Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jul 31, , Suzanne M. Thiem and others published Baculovirus Molecular Biology, second ed., George F. we examine the molecular evolution of baculoviruses and Blissard GW, Rohrmann GF. Baculovirus diversity and molecular biology. Baculoviruses have been exploited for the over expression of foreign gene in investigations of baculovirus molecular biology has been the development of . Vanarsdall, A.L., Pearson, M.N. and Rohrmann, G.F. () Characterization of.

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Alphabaculovirus, Betabaculovirus, Gammabaculovirusand Deltabaculovirus. One of these, very late expression factor-1 VLF-1 is a putative tyrosine recombinase and is required for both very late gene expression and budded virus production in cell culture.

International Journal of Evolutionary Biology

The research on veterinary pathogens is important in preventing the losses caused by these viruses in farm animals. When LEF-3 was added to the assay, the balance between the exonucleolytic and endonucleolytic modes of hydrolysis shifted in favor of the exonuclease. They also show promise as viral insecticides and as vectors for gene therapy. The possibility that nonshared genes found only in one genus which represent baculkvirus ancestral sequences deleted in the other lineages should also be considered.

As a first approach to perform a comparative analysis, the GC content of the genomes were calculated Figure 1. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

In contrast, the N-terminus 27 residues and C-terminal portion 59 residues are not required for interaction with DNA and are readily accessible to proteolytic digestion. Additionally, this approach consistently separates the alphabaculoviruses into two lineages: These will include domains that interact with helicase, alkaline nuclease and DNA. Contents Expand All Collapse All.

The comparison between known genome sequences of all baculoviruses has been the source for identifying molwcular common set of genes, the baculovirus core genes.

We have demonstrated that a baculovirus envelope fusion protein is related to a envelope fusion protein from a group of insect retroviruses. Analysis of the viral DNA replicated by the dbp knockout by using pulsed-field gel electrophoresis failed to detect the presence of genome-length DNA.

Neighbor joining; bootstrap analysis reps. This figure is based on the data of. The highest degree of homology is found in a region that contains a furin cleavage site in the baculovirus proteins and an adjacent sequence that has the properties of a fusion peptide. Impacts Baculoviruses are widely used as expression vectors for the production of proteins for biomedical research. To our knowledge, the most important fact is that this report is the first work which identifies the whole baculovirus gene content and the shared genes that are unique in different genera and subgenera.


Clear Turn Off Turn On. Rohrmann These figures are freely available for non commercial use: The subunits are color-coded indicating relatedness except for the auxillary subunits shown in white.

Our research provides fundamental data on how the virus is capable of replicating its DNA and how rihrmann DNA is able to recombine during the infection cycle.

Sherman, Stability of Insect Viruses in the Environment. According to this, a phylogenetic study was performed based on concatemers obtained from multiple alignments of the 31 proteins recognized in this work as core genes for the 57 available baculoviruses with sequenced genomes Figure 4. Group I and Group II. Thus, core genes seem to be a key factor for some of the main biological functions, such as those necessary to transcribe viral late genes, produce virion structure, infect gut cells abrogate host metabolism and establish infections [ 21 — molscular ].

In view of baculovifus, many researchers have proposed and used different bioinformatic methodologies to identify genes as well as related baculoviruses.

Baculovirus Molecular Biology: Third Edition – Rohrmann GF – Google Books

Partial proteolysis by trypsin revealed a domain structure of DBP that is required for interaction with DNA and that can be disrupted by thermal treatment. In addition, we will examine the role of oligomerization in LEF-3 function in baculovurus of DNA annealing, unwinding, and recombination. Therefore, core genes should be considered the most ancestral genes which may have diverged in higher or lesser degrees. We have been able to demonstrate that it binds to synthetic DNA structures that are similar to those that would be expected for replication intermediates including cruciform-like structures.

In order to prevent shearing of the Milecular, this requires in situ processing of DNA in bilogy blocks that includes proteinase digestion to release the DNA and then digestion with restriction enzymes.

Spontaneous excision of BAC vector sequences from bacmid-derived baculovirus expression vectors upon passage in insect cells. The valuable applications of these viruses in several fields of life sciences encourage their constant study with the goal of understanding the molecular mechanisms involved moleculra the generation of progeny in the appropriate cells as well as the processes by which they evolve.

The data suggest that the AN endonuclease may digest the intermediates in replication and recombination at positions of structural irregularities in DNA duplexes, whereas LEF-3 may further regulate processing of the intermediates by AN via the endonuclease and exonuclease pathways. The establishment of solid bases to recognize their phylogenetic relationships is necessary to facilitate the generation of new knowledge and the development of better methodologies.


VLF-1 is related to rkhrmann integrase. The long-term objective of the program outlined in moleculr proposal is to understand the means by which baculoviruses replicate their DNA and how they enter cells and initiate infection. In this study, genome sequences from 57 baculoviruses were rohrmanh to reevaluate bioloby number and identity of core genes and to understand the distribution of the remaining coding sequences. This analysis reveals that genomes can be evolutionarily constrained in different ways depending on the proteins they encode.

Baculoviridae is a large family of viruses which infect and kill insect species from different orders. Thirty one core genes with orthologs in all genomes were identified along with other genes differing in their degrees of representation among reported genomes.

Probably, many of these sequences have been incorporated into viral genomes prior rohrmanb diversification processes since they are found in members of different genera. In general, primary infection takes place in the insect midgut cells after ingestion of occlusion bodies OBs. The studies on the envelope fusion protein provide information on how retroviruses likely evolved from non infectious transposable elements to infectious viruses.

We have characterized a protein called very late expression factor -1 vlf-1 and biolpgy that it is capable of binding to cruciform structures suggesting that it may be involved in the resolution of structures generated during DNA replication. And finally, OBs are produced during the last stage of the infection.

In order to investigate the utility of using recombinant baculoviruses as fish vaccines, five fish cell lines were tested for their ability to be transduced by Ac-CAlacZ, a bjology baculovirus that is capable of expressing a beta-galactosidase reporter gene from the CAG promoter consisting of a CMV enhancer element, a chicken actin promoter and rabbitbeta-globin termination sequences.

We determined that the alpaca virus is a coronavirus that is closely related to a number of bovine coronaviruses. This research focuses on the following bacuolvirus International Journal of Evolutionary Biology.

Using an assay that we have developed, we will investigate these two categories of DNA during infection. The analysis shows that Group I alphabaculoviruses and gammabaculoviruses have a lower diversity of gene content with respect to the rest of lineages. In addition, we have evidence that baculovirus DNA is partitioned in the infected cell into packaged and unpackaged DNA with the latter likely being involved in late gene transcription.

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