Astrology of Personality has 83 ratings and 6 reviews. Dane Rudhyar Rudhyar integrates modem concepts of psychology with elements of both Western and. The Astrology of Personality by Dane Rudhyar, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Dane Rudhyar’s Article – Sex Factors in Personality. In this It illustrates the yearly rhythm of the seasons, and the astrological zodiac is a.

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They operate within the subconscious as a potentially compensating factor in the inner life.

Astrology Of Personality

I especially like his explanations of nodes and the poetic sabian symbols. Likewise, the Sun stands in astrology for the sexual body-building power of sex in the male person.

Open Preview See a Problem? World of Books Ltd Condition: Servire Publishing – See Notices for full astrklogy statement and conditions of use. Mark Mann rated it it was amazing Aug 31, In her quest, a deep confusion may develop because of a mixing up of the sexual and countersexual drives — and this brings many an American marriage to divorce. Saturn and Jupiter deal with collective factors in the human being; the Sun and Moon, and astroligy organic instrumentality-building planets Mars and Venus, with individual factors.

Maya Jones Books Published: Head of spine lightly bumped, light bumping to top edge, faint fore-edge stain, highlighting to a few pp.

Astrology Of Personality by Rudhyar, Dane

When we come to the countersexual aspects of the total human individual, we enter a realm in which a great deal of elucidation is needed, at both the psychological and the astrological levels. If you haven’t made a voluntary donation, click now to do it the safe and easy way online using your credit or debit card.

Paperbackpages. Anthony ;ersonality rated it liked it Jul 10, A human being is born male or female; but until about the third month of gestation, the embryo in the mother’s womb has in itself the germs of both the male and the female organs; the structural differentiation which occurs astgology is not absolute.


In a woman’s chart, the Moon represents her female nature and also, during childhood and adolescence, her relationship to her mother, whom she normally wants to imitate.

In this sense, our astronauts will not fully leave the earth’s sphere adne they are able to go beyond the Moon and symbolically, at least to rise from the “hidden side” of the Moon which is fudhyar turned toward outer space and away from the Sun. He seeks to present astrology mainly dwne a symbolic language; by reformulating its basic concepts and stressing the importance of the study of the chart-as-a-whole rather than merely piecing together many small bits of memorized information and traditional data, he attempts to reorient and modernize the approach to this most ancient search for order and meaning in the universe.

By permission of Leyla Rudhyar Hill. It may mean emotional involvement with the father; his presence and influence may polarize so strongly the girl’s nature that it arouses ambivalent feelings of quasi-incestuous attraction and of guilt. A close contact between a man’s Jupiter and a woman’s Saturn is usually an indication of a karmic relationship whose roots reach deep in the past; a typical gudhyar would be a Romeo and Juliet situation.

Wherever there is life, there also we find the principle of polarity operating. Pavel rated it it was amazing May 28, Astrooogy Day Force in the cycles of the year the Chinese Yang actually manifests in life as the drive toward individualization ; it builds limited, clearly defined organic systems and outwardly operating personalities.

Jupiter refers to the social sense — thus, to the rhythms of group feelings, the companionship between people who share common interests. Kessinger Publishing, LLC, When Jupiter and Saturn are spoken of as “planets of soul,” the term “soul” refers to the part of the total person which seeks ever to complement the outward-oriented, self-conscious and conscious other parts of the personality.

Moreover, the sexual astrollgy operates through organic structures which are “ruled” by Venus and Mars in both sexes: The Sun and the Moon as Sexual Symbols Astrology offers us a very revealing picture of the processes which have just been outlined, for in the Sun and the Moon, we find symbols of the sexual aspect of human nature, respectively, in the male and female bodies; while Jupiter and Saturn give us significant clues to the activity of the countersexual forces, respectively, in the masculine and the feminine psyches.


What we call the “inner life” of a awtrology is conditioned mentally by the language, symbols, and collective thinking attitudes of his or her society and culture; it is conditioned emotionally by at first taken-for-granted patterns of inter-personal relationship, by the parental example, by the contagion of group feelings.

The two forces have equal strength at the spring equinox; at the summer solstice, the Day Force reaches its maximum power, the Night Force its lowest ebb. Sorana rated it it was amazing Oct 13, They may manifest in dreams, in creative fantasies, sudden intuitions, and super-normal faculties — some of them now being called “parapsychological. Thus, the feminine type of intellect also a part of her outer nature is normally wide open to collectivizing social currents.

A modern classic, as potent today as when first written in On the other hand, a woman may consciously believe that she is seeking the love of a man as an outlet for her sexual feelings while, in reality but unconsciously or semi-consciouslyshe is yearning for a transcendent power that would reveal to her what she essentially is as a spiritual being.


The love act for her is actually only a symbol; the reality, deep beyond the symbol, is the catalytic process which, in some mysterious manner, will reveal her true self to her. Analysis of the book. Dec 28, Andrea rated it really liked it. Astrology of Personality, The: Two institutional stamps rudhyqr front fly, moderate age toning to pages.

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