PDF | Documentation for Arlequin Software Manual | ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists. Manual Arlequin ver 2. ARLEQUIN ver A software for population genetic data analysis. Authors: Stefan Schneider, Jean-Marc Kueffer, David Roessli. An Interated Software Packae for Population Genetics Copyriht Laurent Excoffier. All rihts reserved. 2 Manual Arlequin ver 3. ARLEQUIN VER 3.

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For enotypic data, the sample size should be equal to the number of diploid individuals present in the sample. Haplotypes havin a zero frequency iven the required precisin are not output in the result file. Every key except the arithmetic unction keys in the ar riht column and the ive keys on the bottom let row has two or three unctions: Dependin on your selection, the riht part of the tab dialo is will show you different parameters to set up.

Durin the computations, Arlequin will compare all enotypes to all others and recompute the enotype frequencies. Note that comments beinnin by a ” ” character can be put anywhere in the Arlequin project files. The number of loci can be arbitrary, but if there are less than two polymorphic loci, there is no point performin this test.

To make thins clear, the enotype “Genot” in the first population, has been observed 7 times. If this stratey is impossible, then any other number could be used as an allelic code, but the stepwise mutation model could not be assumed for these data. Controls if one wants to output Arlequin files with the ametic phase of each sample in the Gibbs chain.


Arlequin ver

This distance matrix will be used to compute the enetic structure specified in the enetic structure section. When closin a project file, Arlequin automatically saves the current calculation settins for that particular project.

All rights reserved Copyright Laurent Excoffier. Query Console User Guide. The aim of this section is to ive an overview of the numerous options which can be set up for the different ananlyses. Getting Started p3 1. A simple enetic structure is defined that just incorporates the three population samples into a sinle roup of populations.

Browse button It allows you to specify the name and the directory location of the new project file. Usually the question mark “? A name for each sample Notation: If the sum of difference is smaller than epsilon, the alorithm stops.

Profile section The properties of the data must be described in this section. The arleqkim of the matrices used for the Mantel test. The haplotypes can be fully defined in the sample data section.

When relative frequencies are specified, no such check is possible, and the sample size is used to convert relative frequencies to absolute frequencies. By default, a question mark?

In this manual, we have tried to provide a description of The data types handled by Arlequin The way these data should be formatted before the analyses 3 The raphical interface 4 The impact of different options on the computations. Everythin that follows the ” “character on a line will be inored by Arlequin.

If this number is the correlation coefficient between the YMatrix see next keyword and the matrix defined after the DistMatMantel keyword. Introduction 5 Other limitations: Explore Arlequin on your own, or ask Jim or Jiri to help you find pathways to explore.


This can lead to faster aglequim for lare sample sizes and lare number of population samples. The location and the name of the current project.

Estimate standard deviation throuh bootstrap [b]: System requirements Before you install About arleqyim Backup. Estimate allele frequencies for each locus. We will explore Arlequin with both DNA sequence data and microsatellite marker data as input files.

DnaSP and Arlequin

Each sample definition beins by the keyword SampleName and ends after a SampleData has been defined. Input files 9 It is also possible to have the definition of the distance matrix iven in an external file.

Input files 8 then use this identifier in the sample data section. Assinment test of enotypes Assinment of individual enotypes to particular populations accordin manuwl estimated allele frequencies. Computes pairwise F ST s for all pairs wrlequim populations Slatkin s distances [b]: The project file should have the extension. Input files Automatically creatin the outline of a project file In order to help you settin up quickly a project file, Arlequin can create the outline of a project file for you.

With this settin selected, the distance matrix potentially defined in the project file will be inored.

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