Baagh o bahar by Mir Amman. Identifier BaghOBaharPdfUnicode. Identifier-ark ark://t7wm6dv4c. Ocr ABBYY FineReader Ppi Bagh-o Bahar (Qisa Chahar Darwesh) by Mir Aman Dehlvi Nikah o Talaq Aur Hamari Zimedariyan by Mufti Muhammad ZakirIn “Ikhlaqiat”. BAGH-O-BAHAR or. Tales of the Four MIR AMMAN OF DIHLI, by. DUNCAN ( another famous Fort William story, in Hindi, Urdu, and English). ~~~~~~~~~~~.

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I had planned to go on to discuss Tahsin’s Nau tarz-e murassa’ early ‘sand Mir Amman’s huge and flagrantly unacknowledged debt to it, and the connection of both these qissahs to the Persian story tradition. Dozens of other such echoes are apparent to the knowledgeable reader; many of the stories told by the four Darwesh and Azad Bakht as a fifth narrator are of well-known types that are found all over the world.

The merchant, the army chief and the four dervishes are beneficiaries of the king’s patronage. These individuals are from different backgrounds. While writing the dialogues, he reproduced the bshar spoken by the men and women in mere street, keeping amab eye on idiomatic and literary expressions when narrating the events.

They are candid and frank.

Bagh-o-Bahar ebooks 6 by Mir Amman | Rekhta

This page has been accessed 1, times. Although the skill of Mir Amman as a writer may have come to the notice of the British in those days, it had not been recognized by any Urdu-speaking person. Though the symbols bear an Islamic colouring, the reader is not pushed into an unfamiliar, unfriendly or hostile world. The locale is Basra, Baghdad, Damascus or Constantinople.

He also published an edition of Haidari’s Tota kahanianother Fort William qissah text. I’d like to take more of a look at him in the future. Those whose image of Urdu literature is built on filmi songs and irdu as against ghazals will do well to turn to this slim volume, ably edited and translated by Mohammed Zakir of the Jamia Millia Islamia, to get a feel of the development of Urdu prose.

They capture moments of joy and happiness in their lives, as also their trials and tribulations. In the mewr, the story amah a happy ending. And third, they aim to help the learner acquire a good understanding of Urdu: No one dare tease or wrong another; the tiger and the goat drink at the same fountain.


Personal tools Log in. There aren’t too many of these, for in fact Forbes uses almost all Smith’s notes, though often in substantially reworked forms. I happened to have that same Forbes edition in my own collection; and when I started tracking down more information about Forbes and his work, his debts to Smith began to emerge very clearly, and I realized that this project could and should have a number of layers: I am bringing on, with a great flourish, a fascinating pair of joined-at-the-hip translator-annotators who will act as guest editors for this extremely important text.

Mir Amman’s urdu books | Author Books

For a well-documented and extremely interesting refutation of Mir Amman’s claims, see Chapter One, pp. It is a fine specimen of early Urdu prose, rich in texture, brilliant in conception and realistic in portraying human emotions. Therefore to think that when Chahar Darvesh was written, except for its popularity with the British, who did not even understand Urdu, it was accorded any zman merit by learned men of India, is completely unrealistic.

I’ve corrected a few typos, but otherwise have basically left intact his remarkable and to me often wrong-looking parentheses, punctuation, and spelling. It describes the norms, etiquettes, rites, rituals, attires, foods, utensils and jewellery. So many kinds of interest converge in Bagh-o-bahar that I’ll have trouble restraining myself; but I’ll try to be brief, and to provide links to further information elsewhere.

It’s an account that’s very convenient to Mir Amman’s British colonial sponsors, and one that is unfortunately still all too current. What I did do was to restore most of the comments by Smith that Forbes had omitted entirely; these appear in the notes within square brackets under the rubric ‘[S: In short, when it comes to matters of literary history– including his own– Mir Amman is not a reliable narrator.

Cross-cultural plot comparisons of all kinds constantly present themselves: First, they explain many particular physical objects and cultural practices that Smith and Forbes could observe at first hand, to which we now have no such direct access. These traditional tales, intended as readers for language students, were largely restricted to a simple style– a style which at its best was lively, clear, and unpretentious, and at its worst could be flat, monotonous, and childish.

Mir Amman’s introduction to Bagh-o-bahar famously provides an early account of the history of the Urdu language. Their appeal is truly universal.

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Bxhar only providing Urdu page images for the introductory material including ‘Abdul Haq’s introduction and the story of the First Darvesh. There is no medr of each other’s position.

Patience and forbearance has its rewards. Azad Bakht, the king, has a son, his heir-apparent. The difference of decades, and emer Smith’s cheerful amateur relish versus Forbes’s ostentatious and sometimes irritable professionalism, would have made it fun to be able to separate their notes like layers in an archaeological dig, but many individual notes in Forbes are hybrids, so it would have been unfeasibly complicated to label them all. In that work, the text I was chiefly studying was the dastan par excellence in Urdu: This might also be said to constitute a vicious or virtuous?

Bagh O Bahar Pdf Unicode

But now comes the new and very interesting and mostly enjoyable part of the present project: Please note that I haven’t compared Maulvi ‘Abdul Haq’s text with the original Fort William edition, so I’m presenting his Urdu text as a primary source in its own right.

The ones in the Bibliography are the main scholarly ones only; there are literally dozens of others floating around in bookstores and libraries; there are definitely Devanagari ones too. In the history of qissah literature and other early Urdu prose in the North, both Nau tarz-e murassa’ and Bagh-o-bahar loom large; and for the study of Urdu in the twentieth century, ‘Abdul Haq himself is a towering figure.

The structure of the tales, as indeed the narrative, is woven around themes of humanity, tolerance, kindness, benevolence and charity. In the text itself, Forbes uses square brackets, so anything I insert will be in double square brackets.

Like so many other mmeer about Bagh-o-baharit has proved to be lastingly influential. Anybody who’s interested can easily track the process in full detail by comparing the relevant texts.

Listen to what the prince of Neemroz had to say: It has also been published in other scripts such as Devanagari, Gujarati and Roman English.

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