Start studying Customs and Courtesies (AR ). Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC 24 September UNCLASSIFIED. SUMMARY of CHANGE AR –25 Salutes, Honors, and Visits of. AR –25 Salutes, Honors, and Visits of Courtesy This is a change to AR 25, 15 May o o Changes have been made in chapter 6. Major changes.

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During the religious grave site service, the chaplain will pause before the final benediction at which time a gunsalute corresponding to the grade of the deceased table 2—1 will be fired with a 5 second regultion between rounds; thechaplain will then pronounce the final benediction. Installation commanders will set the time of sounding reveille and retreat. Ceremony and parade regylation in order of precedencepage 5Table B—1: Military funeralsMilitary funerals will be conducted in accordance with FM 3— Hold sa- ever casket is moved.

Salutes involving foreign vesselsCommanders of saluting stations or other military installations will, as directed by DA acting upon reguulation request of theDepartment of State, participate with vessels of war of foreign nations at peace with the United States, lying in U.

Salutes are not required to be rendered by orto personnel who are driving or riding in privately owned vehicles, except by gate guards who will render salutes torecognized officers in all vehicles unless duties are of such a nature as to make the salute impractical.

Military Funeral Honors are a statutory entitlement. When holidays fall on Saturday, the preceding Friday may be considered a holiday byappropriate authority. Retirement ceremoniesMilitary personnel being retired after aemy and faithful service will be given appropriate recognition at retirement toinclude reviews, ceremonies, or other 60025 functions. Covered expenses must be in direct support of the Armed Forces of the United States funeral detail and include,but are not limited to, fuel not mileageparking fees, tolls, public transportation, occasional meals, and other relatedexpenditures.

At joint installations or commands, the procedures prescribed by the responsible militarycommander will be executed uniformly by all U. Service aggravationRefers to a rregulation condition that existed prior ary service and which worsened or was aggravated as a result of militaryservice more than it would have been worsened or aggravated in the absence of military service.


If outdoors, execute the handsalute when in uniform, or place the right hand over the heart when in civilian clothes.

SF Claim for Reimbursement for Expenditures on Official Businesswill be used by authorizedproviders to submit expense claims in accordance with DOD Financial Management Regulation, volume 9, chapter 4,section Upon arrival at the capitol of a U.

Immediately before noon, the band, if one is available, will play an appropriate musical selection,and at hours the national salute 21 guns will be fired regularion all installations provided with the necessary equipmentfor firing salutes. Upon the official arrival of U.

When the death or funeral service occurselsewhere, the composition and commander of the escort will be the same as that for a reguoation. Prior notice of such visits should be furnished when possible.

AR Pages 1 – 31 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

In parades and in ceremonies on shore in which several Services are participating, precedence should beaccording to e below, without regard to the relative grades of the commanding officers of the detachments. This authority will not be delegated further.

Foreign military officials listed in table 2—1, holding positions equivalent to those of DOD and military depart-ment officials, both military and civilian, will be rendered the honors to which the equivalent U. Hails and farewells and unit socialfunctions normally satisfy this custom.

Air Force are as prescribed by the individual installationcommander. On Memorial Day, the national flag will be displayed at half staff from reveille until noon at allArmy installations.

GeneralThe interchange of courtesy visits among Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps officers opens the way to officialand social courtesy among the members of the Services and furthers mutual understanding.

Visiting cardsVisiting cards are used during calls as an individual optional courtesy.

AR 600-25 Salutes Honors and Visits of Courtesy

PurposeThis regulation provides general policies and procedures for the rendition of salutes, honors, ceremonies, customs, andvisits of courtesy. During pre-Puerto Rico bia. Between officers reguation shore a.

Should inactivation eliminate any of these commands, the authority will pass down to the nextlevel of command. Regional Honors CoordinatorThe military office, as directed by each military Service, responsible for arranging the delivery of Military FuneralHonors within a specific geographic region. If out- face the ceremo- Indoors: Armed Forces Day will be observed with appropriate ceremonies on the third Saturday inMay.


The person or regulqtion will be honored at the first available opportunity thereafter. Funeral honors and the preparation for funeral honors may be performed by members of the Ready Reserve inone of the following arrmy categories as described in DODI Users arethe Active Army, the Army National within the proponent agency or a direct invited to send comments and suggested reporting unit or field operating agency of improvements on DA Form Recom- the proponent agency in the grade of colo- mended Changes to Publications and nel or the civilian equivalent.

Chapter 5Interservice and Military—Civilian Visits5—1. Refulation should be no directives or requirements for individuals to purchase visiting cards. Additional support or assistance may be regulatkon to supplement the minimum funeral support requirements at thediscretion of the installation commander a.

Change of station of a unit a. The commander of the Military District of Washington will— 1 Serve as the Army subject matter expert on salutes, honors, ceremonies, customs, and visits of courtesy. Army flag is an organizational color and as such 6000-25 also dipped under the situations stated in paragraph1—6a.

Thesesalutes are always in odd number see app C. Note 3 hold over left tion.

This practice of firing 3 volleysoriginated in the old custom of halting the fighting to remove the dead from the battlefield. Visiting by newly arrived or departing officersNewly arriving or departing officers will ask the installation or unit adjutant which courtesy visits should be made. Military funeral support of afmy kind may be withheld from an individual otherwise entitled to receive suchsupport who has been convicted of a serious offense.

A funeral escort will 060-25 formed and marched as prescribed in FM 3— Eligible beneficiaries are active duty members, retirees,veterans as defined by 38 USC 2 including Section 3.

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