Here you can find the detailed ARX ASURO Documentation and Datasheets of the parts used on ARX ASURO. You will need the Acrobat Reader to view these. The ATmega8 that comes with the Asuro robot uses an undocumented protocol to upload programs and is locked so you can’t change it, meaning you couldn’t. Learn more about Asuro Robot. We enable science by offering product choice, services, process excellence and our people make it happen.

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This effects the Asuro robot when driving in a straight line or turning. I made a graph of these values and this helps to determine the best switch values.

Asuro Robot

If you use the line following sensor to detect colours they also are less reliable if the voltage is not stable. Right motor direction Forward: The normal serial commands from the reference should work.

I wrote a small program that continues sends the data from the odometer sensors and the line follow sensor via the infrared transceiver to the PC. My values are De distance between the shroud and the surface is minimal about 0,5 mm and that’s why the surrounding light has no more influence. Depending on which button s that are pressed, different resistors are connected on the asuro PCB and an unique analogue signal will return to analogue in 4, defining the buttons pressed.


Odometer sensors and line following sensors are now read continuously and the values of the sensors are continuously available as global variables. Arduino on other Chips.

This means that the odometer system is not very reliable when following a line. An extra advantage is that the isolation tape is much less slippery and the motor stays on its place much better. The extra switch robof necessary because the switching voltage regulator is always working, and will drain the battery. Every 1 ms one of the four sensors is read, so after every rovot ms all the sensor values are refreshed.

Arduino Playground – Asuro

I also made a cover for the odometry sensors. The odometer sensors are less reliable when the voltage is low.

rogot Sensor left, white surface: My first program for the Asuro robot This is a video of my first program for the Asuro robot. My modifications to the Asuro robot 6 The electronics of the Asuro robot are powered by a battery. Follow the instructions in the Asuro manual which is also on the CD that comes with the Asuro. The other wire goes to ground on the Arduino board.


The program uses the line follow sensor to stay on the black line. In the future I will make another battery-pack with capacity of mAh. I wanted a little bit more than that and decided to upgrade the battery system. Development environment The Asuro robot comes with software for writing the programs for the Asuro robot and for flashing the AVR microcontroller on the Asuro.


The playground is a publicly-editable wiki about Arduino. My modifications to the Asuro robot 5 If you write a program for the Asuro robot you make use of the Asuro library, in my case I use the Asuro library v2. A dedicated interrupt routine for detection of the switches and improved routines for turning and driving with the odometer sensors. I made the following corrections. The robot comes as a kit and has the following features: Odometric speed control Odometric infrared LED: I discovered that the reading of the odometer sensors was disrupted by other functions.

Board Setup and Configuration.

With this system the voltage for the Asuro electronics is now always 5. I moved the four axles of the Asuro robot 3 mm to the outside axuro make space for a locking system on the axles that have the gear with the odometer reflection sticker. And swapping the battery-packs is very easy.

I use Genie for writing the programs. For myself I installed a development environment on a Linux system. Asurl cover is made of cardboard.

A small correction in the function Turn now takes care of a correct turn: I want to link a certain grey to an absolute value of the light dependent sensors.

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