Artoonix is a simple to use yet powerful software to create cartoons or animated movies. Animate the still pictures or drawings, import them from movies and. Article explaining why some animations look smooth and fluent while other don’t. Relationships between frame rate per second (fps), positions per second (pps). Feel free to explore artoonix project with objects described in this tutorial, download it here (zip file, kb), unzip and file in your Artoonix Projects.

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Start experimenting yourself, and, most importantly, have fun! It is all down to you, of course, but it is probably the easiest to start with a short simple animation. Tutorial “Pony” Pretty pony wants to play. Select the product you want to transfer. The recipient then will get a message that his transfer was recalled.

It doesn’t look like much animation yet, so let us have a look at the way we can improve the situation and test various parameters introduced above.

We can now blend two created objects, using, once again, the Simple Transform tool. In this example we will be creating the follow-up frames on the basis of the just created one. The result is tutoriql. It will look something like this:.

My account

Feel free to explore artoonix project with objects described in this tutorial, download it here zip file, kbunzip and place. Smooth Movement animation Artoonix version 1. The drawing itself can be split into parts that can be moved, turned and scaled together or independently from each other. It has also been shown recently that 25pps is actually a very practical value for smooth animations in most cases. Merge them into one object. And do not forget – not only you can create beautiful picture in artoonix, you can bring them to life too!


We use in this article 30fps rate unless specified otherwise. The final result looks like this:.

Artoonix – My account Tutorial

Let us now increase the pps to Until the moment of recipient’s acceptance, you can recall your transfer. If it is shaded, make sure you have selected the frame in the list on the left. Combined 1 and 3 is the petal with nice gradient color transition. It is strongly recommended artolnix disable ratoonix registration code as a password because this allows to protect your account from unintended access.

Being a powerful addition to already large set of animation tools, frame tweening can also be used to illustrate some basic animation skills. At the bottom of your Project: You can create or modify the video sequence, add sound and preview the resulting film. For instance, in example 1 below is a 2pps animation only two positions for the sequence of 1 second.

When logged-in, you will see your personal page with a tutorixl options that will be described below.

Smooth Movement animation

If needed, e-mail address associated with your Artoonix registration can be changed here. Create an object with gradient of black, and turn it like shown in 6.

Let us try now the next parameter – movement velocity. Pony screen there is an audio aartoonix with several tracks.

To conclude, it is very easy to create simple yet very effective animations in Artoonix, especially when used with frame tweening.

Clicking inside this frame one can move the object or the group of selected objects by holding the left mouse button pressed. You will keep your “My account” on artoonix. Validate all the information especially the e-mail of the recipient! Group 3 – sets the size of the tools. Tutorizl example, our Pony van be split into 8 areas:. By clicking the button “Finish” you will initiate transfer – e-mail will be sent to the recipient with acceptance link.


If you wish, you can also add some text to the e-mail notification of the purchase transfer e. Please note that the transfer of registration means turorial you tutorjal use it yourself any longer. Click “Manage” to get the history of your transfers.

This article discusses why some animations look smooth and fluent while other don’t while seemingly they should have! Should you for any reason loose your registration code for Artoonix software, you can request it here – it will be immediately mailed to the e-mail address that you use to log into your tuorial.

This is the background of our image. Can we improve it by further increasing the pps number?

It is composed of several frames. For example, like this — Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player.

Artoonix – create your own animations

Animation And do not forget – not only you can create beautiful picture in artoonix, you can bring them to life too! As you can see the animation is very choppy and can hardly be called “smooth”. There is apparent “shadowing” in the movement which is rather unpleasing to the eye. Besides, it is also possible to edit each track – cut some parts out, move it to the other place of the same or other track, etc.

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