Home arrow Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC arrow AR 14 Identification Cards Tags and Badges. Reference URL. AR Identification Cards for Members of the uniformed Services Their Eligible Family Members and Other Eligible Personnel. AR Identification Cards, Tags, and Badges. This new regulation— o Replaces AR o Replaces DA Form with DD Form.

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Qualification for a second bronze service star requires meeting the criteria for both campaigns. The AFEM may be awarded posthumously. The deed performed must have been one of personal bravery or self-sacrifice so conspicuous as to clearly distinguish the individual above his or her comrades and must have involved risk of life. For wounds received as the result of hostile action.

Sgt Robert Gardner 11 mo. A wound is defined as an injury to any part of the body from an outside force or agent sustained under one or more of the conditions listed above. Services and paragraph 1—38 for awards to members of Allied Forces.

Award of badges may be revoked under any of the following conditions:. Enlisted recipients of the MOH are entitled to a supplemental uniform allow. Announce accomplishments and competitions for which trophies and similar devices are to be presented, per.

Southwest Asia Service Medal. Criteria for members of the Armed Forces regulstion the United States are as follows:. Clasps authorized for second and subsequent award of the Army Good Conduct Medal, page Additional presentation procedures and sample notification letters can be found at https: In regulagion instances, the appropriate level of recognition is provided by the applicable State governor.

Award authorities may submit requisitions for available medals and appurtenances through normal supply channels for properly documented awards to personnel in the active Federal military service or in the RC; undocumented entries in qualifications records or separation documents rgeulation not acceptable.

SSG Michael Tellekamp 5 mo. Additionally, the recommending official must have knowledge of all of the action s or service cited. Categories of individual awards.


If the original recommendation is not available, arny reconstructed recommendation should be submitted. Services MSM and below only.

Commanders must also take into consideration the circumstances surrounding an injury, even if it appears to meet the criteria. When considering an award recommendation, the characterization of the Servicemem. Foreign and International Awards, page Delegation of award approval authority – peacetime criteria. Lapel Buttons, page Services rendered in the act or operation being considered must meet the following criteria:.

Except for award recommendations submitted in accordance with the provisions of SectionTitle 10, United States Code 10 USCwhich are outlined below and in paragraph 1—15 and appendix F, each recommendation for an award of a military decoration must be entered administratively into military channels within 2 years of the act, achievement, or service to be honored.

Incontestable proof of the performance of the service will be exacted and each recommendation for the award of this decoration will be considered on the standard of extraordinary merit.

An award will be suspended when an investigation reegulation been initiated by proper authority to determine the validity of the award.

Recipients of awards should receive, at presentation, award emblems and the elements medal, certificate, and. The area of eligibility encompasses all land area of the country of Iraq, and the contiguous water area out to 12 nautical miles, and all airspaces above the land area of Iraq and above the contiguous water area out to 12 nautical miles. Only oneceremony will be conducted, no additional ceremony is required to be conducted for members of the unit who were not present when the ceremony was held.

AR Military Awards

Army element commanders exercising award approval authority in Joint, unified, and combined commands, and other award approval authorities to include the National Guard Bureau all 50 states and 4 territoriesto reflect the total numbers of each award approved within the command or agency.

Addresses for requesting medals for other Services. If the SECARMY, or his designee, determines that a statement setting forth the distinguished act, achievement, or service, and a recommendation for official recognition was made and supported by sufficient evidence within 2 years after the distinguished service, and that no award was made because the statement was lost, or through inadvertence the recommendation was not acted upon; he or she may, within 2 years after the date of the determination when the recommendation was discovered as lostaward any appropriate military decoration, numeral, or oak leaf cluster in lieu thereof, to the person concerned 10 USC Also, not to split hairs, but the referenced jointly published regulation states per Armed Forces Service Medal.


Award recommendations for stability operation must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine if award criteria in chapter 3, section II are met. Upon approval by the SECARMY, samples of military decorations may be furnished, at cost price, to museums, libraries, and to national headquarters of historical, numismatic, and military societies; and to institutions of such public nature as will assure an opportunity for the public to view the exhibits under circumstances beneficial to the Army.

Army Reserve USAR not on active duty who have distinguished themselves in the defense of the United States over a period of many years, often at personal expense, inconvenience, and hardship, and those who by their acts or achievements have made major contributions to the Reserve Components RCs.

Global War on Terrorism Service Medal. To qualify, these acts, achievements, or services must not be related directly to membership in the RC. It is awarded by the Secretary of Defense to Servicemembers of the Armed Forces of the United States who, after 6 Februaryrendered superior meritorious service in a position of significant responsibility.

Completes section I of DA Form

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