The title more or less says it all, but for some background, the Badab War has some of my favorite chapters involved in it – like the. Explore Braden Wrightstone’s board “Badab war” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Space marine, Warhammer 30k and Space wolves. Inside this book are full histories and dispositions of the nine Space Marine Chapters who played the most significant part in the Badab War’s early stages.

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The sudden loss of the lifeblood of industry and commerce was keenly felt by the Karthago Sector. The only serious loss bqdab the destruction of the Battlefleet Maelstrom flagship, the Oberon class Gauntlet of Wrath. The Marines Errant and the Fire Hawks were ordered to stand down for questioning a process that would take the better part of a year ; an order the Fire Hawks chose to follow only after they carried out the vindictive fire-bombing of Sacristana Mantis Warrior world in the Endymion Cluster.

Badab War Original Colours 2.jpg

Given the chief role in this nadab, the Sons of Medusa led the determined and brutal campaign to scour out the Tyrant’s forces, the conduct of which caused some discord between the two Chapters, with accusations that the Sons of Medusa were more interested in pursuing their own mysterious agenda instead of hunting down the enemy as expeditiously as possible.

What’s the general opinion of the Badab War? The Mantis Warriors boarded and captured the Red Harbingerbut the engagement was brutal to the extreme as both sides took heavy casualties. They can recruit as per usual while keeping the same effective military operations.

M41, the Maelstrom Secession had largely been contained, but the war itself was far from over. TTS does not address this. Evidence was quickly amassed of an unforeseen and terrible heresy that had been pursued by the Astral Claws and Lufgt Huron for more than a century.


The High Lords dismissed Huron’s plan, on the grounds that Imperial forces were needed elsewhere at that time. The tanks fired their Thunderfire cannons and multi-meltas, blasting a swathe through the ranks of the horde. Many of the bodies of both sides showed signs of having fought on despite suffering horrendous wounds, severed limbs and massive trauma that should have felled even an Astartes, and several were found locked in wxr, gore-splattered embraces, striking at their foes with their last ebbing strength.

And all it takes for that to happen would badzb one man being corrupted. This devastating blow to the Secessionists was swiftly followed by another. Emblem of the Maelstrom Warders. After their establishment, a detachment of an Imperial Navy squadron were permanently assigned to the region to conduct search and destroy and convoy protection duties.

Delivery and Returns see our delivery rates and policies thinking of returning an item? Get to Know Us. Games Workshop 4 October Language: By the close of A further blow to Huron’s forces was suffered by the unexpected arrival of another loyalist chapter; the Minotaurs. Thus, the Loyalists were forced to change their strategy. The Minotaurs claimed salvage rights to the crippled Lamenters fleet and the wargear of the fallen to replace their own serious losses.

A major deployment wwar Space Marine forces was brought into the war at the Inquisitor Legate Jarndyce Frain’s request to enforce their authority. Huron killed a captain of the Star Phantoms, but had half of his body destroyed. The Astral Claws subsequently petitioned for a replacement Chapter to be reassigned but were denied.

By the middle of the 41st Millennium, the heavily militarised Hive World of Cygnax located in the star system of the same name was the most populated planet in the northern Maelstrom Zone.

Image – Badab War Original Colours | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Forge Worlds Badab War books are fantastic in my opinion. A planet can be lost in a month, a week or a day.


Over the course of three days and nights the industrious Sons of Medusa landed supplies and additional Astartes and began the task of fabricating new fortifications and bastions. The ‘Magister Militum’ had already considered a change in his deployments in order to mount a renewed offensive against the Endymion Cluster, but with the arrival of the Carcharodons, the Lord High Commander had been offered an unexpected asset to deploy, and so he let loose their savage ferocity against the Mantis Warriors and the unsuspecting worlds of their domain.

M41 would mark the bloodiest year of the conflict, for the bulk of the Executioners Chapter had arrived in force in the Maelstrom Zone, and immediately conducted an immediate surprise attack at Khymara.

Without Cygnax, along with other Imperial losses suffered in the region over the previous few centuries, vital military supply chains stretching as far as Bakka and Terra itself were threatened, forcing the Adeptus Terra to act. Here’s how terms and conditions apply.

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As such they are given autonomy to decide what is most important, however chapters usually defer to the most senior chapter master when working in tandem.

They found the Imperial Commander and Badxb Sector Governor, Satrap Tanit Koenig, culpable for provoking the war, and she and the worlds she commanded were brutally punished. A disastrous defeat for the Loyalist forces in early Share your thoughts with other customers.

While a Legion can send in another Grand Company of a 1, Marines or just send in another to reinforce. Qar Rules Rule 1:

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