


ARIEL 43 The argument of the traitor apostle be- fore the jar of ointment, spilled to no prac- tical purpose on the Saviour’s head, is still one of the formulae of common sense. Every noble element of that civiliza- tion, all which binds it to the generous traditions and lofty origin of its historic dignity — the arrival of the men of the Mayflower, die memory of the Patricians ARIEL of Virginia and the warriors of New Eng- land, the spirit of the people and law- makers of the Emancipation — will remain only in the older States, where a Boston or a Philadelphia still maintain ‘ ‘ the pal- ladium of the Washingtonian tradition.

In the USA, he asserts, they made inactivity opprobrious, and having exalted individual effort, have crowned it with a genius for association with unprecedented success.

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Glad a cheater got caught. Not even the selfishness of patriot- ism, for want of higher impulses, nor the pride of race, both of which transfigured and exalted in ancient days even the pro- saic hardness of the life of Rome, can light a glimmer of ideality or beauty in a people where a cosmopolite confusion and the atomism of a badly understood democ- ARIEL racy impede the formation of a veritable national conscience.

There is deep truth in Emerson’s paradox thiat every country on earth should be judged by its minorities and not its ma- jorities. One can hardly hope for such a general reading here.

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Their conception of the dignity of life was linked closely to this lofty conception of leisure; the classical attitude finds its correction and its com- plement in our modern belief in the dig- nity of labour; and both employments of enruque spirit shall make up a rhythm of individual life whose necessary mainte- nance needs no insistence on my part.

Recounting how analysts of late-nineteenth-century democracy have widely identified this problem, the speaker does not, he says, want to argue for the complete abandonment of democracy.

Grave caryatides alone guarded the marble doors, in tranquil pose, the faces sculptured into profiles grave in in- trospection. Though overcome arlel thousand and one times by the untamable rebellion of Caliban, proscribed by the victorious barbarian, smothered in the clouds of battle, his ARIEL bright wings spotted by trailing in the eternal dunghill of Job, ” Ariel ever rises again, immortally renews his beauty and his youth.

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