Worr Game Products Autococker Gun Manual · Worr Game Products Worr Machine Gun Manual · Worr Game Products Superstock Gun Diagram · Worr Game. Does anyone know where I can get/view the autococker sr manual?. Owners manuals for the Worr games Products (WGP) autocockers.

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Set the feedneck up how dr prefer it and tighten both screws before a game. Shopping Cart Secured by. Macro Line Quick Disconnect hose Figure Clean the sear and carefully reassemble.

Dye Paintball Gear Bags and Packs. Mode 2 is semi-automatic with an adjustable rate of fire. Unplug the break beam eye and pneumatic valve connectors from the right side of the frame Figure Proto Paintball Protection and Pads. The hole side should be facing down. You need only clean and oil your marker to autocockdr it up and running.

Pull the pull pin up half way and slide the bolt back. Attaching barrel and barrel sock g. Each time you scroll the wheel down, the time will decreases by 1 ms.

If the movement is slow and obstructed by excess debris and dirt, you will need to remove the hammer and clean the inside of the lower tube and hammer. Make small adjustments and check your velocity with a couple of shots.


,anual User should also check LPR settings, see next section. Break out mode is illegal for use in all tournament series. It will then boot into programming mode and display setting names and their current values. If not using force fed loaders, it may be necessary to increase this setting to prevent chopping. The cup seal may reseal after a couple of shots.

Cup seal not seated correctly. Bolt installed upside down. Before any disassembly, confirm marker is OFF and degassed properly. Press the hopper all mwnual way down and tighten screw Figure 6.

Autococker SR Manual –

A You only need to lubricate your marker after every 4 to 5 days of play. High pressure tank warning autocockfr. Clean ram housing surface and reassemble. This will now take you back to the main menu. Be very carefully with the PCBA, static can damage the sensitive electronics.

Breakout mode can only be used once for each time the marker is turned on. Quick release pull pin. Point the gun down, and shake the marker. Reinstall after rotating degrees. Generally with a good loader the bolt will only be back for 20 ms or so.

Once fired, the logic will hold the bolt open a period of time to allow a ball to fully drop into the breech. The kit includes the right body panel, left body panel and the solenoid cover. Figure 8 Lug adjustment: Clean the eyes and examine the ball detents nubs Figure The red radar chronographs commonly found at fields are NOT reliable.


Product List Sort By: Marker will not cock or cocks every other time or less a. Be sure the paintball marker is always pointed in a safe direction.

If paint or debris get inside, removal and cleaning may be required. The ASR stock barrel size is.

Autococker SR Manual

Core Paintball Protection and Pads. Manuak OFF, press middle of scroll wheel. When the eyes are turned off, the max rate of fire is set to 25 balls per second. Paint rolling down the barrel. Turn the marker ON, and fire the marker. WGP recommends that after every days of play, place drops of 3 in 1 or other paintball marker specific oil in the air receiver and fire the marker times without the barrel.

Prior to shipping out of warranty markers, you must first call customer service at 1. The marker is ready to fire. Follow warnings listed on gas source for handling and storage. This will increase the life of the o-ring decreasing chances of air leaks.

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