Back in the USSA (ISBN ) is a collection of seven short stories by Eugene Byrne and Kim Newman, which was published in by Mark V. Back in the USSA by Kim Newman, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. One of the two superpowers which has dominated the 20th century is on the verge of being torn apart. The old communists regime which has held sway.

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Other bzck writers would have been strict in determining exactly how the 20th century would have turned out if the United States had gone communist at its start, but this team does not go for this “hard science fic Try to picture this: Style need to be polished a bit, thou. Newman applying his considerable skill to alternate history is incredibly fun.

Back in the Ussa (September edition) | Open Library

Commonwealth of Independent States. Nov 17, Simon rated it it was amazing. Thankfully, an inter-library loan request gave me the gift to finally give it a try, and it’s been worth the effort.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Back in the USSA. Gradually, neqman the United States is unstable politically and socially, with overwhelming civil unrest stemming from the massive and seemingly pointless loss of American lives in the mud of the Western Front and the increasing gap between the wealthy ‘ robber barons ‘ and the poor workers, and the massive corruption and exploitation this has resulted in.

Nick Brooke rated it it was amazing Aug 27, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Back in the USSA

The old communists regime which has held sway since the Revolution of is weak and divided. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This lets them have fun with presenting historical figures and events in a new way as Al Capone ussa this timeline’s version of Joseph Stalin, and British and Russian soldiers fight American-backed Vietcong forces.

Dissident voices, silent for too long, usss been raised against the corrupt and inefficient gangsterism Ryan rated it liked it Dec 07, Marc rated it it was amazing Sep 02, Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. What this alternate history “what if” misses is that a Czarist Russia would have meant no W.

A new age of openness and reconstruction is dawning Following this, his vice president, Charles Foster Kane takes power, and gradually leads the United States into greater levels of oppression, class division and bureaucratic incompetence and corruption — including an earlier entry into World War I in and the assassination of his rival candidate, Woodrow Wilsonduring the election campaign.

But in this book, perhaps because of the geography the United States of America is, after all, much-much bigger than the comparatively tiny UK or Britain envisaged by Saki, in his “When William Came” or in the Anno Dracula booksthe gallop never becomes canter.

Back in the Ussa

This author also writes under the pseudonym of Jack Yeovil. Oh, and France is China. This section needs additional citations for verification. This is the story of 20th century where America had a revolution But when the stories don’t feel light and don’t have trouble finding their tone, they’re great. Refresh and try again.


The stories are linked through their setting, an alternate history of the twentieth century in which the United States experienced a communist revolution in and became a communist superpowerwhereas Russia did not. Second American Civil War. After all, there’s no way they’d get every detail right no matter how much they research, and there’s no way they could ever know if this is how it’d actually be.

Wikipedia has a list of them, though I didn’t see Bill Clinton, listed as this world’s Vladimir Putin, while reading the book. As is common with much of Newman’s work, the stories feature a great deal of intertextualityboth with actual historical events many of the stories feature events which mirror actual events that took place within the real twentieth century, in particular the Russian Revolutions and the Vietnam War and with popular culture. Ironically, it is true that the United States today, after the end of the Cold War, has become more Communistic than Russia now is.

When Eugene Debs led the Revolution, few expected it to lead to the iron-fisted regime of Chairman Al “Scarface” Capone, a dictatorship that would last into the s. I’ve been looking on and off for this collection for years, and I couldn’t even find it at my local libraries.

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