Dr. Greg Bahnsen and Dr. Gordon Stein debated this question at the University of This debate has influenced a large number of people. This is the famous formal debate between Dr. Bahnsen and atheist promoter Dr. Gordon Stein held at the university of California (Irvine) in Hear how hard. Greg L. Bahnsen (September 17, – December 11, ) was an American Calvinist The debate with Stein marked one of the earliest uses of a transcendental argument for the existence of God (TAG). In a controversy emerged.

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But secondly, before something can act as a cause it must first exist. Science is not aloud to use a supernatural explanation for anything. Is mathematics either atheistic or theists?

These are the two most essential, meaningful answers to asking a question. And this is the definition: All I can say is that he has a very strange conception of an atheist universe and perhaps of the universe in general.

And that is what I am holding. There is to be nothing, he says, which smacks of begging the question or circular reasoning. There are no absolute outside of God. Bahnsen understands what a scientific law is. The laws of logic would not be taken as inexorably dictated but rather we impose them, we impose their necessity, on our language.


And so what happens inside your rain is not a law. baunsen

The atheist worldview cannot do it and therefore I feel justified in concluding as I did in my opening presentation this evening by saying the proof of the Christian God is the impossibility of the contrary.

Is organ transplant evil?

Greg Bahnsen vs. Gordon Stein debate – Conservapedia

In the end what you think the laws of logic are will determine the nature of evidence that you will suggest for them. We want to spread reason and thinking and progress and science. Dwbate has a good reason for the evil that he plans or allows. Stein for coming and for his graciousness towards me.

We are debating the nature of, I mean the existence of God. No one has steij every possible instance of the law of logic. Any system which seems to fail in its application as frequently as Christianity does is not a very good or practical system for mankind to follow.

I have not tested all. Can god make a square circle? Stein is committed to disallowing any theistic interpretation of nature, history or experience. This is a false statement. Please limit your comments to questions.


The topic was Does God Exist?

Does God Exist? Bahnsen vs Stein (Debate Transcript)

And number two, what does it mean? His statements are not only irrational they are unreasonable.

Bahnsen that atheists caused the French Revolution. Would you call them immaterial? I maintain in so doing he is borrowing my world view. What he seems to overlook is that this is just as much begging the question on his own part as bahmsen is on the part of the theists who appeal to such evidence. Supposing I say that my dog can talk in complete sentences.

Greg Bahnsen

Their worldview is not consistent with what they are doing. One of the original pillars of Christian ReconstructionBahnsen was a leading proponent of theonomypostmillennialismand presuppositional apologetics.

Stein is speaking of, as abstract entities, that is to say, steiin individual or universal in character, they are not materialistic.

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