Art interprets the visible world, physics charts its unseen workings–making the two realms seem completely opposed. But in Art & Physics, Leonard Shlain tracks. “Art and physics, like wave and particle, are an integrated duality: They are simply two different but complementary facets of a single description. A California surgeon explores the striking parallels in the evolution of Western art and science in this enlightening exploration of where ideas.

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However, this book convinced me that there is, like, a higher power, probably a part of the fourth dimension of spacetime. This book is also filled with great quotes and points of view from great writers, artists, scientists and other visionaries throughout history.

If you want to read science, then I suggest reading science as this book might be disappointing. This powerful motivation for producing art has always been a means of imposing order on the disjointed pieces of a child’s emerging worldview.


The best statement is in pagethough: And this is the second time, within a short time span, that I feel duty-bound to post a not-so-positive review of a book that has been rated so highly by lleonard overwhelming majority of readers. Mar 17, Lisa rated it it shlaij amazing. Shlain, a California surgeon, has bravely ventured into two disparate areas beyond the reach of his certified expertise in the medical sciences.

In fact, in only the most mature languages with the most advanced civilizations does there appear a word for the color blue. I also felt that Shlain’s layman’ Leonard Shlain is not a physicist or really an artist, he’s a doctor. That blindsight exists has been well documented; perhaps it is not too much to believe that some seers, like the mythical blind Greek prophet, Tiresias, leonad see that shlaij is not visible. Really, the scope of the book is pretty incredible, and those last few chapters belie Shlain’s ad in the introduction that his goal is to help himself and others understand modern art and physic in physics.


What attracted me to the book was a desire to better understand art. One time I went to illustration class and met a girl named Winter. With or without being anv of it, artists have been depicting concepts in physics long before they were made public.

Just do not take him too seriously when it comes to science or history. He presents herein a number of periods in the history I was naturally attracted to the title as I love reading about both art and physics. He suggests that the existence of a universal mind -“an overarching, disembodied universal consciousness that binds and organizes the power generated by every person’s thoughts” – could explain “how an artist can incorporate ideas into his or her work that have not as yet been discovered by physicists and that are certainly unknown to the general public.

However, I was completely unprepared for Leonard Shlain, who outlined how breakthroughs in science happen concurrently with breakthroughs in the visual arts.

He turns next to Einstein’s second great 20th century discovery concerning gravity and uses numerous examples from art to show how the sculptor anticipated lfonard expressed the great physicist’s revolution. I loved this book!

Praise for Leonard Shlain’s Books – Leonard Shlain | Best-selling Author

To conclude, I must highlight that this book is still an interesting and pleasurable read, containing some original and interesting insights, and some very intriguing connections; the author’s knowledge and passion for the arts is evident in some of his beautiful commentaries his description of Surrealist art, which by the way is my favourite current of modern art, is top-notch.

I imagine he might be referring to the phenomenon of quantum entanglement. I picked up this book after reading the obituary of the author in the Times.

People always know more than you. That is, Shlain does not propose causality, but correspondence. I need to spend some ans time reading about Leonardo Da Vinci.

ART AND PHYSICS by Leonard Shlain | Kirkus Reviews

In present fourth-dimensional spacetime I am next to you. This leads one to wonder if everything we are to discover has already been discovered or perhaps is just waiting for us to have new eyes in which to see what has been there all along. Jul 07, Kristin rated it really liked it. But, watching the parallels of science and art unfold explained a lot about WHY the art movements happened and what they mean.


If anything the book is an advocate for synchronicity. Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert. As in many other examples, the author just comes up with these obfuscatory statements without getting into any detail.

There are also such big logical jumps, and such an overall highly selective interpretation of available facts, that at times this book reads almost like a peonard of Nostradamus prophesies, or a treatise on Biblical Numerology.

Sadly, there is none of such themes in this book. Since the future and the past are the same thing as now, what I’m doing right now, instead of worrying about the future and regretting the past, is puysics changing the future.

Sure, aet is easy to make fun of and needs to be explained, but modern art is a reflection of our zeitgeist. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. Needless to say this is not a light leinard and does take considerable time to read and digest. This is probably one of the most infuriatingly frustrating books I have read in quite a long time.

Yes, in leonarr journal. Moreover, special relativity does NOT mean arbitrary subjectivity, as each frame of reference can be mathematically translated into another frame with the appropriate Lorentz transformation.

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