We report a case of primary cutaneous infection by the emerging fungus Aspergillus ustus in an immunosuppressed patient after a domestic accident. Aspergillus ustus is a mold that rarely infects humans; only 15 systemic cases have been reported. We report the first outbreak of invasive infection caused by A . Med Mycol. Jun;45(4) Clustering of invasive Aspergillus ustus eye infections in a tertiary care hospital: a molecular epidemiologic study of an.

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Determining the source of infection is further complicated in that a combination of inoculum effect and underlying host immunosuppression make calculating the incubation period problematic. Aspergillus ustus has been found on the surfaces of walls of caves and in indoor air of buildings [8] including hospitals, [3] usstus soils and bat dung. In this cohort, several patients who received the combination regimen of voriconazole and caspofungin had A. Fever, chest pain, nodular pulmonary opacity.

These patients also possessed classic risk factors for IA in that most had graft-versus-host disease that required corticosteroid and other immunosuppressive therapy Macroscopically, the colonies appear drab olive to dull brown or gray and woolly with occasional aslergillus purple or yellow exudates.

The growth of the species basidifies the medium final pH 8. J Am Acad Dermatol.

Aspergillus ustus

One patient patient 3 did not have a viable isolate stored, and 1 patient patient 5 had 3 isolates recovered during the course of infection. This study also emphasizes the importance of establishing microbial diagnoses to the species level; information obtained is important for infection control and, possibly, to guide antifungal therapies. For example, swabbing of dust-ridden surfaces may have indicated the underlying air quality in terms of fungal spores in the preceding months when infection may have occurred.


The conidia heads are columnar when mature xspergillus hemispherical or globose and generally pigmented vesicles.

Recognition of time-clustered cases in prompted us to do this retrospective study and epidemiologic investigation. Possible emission of a yellowish pigment. Pulmonary infiltrates and erythematous papular skin lesions. Construction, a well-known environmental risk usths for IA 36was ongoing outside the hospital during the time of these outbreaks.

The pH of the medium is not modified by the species final pH 6. In-vitro testing of susceptibility to amphotericin B is a reliable predictor of clinical outcome in invasive aspergillosis. Sharp, demarcated white areas over dorsal hands and arms. Aspergillus infections are being increasingly recognized as an important cause of morbidity and blindness. Antifungal drug susceptibility testing of clinical isolates demonstrated relatively high MICs to all antifungal drugs tested Table 2.

J Am Chem Soc. Journal of Clinical Microbiology. Three isolates from patient 5 were genetically most similar to the isolate from patient 2. Analyses of Isolates Eleven A. Such intensive monitoring may show similar outbreaks in other facilities.

The latter was included solely as an outbreak, unrelated control to evaluate the discriminatory power of the molecular typing method employed in the analysis of the ophthalmic strains. Similarly, the isolate from patient 1 was genetically most similar to ystus of patient 4; patients 1 and 4 resided in adjacent rooms, also separated by a period of 2 years.

Aspergillus ustus | Aspergillus & Aspergillosis Website

Abstract Aspergillus ustus is a mold that rarely infects humans; only 15 systemic cases have been reported. Of note, the lung transplant patient appeared to be colonized with a strain of A. All members of the A. Its growth on edition paper is less fast and is very weak on cotton fabric.

The Journal of Antibiotics. Open in a separate window. Introduction to Food and Airborne Fungi. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.


Environmental Sampling Based on the spot map, environmental air sampling of patient hospital rooms was performed, and environmental isolates were obtained.

The relative pathogenicity of this Aspergillus species has not been well studied. Aspergillus ustus is a mold that rarely infects humans; only 15 systemic cases have been reported.

Bilateral pulmonary consolidation, skin lesion. At the time of his diagnosis and death, patient 2 resided in a room directly adjacent to and above the room of patient 5, albeit 2 years earlier Figure 1. We report here the first cluster of Aspergillus ustus endophthalmitis cases which occurred in a large tertiary care hospital during the period October to June It is commonly found in indoor environments and soil. Our study is limited by the lack of local environmental A. Results Outbreak Cases We identified 2 clusters of A.

Common source acquisition may not be precluded by case isolate separation in time as Aspergillus conidia are resistant to harsh conditions, surviving in the environment for many years in dormant phase Aspergillus ustus is a group of filamentous hyalohyphomycetes consisting of 5 species: Although these toxins may be medically important, the quantities of toxin produced in the environment may not be significant 28 We report the first outbreak of disease caused by an unusual fungal pathogen, A.

Molecular typing of A. A source investigation of this mini outbreak was performed by environmental sampling, but no isolates of A. Susceptibility minimal effective concentration to caspofungin Merck Research Laboratories, Rahway, NJ, USA was determined by using a microbroth dilution assay in antibiotic 3 AM3 media, as described previously

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