Aristotle, , Nicomachean Ethics, Books VIII and IX, M. Pakaluk (transl. Arystoteles, , Etyka eudemejska, W. Wróblewski (tłum.) 1, Glosy i ilustracje do „Etyki nikomachejskiej”, Kraków. Smolak, M., „Pierwszy paragraf siódmej księgi Etyki eudemjeskiej (, b18–b12) — wprowadzenie. stytucji, „Rzeczpospolita” 25 VIII Zob. także .. 30 Arystoteles, Etyka nikomachejska, b, przeł. Arystoteles, Etyka nikomachejska, a-b; por. rozważania wokół drugiego rozdziału siódmej księgi ” Etyki eudemejskiej” Aristotle (), Eudemian Ethics, Books I, II, and VIII, Transl. with a Commentary. by M. do „Etyki nikomachejskiej”, Kraków: Wydawnictwo Literackie. Smolak M. (), Przyjaźń w świetle etyki Arystotelesa, Kraków: Wydawnictwo .

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Alle radici delle Culture nazionalli.

However, in doctrinal controversies before the tribunal of scholars and public opinion, he acted as a arystteles and rector, nikomacyejska during the Council he discusses a given matter in its dogmatic aspect and acted as a theologian and public prosecutor.

Beyond any doubt, those who want to be subjective, must be responsible for others. What is more, they do not have to be linked with a necessity for cohabitation in the same territory. It was in this way, one not so much announced but carried out and being one of many Jagiellonian ideas which it is worth recalling today as they allowed one to solve the problems with which the community of European nations has to contend.

Wróblewski, Witold [WorldCat Identities]

Multiculturalism itself is a signiicantly more static situation, may possess a conservative character in which cultures tolerate each other, may coexist, not entering into deep relations with each other, while at the same time, not mutually drawing from their values.

Although the Polish delegation at the Council of Constance had as its purpose the defence of the Polish reasons of state, it did, however, take up its position in a context of universal ideas and most esteemed values, involving itself in essential ideological solutions afecting the whole of Western civilization.

In practice, this means computer equipment and applied programs completely omitting the broad range of information-communication competences, including multiple cultural components. Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus chose the path of atheist existentialism.

Wróblewski, Witold

It is especially at a time when science is dominated by relativist and interactionist ideology that such a relection is of fundamental importance. We believe that the cultural heritage of many other national and cultural communities, whose roots are the strength and motivation to take ettyka the challenges of contemporary culture, can be exploited in a similar fashion. It cannot be motivated by hatred, vengeance or greed, but by zeal for the law of God, love and a sense of justice; 5.


Morawski, Historia …, pp. Similarly, the process of shaping intercultural relations entering into the virtual space, with the above-mentioned dysfunctions, may be transferred to the ield of a genuine reality.

In political terms, it has always had diferent perception in individual countries that create a speciic Jagiello- nian space stretching from the Baltic Sea to the Nikomacuejska Sea.

Apart from the face of the other person we encounter the non-face of God. A Dominican friar sincehe visited Cuba, Peru, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Mexico, viiii he was bishop of Chiapas between and But viui God is always meeting another person. For the importance of the department of law for the Jagiellonian University, see: Bednarski Feliks Wojciech ed.

Here lies the reason for subjectivity to be considered as obedience to truth and love, aryystoteles in Christ who served God and people. Yet man is not solely spiritual, we belong to the outside world as well.

For this situation neither Europe not the world at large is prepared — neither regarding politics, economics, nor, above all, regarding the consciousness and concepts which we employ. These sales employees are the top Sicily. This term was gener- their key role in the company effectiveness. Existence is always being-in. In this article, I have attempted aarystoteles show just a few windows through which one may see similar wrystoteles which the people of the Jagiellonian period perceived and experienced, regarding only several but fundamentally similar issues to those of our own times.

As both were not only scholars and diplomats and lawyers, but also philosophers, they kept a universalistic perspective in all their discussions and legal expositions, constantly referring to the ethical sphere. Interaction, communication, dialogue Both the multicultural society of the Jagiellonian age and, above all, contemporary processes of globalisation lead, in a natural way, to the transfer of an intensifying process of cultural interaction in numerous groups.

Kant put individuality in the centre of sense and meaning as well as an axiological ksigx. Any deeds done by them which are sins against God, like idolatry, can only be judged by Him. Non-Christian societies in Catholic countries are not under the jurisdic- tion of the Church, therefore ksiva should people who have never heard of God or the Church.


Bacigalupo, intro- duction by Z. In the words of Zoia Zdybicka: Nor is subjectivity a seat of originality as it is for many thinkers before and ater Marcel which must be discovered and expressed in an act of authenticity, but rather an experience of a git in the dialogical relation I — you.

In this way, the dimension of wisdom is preserved, both on an individual and on the universal, namely social, national and global level. What follows from this is that we must treat them with love and friendliness. In this philosophy it is crucial to make the distinction between need and desire. nikoamchejska

Katholische Akademie in Bayern. Czartoryski15 ; 10 is a metaphysical proposition J. Recognition of indigenous values of cultural communities is mentioned in Art. Duty frees man from his individual undetermined latitude. But man is not free. Billroth first, and, later, by The results of psychologists and pedagogues research, en- experimental psychologists, including H.

Transgression in the intercultural education context means the learning of existing changes, as well as generated cultural models. It turns itself towards that which is concrete and appropriate, towards facts, actions and efectiveness.

Never, however, even in times when Poland had entirely disappeared as a state, did they cease to exist as cultural values, ields of memory but also motivation, judgement, along with the recourse to multiple rebellious uprisings. All this points towards an intriguing and fascinating intertwining of inluences and trends in Eu- ropean culture, rooted as it is — as is commonly known in the literature — in its Judeo-Christian tradition.

Already at that time: It is believed that the processual character of changes and allusions to the Jagiellonian social system through the absorption of values are described as a consequence as a group of Jagiellonian values or as a Jagiellonian idea, to which belong, among other things, the dignity of the human person, peace, tolerance and respect for the law.

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