AUSTRALIA’S peak nutrition body has slammed Gold Coaster Ashy Bines’ Clean Eating Diet Plan as one of the worst diets in the country. Ashy Bines has claimed to help women all around the world lose kilos off their body by introducing her “meal plans” however, these meals. Ashy Bines has claimed to help women all around the world lose kilos off their body by introducing her “meal plans” however, these meals plans are flawed.

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Did you know fruit is bad for you? The main thing that made me want to try this system was [Name removed]! I thought it would be personalised to myself and that is not the case. Lucinda27 biines May 7: So Ashh decided to do a lot more research on this and have been presented with quite a large amount of information over the past week.

I’ll also add the link to review this program on this site came right from them!! There are no miracle guidelines to eating clean people. To get a refund I had to send screenshots 5 times, email and file complaints times daily, and go on all of the facebooks and instagrams to complain. These diets are only for short term binea is going to be mostly fluid loss too if you skip out too much calories, and will not teach you good nutrition eating habits that you will be able to maintain.


The diet promotes healthy eating, which includes lots of protein and vege’s.

Ashy Bines 12 Week Bikini Body Challenge

This is definitely going to be our house lifestyle now and hopefully our kids will love it as much as we do someday. Can’t wait for the continuing progress to come! Melissa 15 Jun 7: The survey did not refer to the popular Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge – which is a separate group fitness training company that provides a face-to-face program rather than an online diet plan.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: When people asked her for support she said you can find it on google.

After clicking the link to join, I was greeted with a Closed Facebook Group. Write a review on ProductReview.

Ashy Bines Clean Eating Diet Plan Reviews –

Her boot camps are a great price so worthwhile. I wouldn’t waste your money. I have a lot more energy. If you need the support online, there are plenty of free sites you can join you could even start a thread here!

Diet Plan – Page 6 – Ashy Bines Exposed

You girls should check out Tone It Up as well. Is actually a lot of common sense. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Do not sign up for the eating plan.


TaraLeeCupcake 30 May 5: Write a review Ask a question. Ashy does have some kick ass classes by the looks of it though. I signed up for the exercise challenge with some girls from work.

Nessabella 30 May 6: We need more of this type of scrutiny instead of blind loyalty to someone who has no training, no qualifications, bbines or experience that allows them to empire build with no ethics, morals or decency. The guide does not ban or demonise any foods at all.

Fruit is bad Did you know fruit is bad for you? Although our primary purpose for having the Does that mean she is entitled to become a nutritional expert? Trying to look like a bikini model isn’t realistic when bunes have a different body type.

Keep up your good work. This book was not worth the money. Im upset I didnt find reviews for it like I usually do prior to a purchase, so hopefully this helps you. Save your money and look up the plann on Pinterest or torrent the ebooks.

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