Lycée ManginSarrebourg Terminale STI Multivibrateurs Astables Chapitre n° 6 TP cours Année Scolaire Tutorial providing good stuff on timer its pin configuration,internal working, Modes of operation(astable,Monostable,Bistable),timeconstant. Astable Multivibrator Using Transistor | See more ideas about Variables, Arduino and Circuit diagram.

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To increase the on time, resistors can be put in series with the capacitors as is done in the circuit below. Likewise, the voltage connected thereto is desirably fairly high in value to provide current source operation.

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Resistors 40 and 42 respectively couple the collectors of transistors 34 and 36 to a positive voltage point. The voltage at the junction of resistors 74 and 76 is held by the clamp voltage at a level less positive than the voltage to which resistor 73 is connected, this level suitably being just above the level of gate input at terminal 12′ which will switch gate 10′ to a state producing a relatively positive output at terminal 16′ and a relatively negative output at terminal 18′.

United States Patent The voltage at terminal 18 is preferably arranged to be greater than the usual voltage level encountered at the same terminal by the value of voltage which would remain on capacitor 24 at the exact time the astable circuit is ready to switch, during normal operation. Then silicon transistors came out: The circuit operates synchronously and delivers a chain of pulses starting almost immediately, these pulses being uniformly timed.

This circuit suitably comprises a second gate 54 which may be substantially identical to gate It is accordingly an object of the present invention to provide improved multivibrator circuitry employing standard integrated circuit gate devices.

This is one of the nice things you can do with transistors – but not with ICs.

So the circuit gives a The collector of transistor 34 is also connected to the base of emitter-follower transistor 46, the collector of which is tied to a positive voltage and the emitter of which is connected to “nor” output terminal As Tr2 starts to turn on, Tr2’s collector will start to fall and ocurs pull down the right hand end of C2.

An additional gate may be employed in conjunction with the astable multivibrator for selectively enabling and disabling operation thereof. It is another object of the present invention to provide an improved multivibrator comprising conventional gate circuitry and which is characterized by increased operating speed.

Time delay circuit employing logic gate. Virtually all ICs have a negative earth and do not work in a complementary version.

The voltage levels at terminals 16 and 18 are interchanged at time t 2. This transistor provides an additional input to the gate, but is unused in the present example, terminal 14 being returned to a negative voltage level. At the same time, transistor 36 is turned off and the voltage at the collector thereof is relatively high.


This is particularly true for circuits exhibiting high immunity to noise. The various inputs and outputs are then compatible and the units are suitably powered from the same supply voltages. A negative-going triggering pulse 88 is suitably applied at circuit input terminal 86 in order to switch the monostable multivibrator from its quiescent stable state to its unstable state.

Meaning of “multivibrateur” in the French dictionary

It is a further object of the present invention to provide a multivibrator constructed from readily available semiconductor integrated gate circuitry, which operates with optimum speed characteristic of multivibrators utilizing more conventional components.

The stage comprises transistors 34 and 36 having their emitters connected together and returned to a common negative voltage point through resistor The operation is changed, and sometimes some head scratching is required to see the result! Then, when input 72 becomes relatively positive for enabling operation of the circuit, terminal 60 drops in potential causing the voltage at the junction between components 66 and 68 to drop whereby diode 70 is disconnected. The invention, however, both as to organization and method of operation, together with further advantages and objects thereof, may best be understood by reference to the following description taken in connection with the accompanying drawings wherein like reference characters refer to like elements.

Conventional gate circuit multivibrators each employ at least two gates which are then cross-connected in a well known fashion to form a multivibrator. It will be cohrs that operation is substantially astxble. But for a lot of simple circuits, consider the supply to be a two lead component a battery. The voltage at terminal 18 is then again effectively clamped to such high voltage through diode It is further convenient that gate 54 be provided on the same semiconductor chip, as part of a dual integrated circuit gate together with gate The subject matter which I regard as my invention is particularly pointed out and distinctly claimed in the concluding portion of this specification.

Names are language things: Cour C2 is a capacitor, the voltage across it cannot suddenly change so the left hand end of C2 will also start to fall. R2 ofwhich would suit a transistor ocurs a gain of at least The circuit according to claim 4 wherein said predetermined voltage level is higher than the highest level normally provided at said inverted output in the absence of said second gate circuit by the highest voltage normally present across said timing capacitor.

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While gate 54 is suitably an “or-nor” gate of the same type as gate 10, it is understood another type of gate may be employed, for example, an “or” gate with appropriate changes in the polarity of input I’m not finished yet but I guess you’d prefer half a page now than a whole page later, so here are a few more circuits in no particular order that I’m about to write up The anode of diode 70 is connected to a second tap on the voltage divider between resistor 66 and diode 68, while the cathode of diode 70 is connected to “nor” output terminal 18 of gate The values shown will give a frequency around 1kHz 0.


Therefore adjustment of resistor 22 changes the discharging and charging rate astabld at 26 and 28 in FIG.

Briefly, the astable multivibrator thus far described operates to provide a series of pulses at a repetition rate set by the time constant of capacitor 24 and resistors 20 and This property is utilized in the astable multivibrator according to the present invention since the output at terminal 18 is employed to successively to charge and discharge capacitor 24 past the couds “window” defined between voltage values 30 and The output can be substantially symmetrical wherein a astabl positive output is produced alternatively at terminals 16 and 18 for substantially similar periods of time.

The circuit according to claim 3 wherein said predetermined voltage level is higher than the highest level astabpe provided at said “nor” output in the absence of said second gate by the highest voltage normally present across said timing capacitor.

I have a lot of astablee type of circuit, there is a lot to say. When the output at terminal 16 drops in voltage, this voltage change is transmitted to terminal 12, enhancing fast switching.

While construction of multivibrators from gate circuits in this manner leads to advantages of convenience, compatibility, etc.

The output provided at terminal 16 is an “or” or non-inverted output relative to the input provided at terminal 12, while the output provided at terminal 18 is an inverted or “nor” output. The pulse output may be taken from either collector. The multivibrator according to claim 1 wherein said “or-nor” gate includes a second input terminal, said second input terminal being connected to a bias voltage point.

It is convenient to speak of the aforementioned “window” as a voltage level, and it is so designated in the claims at the end of this specification. However, when input 72 becomes relatively positive, the output at terminal 60 becomes relatively negative whereby the astable multivibrator cour gate 10 produces a series of output pulses.

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