U Autek Research QF-1 $ SOLD Audio Filter This Autek Research QF-1 audio filter features: Peak, Notch and Low Pass. Input is via a hard wired ¼. Autek Research, PO Box , Wesley Chapel, FL USA. () RF1 RF ANALYST. The pocket-sized RF1 is designed. Hi, I have for sale one used Autek Research model RF-1 antenna analyser. It works well and is great for analysing antennas in the field.

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If Z increases, X is positive inductive. This document has been created from materials supplied with purchase. The following three subsection graphs compare each analyzer with the computed results from the Lowband software.

Autek RF1 RF Analyst

In fact, the analyzer may not know the difference between capacitive and inductive reactance. In general, if the reactance is inductive, you can tune out the inductance with a capacitor. Values where the resistance and reactance were close to zero Ohms, certainly under 50 Ohms.

If we are willing to believe those results, then we can generate a set of expected values that the analyzers should report. I recently sold the VA-1, but it served me well for quite awhile. For consistency sake, use an external power supply, or fresh batteries.


Autek Research RF Analyst

Be sure to use a low frequency when measuring resistors to avoid stray capacitance and inductance. Measured Impedance Values as a Function of Frequency.

This unit is several years old. I used the center frequency of the region where the SWR was 1. For many applications this difference is not significant, but I decided to see if I could determine how the analyzers compared to reference values, as opposed to each other.

Made through holes in board with oscillator board mounted in cabinet. In our opinion, anyone who’s bought an RF-1 should also invest in this “classic” antenna book. Batteries seem to last substantially longer in the RF Indeed, for all pairs of values in the table, you end up with the same SWR. SWR is greater than 1. Most rg-1 the errors in my data appear in regions of large value swings.

The SWR trace is shown in yellow, and its values are labeled on the right. The sign of X is easily determined by increasing the frequency slightly and watching Z.

A stub open or shorted tranmission line has almost zero R. Half Wavelength Frequency of Test Cable. We can continue to use our same piece of coax, but vary the pure resistance at the load, creating a range of complex impedance values at the input analyzer side.


Here is a screen shot showing the resistance, reactance, and SWR of a dipole antenna fed with a tuner, and adjusted for resonance at That takes them way out of my hobby budget. I soldered all 14 connections. The SWR was 1. Their actual measured values are shown in the table. We recommend 3 inches or less. As a double check, you could connect a small 5 pF? Practically, most antenna work does not require measuring resistance above Ohms, unless open wire feeders are used.

This will reduce the sensitivity to test fixture errors. At some frequency, this length of coax will be an electrical half wavelength.

I cleaned that up best I could with rf- flux remover. If you use excessive test lead length, you will certainly introduce as much error as any error already in the analyzer. One way to measure SWR is to compute it from the so-called forward and reflected power.

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