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The following novels are studied: Since that time, critics have attempted to establish a clear definition of that genre aristotrles well as a means of classifying works within it.

Se percibe, sin embargo, un concepto de mujer tradicional, donde la figura de la mujer-madre ocupa el lugar mas destacado. The cultural metamorphosis undergone by the black slave is revealed in this subdivision of colonial literature. Creator Lopez, Humberto J. Chapter II concentrates on narrative techniques and themes. Title La poesia indigenista en cuatro poetas latinoamericanos: The second book that will be studied and Chapter 2 is Dialogo desde una cruz.

The main Colombian sources indicated in this study are as follows: Creator Tyler, Mary M. Disglossia–the inability to speak in a language Furthermore, they managed to defeat the stereotypes and taboos that for decades had subordinated and subjugated Puerto Rican women. Gonzalez, Hernandez, Miriam M. Both narratives prove to be essential for their economic, cultural, historical, political and literary relevance.

Macndo of the heroines in Allende’s novels fight for the rights of women and for the rights of the oppressed classes. The act of reading the text, the interior experience also exteriorizes it, thus, carrying the private into the public realm of culture.


These dynamics are reflected in personal and political trauma narratives. Chapter Five then concludes this study by examining how Fujimori’s use of terror-rhetoric affected its various audiences.

By employing silence and dream as textual strategies the writer transforms women’s allotted position into mcondo means of transgression. In the second chapter an analysis of macond main characters in Rudolfo Anaya’s Bless Me, Ultima and Heart of Aztlan reveals that solitude and the search for identity involve the spiritual reconciliation of forces which adversely affect the Chicano’s relationship with the land and the people of Aztlan.

Jose Luis Gonzalez rejects those views as product of a class ideology, that of the “creole bourgeoisie.

La Litera Literaria | Nicolás Brando | Page 3

Chapter IV focuses on the different forms of parody and how the author uses parody to interilluminate other texts, or forms of authority. Representations of Cuban Women in Testimonial Literature. My objective is to examine the use, function and effect that these spaces of alterity have on their users, and their significance for the analysis of the Cuban society. Three of the four sections are named after iconic paintings by Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso, and the poems in each of these sections indirectly reflect the concepts these works present in an attempt to create a dialogue between the written and visual arts.

Music is used specifically in the themes of love and death. Creator Domenech, Isabel Maldonado. These three novels reflect the social context of the Cuban colonial period; therefore, other antislavery novels which portrait the same subject will not be included since their theme is best represented by the aforementioned.

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Antes de la exposicion del tema, se ha resumido brevemente la biografia del autor y se ha tratado de presentar el trasfondo historico tanto de la mujer puertorriquena, como de la literatura que antecede a estas obras. Dentro de las caracteristicas de la epica se senalan unidad de accion, in medias res, y ariistoteles. The orphans Maria, Sotileza, Ana and Barbara view themselves as morally deficient within their isolated environments.


Show more This dissertation examines the Indianist poetry which constitutes part of the works of four Latin Spanish American poets: The focus of this study will be to discuss the author’s analysis of the last week of the life of Christ before and after His crucifixion. Show more Since the s, the problem of national identity has become one of the most crucial issues in the Puerto Rican political and cultural arena.

Virgenes y martires, Encancaranublado y otros cuentos de naufragio, Pasion de historia y otras historias de pasion, Falsas cronicas del sur, Apalabramiento: In addition, several motifs which have been defined previously as “mythified” are examined and compared to Indigenous Colombian rituals. Show more This thesis considers the collision of two entities in the modern Caribbean: The fourth embraces a synopsis and analysis of each novel’s major characters.

The social, cultural, and linguistic context of Armando Ramirez’s “Tepito” narrative Mexico. Estas tres caracteristicas son estudiadas desde el punto de vista de Aristoteles por ser uno de los primeros en sentar las reglas del genero epico en su obra Poetica.

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