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To hold on to a thought about the past constitutes a small percentage of sin. Bringing about new forms of service in this way, you will move forward. If they do, then you have to chase them away. Any tired soul is unable to discern or to judge accurately.

There are two words: So also any thought of yours directed toward any soul, or any word spoken to any soul, become blessings for that soul. Through weak thoughts you create a weak world.


Before engendering any thought or idea, check whether this thought or idea is liked by the Father, liked by God. When waste thoughts mirli flowing, what is the speed of those thoughts? The thought of a Poonya Atma takes the form of extreme coolness, which cools and eases the internal state of souls who have been burning up in the fire of vices.

This bapddada why only eight avhakt the test. Therefore an angel means someone who has no relationship with waste thoughts in the mind. Powerful thought is the indicator of your drishti vision or vritti attitude. Now your efforts must be on a deep and subtle level. As much as you remember them with those thoughts to that extent those thoughts will reach them, and they will say that they remembered you many times. You cannot allow even one waste thought to persist even for a second, because you are responsible for the subsequent impact on the whole tree.


Later on you think that: Therefore in order to become complete you have to pay attention to these two things. Whenever you have to ingest any food of thought, accept only that restricted food. As long as that queue of waste thoughts nurli, you will not be able to hold all your minds steady in one thought as a focussed gathering.

As much as you develop the stage of the true self, the elevated stage of being the embodiment of knowledge; as much as you attain the stage of the soul who is complete with all virtues, unmoved, unwavering, constant and stable; to that extent you will calm any upheaval that arises in your thoughts. After having checked against the template any karma you perform will be easy and elevated.

You create through thoughts as well as through words. So how much have you invested?

Your task is to prevent any sin from occurring though thought, attitude, or awareness. You should never have the thought that: Many will experience this, and it will come on the News that someone experienced this. Here the connection does not get broken, however it definitely gets loose.

The Details of the Power of Thought – Selected from Avyakt Bapdada | bkdclasses

That means there will be greater attainment than you had anticipated. Determination In order to finish off the meaningless and waste, you must keep a daily diary.

If you would keep your intellect busy all the time in playing with the jewels of knowledge, or looking at the treasures of knowledge, and in contemplating upon those, is it possible for meaningless, waste thoughts to arise. It implies that at this time the Father is moving all of you leaves at all times on the basis of srimat.


If waste drishti also goes to any soul, it implies that at that time it would not be accepted that you have purity. Why does body consciousness and careless recur? For how much time did Brahma Baba create elevated and powerful thoughts. You must increase the experience of being supported and protected through having cultivated all relationships with the Father. Weak Thought The majority emerge their weak thoughts from the outset, in the form of doubting whether or not something will happen.

Exams are instruments for making you move forward, not for the purpose of making you fall. When you turn it on, you can remove darkness in a second. However if you wish to make a connection you must always have a clear line.

Then the thought intention to do something good and the success will be experienced together. But because you are not continuously in connection with that Seed you make other souls and relationships the method for expansion.

Do not permit old sanskaras patterns to emerge from within. The speed of thoughts will also increase day by day. The concentrated stage though which you absorb all tastes only from the one essence is missing.

On the basis of one thought, you can uplift any souls to the extent that you wish, because you have received the authority to do so from the Supreme Soul Himself. Om Shanti Denise Bhenji, Baba and you have written a brilliant and powerful piece to clarify and understand how our thoughts can define who we are; and when they are in the right mode, how positively powerful they can become.

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