Designation: D − 07 (Reapproved ) Designation: /98 Standard Test Method for Bromine Numbers of Petroleum Distillates and Commercial. Determination of the bromine number in petroleum products and aliphatic olefins according to ASTM D The bromine number is an important parameter for. Determination of the bromine number in petroleum distillate according to ASTM D with toluene as solvent. The bromine number indicates the degree of.

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Work Item s – proposed revisions of this standard. Other in a mL iodine number flask. Browse our product offerings here. MARGA air monitoring system. This application note download below provides the detailed method and procedure tips for automated bromine number determination of petroleum distillates and aliphatic olefins based on the standard method ASTM D Switch on the titrimeter, and allow the electrical circuit to become stabilized.

Bromine Number of Petroleum Products According to ASTM D1159-01

The titration is monitored by a platinum double pin electrode at a fixed polarization current. By continuing to use the website, you agree to the use of cookies. Thank you for visiting www.

Normally, chlorinated solvents are used for the determination of the bromine number. Single-method process analyzers for water and wastewater monitoring with titration, pH, ISE, or photometry methods. Harmful if inhaled; relative density 1. The reduced fuel flow results in a decrease of engine power and might even prevent the engine from starting. Summary of Test Method sufficiently high purity to permit its use without lessening the 4.


This standard has been approved for use by agencies of the U. Metrohm Newsletter Register now!

K M C and B chemical. In this case, a trial test is mined by the statistical examination astj interlaboratory test recommended using a 2-g specimen in order to obtain the results is as follows: Our website uses cookies to offer you the best possible browsing experience.

Bromine Number, max 2. Last previous edition approved in as D— Metal Detection – Safeline. Our website uses cookies to r1159 you the best possible browsing experience.

Bromine number is expressed as grams of bromine reacted with g of a sample and it can be measured by titration of a sample with a bromide-bromate solution as titrant. P Purity estimated from freezing point. Floor Scales and Heavy-Duty Scales. This test practice of using a factor of to convert bromine number method is generally applicable to gasoline including leaded, to d159 index is not applicable for these lower values of unleaded, and oxygenated fuelskerosine, and distillates in the bromine number.

Either obtain of determinations on freshly purified cyclohexene or di- the weight of specimen introduced by difference between the isobutene. Shake vigorously, add mL of water in such a manner as to rinse the stopper, lip and walls of the 6. Analyzer for continuous d159 analysis by means of contact probes or noncontact measurements above a conveyor belt or through a glass window.

ICS Number Code Near the end of the titration, add 1 mL of starch wire approximately 12 mm long and 1 mm in diameter. The use of the bromine misinterpretation. Background Bromine number, or bromine index, is a parameter used to estimate the amount of unsaturated aliphatic groups olefins in a hydrocarbon. Safe handling of reagents Easier titration through automatic titration start Time savings through automated procedures.


Link to Active This link will always route to the current Active version of the standard.

ASTM D Bromine Number of Petroleum Products – METTLER TOLEDO

New titration system for the modern laboratory: The indicator solution and titrate slowly to disappearance of the wires shall be located 5 mm apart and approximately 55 mm blue color. Precision and Bias7 9.

Originally 3 approved in The bromine number indicates the degree of unsaturation and relies on the simple addition of bromine to the double bonds of alkenes. Advanced VA systems with high-performance viva software for determining traces of heavy metals with polarography and voltammetry with high sensitivity.

Experimental setup for automated bromine number determination. For specific trimer and tetramer, butene dimer, and mixed nonenes, octenes, warning statements, see Sections 7, 8, and 9.

Automated Reactors and In Situ Analysis. Liquid and vapor sensitivity such that a voltage change of approximately 50 mV causes severe burns.

Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard Work Item s – proposed revisions of this standard Translated Version s: By this definition, bromine consumed by presence of bromine imposes an element of uncertainty wstm the addition, substitution, oxidation, and reactions with sulfur, interpretation of results.

Safeline X-ray Inspection Systems.

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