AT93C46 datasheet, AT93C46 circuit, AT93C46 data sheet: ATMEL – 3-Wire Serial EEPROMs,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic. AT93CSU Microchip Technology / Atmel EEPROM 8-PDIP, PB/HALO FREE, V – 10MS, SOIC, INT TEMP, GREEN, V datasheet, inventory. AT93C46 datasheet, AT93C46 pdf, AT93C46 data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Atmel, 1/2/4K, 3-wire Bus Serial EEPROM.

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Proteus-Microwire-req – have you seen it? Thank you Please see the text below.

Chips should read the data from pic. Hi, Vikky, after reading the data sheet of 93c46please come up with a small assembler program of your own so that others may be able to help you, just try, you can do it.

PIC93c46and others. But I datashete code for it but not work yet. I post full my code used 93c46 here could you fix it for me, please!?! Only will send shifted data according to clock and address.

Can you read back the same data as it was written to datssheet


I have complated the firmware for that. The 93c46 has 3-wire serial interface Din, Dout and Clock whereas the 24C04 uses 2-pin I2C interface and can be easily connected to any host I2C device or bus.

(PDF) AT93C46 Datasheet download

Attached is a revised version of your original file eewr. Can I find such a library file P. PC Programming and Interfacing:: Just give me an idea about the protocol used. SPI with 89v51rd2 and 93C However, there is no library about 93c46 in Proteus. Look it over and see if it makes sense according to data sheet information. Seems your totally not familiar with datasheet reading o; 2MHz is the maximum clock frequency for the 93c46 clock line mostly for 5V operation only.

The file is un-tested as a program. Where is my fault? This was revised looking at information in the AT 93c46 data sheet. SPI with and 93C Do you use exact timing as described in the datasheet for writing to it?

I had 93c46 ‘s datasheet and wrote a firmware. Indicate the suffix letter whether 93C86A or 93C86B follow the datasheet if it is B version as regards s. Because pic should not generate the clock while reading. If you can use eeproms with I2C or 3-wire interfaces then goto: Hi, i have an JDP programmer. Thanks for your help!!!


AT93CPU IC SRL EEPROM 1K V 8DIP Atmel datasheet pdf data sheet FREE from

Other differences can be found in their datasheets which are readily availa. Try serial eeproms such as for example 93c46 and other members of that family.

But it didn’t work. I use c51 programmed a spi interface program visit cs,the program can visit 93c46 and xicro ,but cs dqtasheet response, who can help me?

AT93C46 Datasheet pdf – 1/2/4K, 3-wire Bus Serial EEPROM – Atmel

Now I want to explain that I did. Here you have some hints: The software currently supports these devices: But instead of trying this circuit on board, first i want to simuate in PC. Thanhs agains so much!!!

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