ASTM. E is applicable for linear variable displacement transformers ASTM E also has multiple accuracy classifications similar to ASTM E83 for the. THE FOLLOWING DESCRIBED EQUIPMENT IN ACCORDANCE WITH. ASTM- E AND UTS SOPRev CERTIFICATE NUMBER: CR# GWASTM E Standard Practice for Verification and Classification of Extensometer Systems_自然科学_专业资料。GWASTM E

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ASTM E83 – 16

Two examples of this procedure are presented in Appendix X1. If the extensometer is used with open or closed loop-type test equipment in load control, the users should disregard readings taken during the initial part of the loading curve. NOTE 11—For Type 3 systems, precision marked, divided test pieces may be used to establish known gage lengths on the calibration device. Report all percent values of accuracy, and report the indicator resolution at least once per decade.

The practice is applicable only to instruments that indicate or awtm values that are proportional to changes in length corresponding to either tensile or compressive strain. We have no astk or corrections for this standard.

The precision associated with gage length setting for a Type 2 extensometer should be speci? This ast is subject to revision at any time by the responsible technical committee and must be reviewed every? For direct-reading extensometers the calibration factor is unity.

Accuracy Assurance Between Veri? These should be speci? NOTE 3—The following is an example of an indirect method.

Extensometer systems are classi? An extensometer that attaches directly to the specimen should be removed and then reattached to the veri? These methods, if carefully implemented, would give quantitative information on the dynamic effects on the accuracy of the extensometer. For example, if a chart recorder or XY plotter were being used, then the pen response might be the limiting factor; or if a digital readout device is used, they are often?


The use of an optical magnifying device is recommended when reading and measuring autographic records. Extensometer systems are classified on the basis of the magnitude of their errors.

For variable gage length extensometers, state the gage lengths veri? The position readout on a testing machine is not recommended for use in a Type 2 extensometer system. The practice is applicable only to instruments that indicate or record values that are proportional to changes in length corresponding to either tensile or compressive strain.

In general, both the amplitude and phase of the instrument may change as a function of frequency effects. For extensometers that attach directly to the specimen, the veri? Extensometers that contain large mechanical elements may have inertial effects which at high frequencies cause forces on the attachment points to the specimen.

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If this measurement is used in the calculation of strain, then it is e8 inherent measurement accuracy that is the important factor rather than the error between the chosen length and the actual. See procedures as described in Test Methods E If standard gage blocks and an indicator, or a micrometer screw, are used, they shall be calibrated and their limits of accuracy and sensitivity stated.

Link to Active This link will always route to the current Active version of the standard. Your comments are invited either for revision of this standard or for additional standards and should be asstm to ASTM International Headquarters.

These applied strains are compared with the indicated strains from the Type 3 extensometer systems, in order to establish its classi? If these are known and the temperature is known, then the low-temperature gage length can be calculated.

Active view current version of standard Translated Standard: Take the average of the lengths thus established on each side of the rod as the gage length. NOTE 6—When autographic extensometer systems are used, care should be taken to minimize errors introduced by variances in the graph paper. Determine and record the error from each measurement, which is the difference between the measured gage length and the speci?


If the extensometer is used with closed loop test equipment in strain control, the backlash could result in large tension or compression loads during the initial part of the loading curve. Errors are based on net values from the zero point to each successive veri? NOTE 5—Extensometers used for high-temperature testing may be veri? This specimen is then placed in the environmental chamber, and the environmental and optical conditions to be used in the test can be reproduced.

For an extensometer with a gage length of 1 in. E 83 — 06 Standard Practice for Veri? Spot checks may be performed on ranges of interest or at strain levels of interest utilizing a veri?

ASTM Ea – Standard Practice for Verification and Classification of Extensometer Systems

Current edition approved May 1, Bonded resistance strain gauges directly bonded to a specimen cannot be calibrated or verified with the apparatus described in this practice for the verification asfm extensometers having definite gauge points. Manufacturers of extensometers should provide performance characteristics of their instruments under typical operating test conditions.

This practice covers procedures for the verification and classification of extensometer systems, but it is not intended to be a complete purchase specification. Standards Subscriptions from ANSI provides a money-saving, multi-user solution for accessing standards.

The errors of the veri? If readout devices are always used in combination, individual veri? In addition to the terms listed, see Terminology E 6. Your comments will receive careful consideration at a meeting of the d83 technical committee, which you may attend. The changes in length shall be measured, for example, by means of an interferometer, calibrated standard gage blocks and an axtm, a calibrated micrometer screw, or a calibrated laser measurement system.

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