Baagh o bahar by Mir Amman. Identifier BaghOBaharPdfUnicode. Identifier-ark ark://t7wm6dv4c. Ocr ABBYY FineReader Ppi Bagh-o Bahar (Qisa Chahar Darwesh) by Mir Aman Dehlvi Nikah o Talaq Aur Hamari Zimedariyan by Mufti Muhammad ZakirIn “Ikhlaqiat”. BAGH-O-BAHAR or. Tales of the Four MIR AMMAN OF DIHLI, by. DUNCAN ( another famous Fort William story, in Hindi, Urdu, and English). ~~~~~~~~~~~.

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Another aspect that lends Bagh-o-Bahar credibility among the literary and academic circles is its ability to capture the phenomenon known as Indo-Muslim culture. I haven’t censored their views in any way. Urdj First Darvesh’s story is the longest and most detailed of the four; if you’re an Urdu student looking to sample the language and style of the text, you might want to read this much, and then move on to other material.

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Dozens bh other such echoes are apparent to the knowledgeable reader; many of the stories told by the four Darwesh and Azad Bakht as a fifth narrator are of well-known types that are found all over the urrdu. I’ve compared Smith’s original notes with Forbes’s later versions What I did do was to restore most of the comments by Smith that Forbes had omitted entirely; these appear in the notes within square brackets under the rubric ‘[S: Westview Press,p.

It describes the norms, etiquettes, rites, rituals, attires, foods, utensils and jewellery.

It has since run into many editions and regaled readers of all generations and in most parts of the country. This latter process isn’t really anything underhanded, since Forbes acknowledges quite explicitly especially in the edition what he’s doing; but it’s certainly a kind of radical assimilation or even consumption like a cobra steadily digesting a rabbit that’s close to the limit, it seems to me, of how scholars may ethically treat each other’s work.


They capture moments of joy and happiness in their lives, as also their trials and tribulations. All my own editorial comments within the notes are in square brackets; and amab in square brackets within the notes is mine Forbes uses only parentheses in his notes. The structure of the tales, as indeed the narrative, is woven around themes of humanity, tolerance, kindness, benevolence and bxgh. Mir Amman is also held responsible for spreading the erroneous belief that some consider being true even today: In fact, Mir Amman eulogised the contemporary governor-general, Warren Hastings, and his “ingenious” administration.

Though the symbols bear an Islamic colouring, the reader is not pushed into an unfamiliar, unfriendly or hostile world. There is no bitterness or rancour. All is well that ends well. There aren’t too many of these, for in fact Forbes uses almost all Smith’s notes, though often in substantially reworked forms.

Mir Amman’s urdu books | Author Books

It is a fine specimen of early Urdu prose, rich in texture, brilliant in conception and realistic in portraying human emotions. For a well-documented and extremely interesting refutation of Mir Amman’s claims, see Chapter One, pp. In fact, as ‘Abdul Haq documents very clearly, Mir Amman closely followed an earlier Urdu text itself translated somewhat freely from a Persian originalTahsin’s Nau tarz-e murassa’ [New Style of Adornment], composed in the early ‘s.


The Last Phase of an Oriental Culturetrans. I am tempted to quote some of their morsels of cultural commentary, but I think I’ll leave it to the reader to discover them in situ ; that’s really the proper context in which to come upon them.

Bagh-o-Bahar ebooks 2 by Mir Amman | Rekhta

And that too in a language that is almost entirely comprehensible even today. In the history of qissah literature and other early Urdu prose in the North, both Nau tarz-e murassa’ and Bagh-o-bahar loom large; and for mmeer study of Urdu in the twentieth century, ‘Abdul Haq himself is a towering figure.

Views Read View source View history. The text from which I’ve drawn the jpg images is: Everything I’ve said above amounts to a revisiting and pulling-together of things I’ve been working on for years.

Traces of this process can be seen in the three introductions reproduced on this site. Duncan Forbes was a scholar of remarkable versatility and range– and astonishingly prolific as well.

This page has been accessed 1, times. If you’re learning Urdu, here’s an excellent practice reading: No one dare mfer or wrong another; the tiger and the goat drink at the same fountain. After being called into existence by British fiat, for some decades these early printed qissah texts excited no special interest, and remained white elephants of a sort.

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