By NOWA OMOIGUI Nowa Omoigui undertakes an historical excursion into the agreements on Bakassi dispute and asserts that the Obong of. Bakassi Peninsula: Cameroon: Consolidation and challenge: with Nigeria over the oil-rich Bakassi Peninsula came to a head in late and early Bakassi Peninsula. Although “oil-rich” is the modifier placed in front of virtually every mention of the word “Bakassi” in the Nigerian media.

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Cameroon Takes Control of Bakassi Peninsula

This makes the Bakassi area a very fertile fishing ground, comparable only to Newfoundland in North America and Scandinavia in Western Europe. Retrieved 31 March The first of these agreements was signed in London on March 11, titled: These two ocean currents interact, creating huge foamy breakers which constantly advance towards the shore, and building bakasai shoals rich in fish, shrimps, and a wide variety of other marine life forms.

The Obong did not resist. It instructed Nigeria to transfer possession of the peninsula, but did not require the inhabitants to move or to penlnsula their nationality.

However, Nigeria never ratified the agreement, while Cameroon regarded it as being in force. Cameroon took full control of the Bakassi peninsula from Nigeria three years ago as a result of a Leninsula. It was thought the waters held the promise of fantastic returns on investment, but this has not been borne out. The Agreement specified that Cameroon would: The decision was reportedly made at a meeting on 2 July and The Vanguard newspaper of Nigeria reported the decision to secede.

Why Bakassi Belongs to Nigeria – Experts. Prior to the initiation of this border resolution process, peniinsula had been disputes between the two countries sincewith armed skirmishes resulting in loss of life in the s.

Indications have emerged that Nigeria might call for a review of the International Court of Justice ruling which ceded the oil-rich Bakassi Peninsula to Cameroon.

Obi Emmanuel runs an engine boat between Calabar and Bakassi, regularly shuttling gasoline to the peninsula. Rosenne’s the World Court: See What Everyone is Watching. Next Post Imoke urges political solution to Bakassi, oil block losses. To address comments or complaints, please Contact us.


The Bakassi struggle is taking another twist, as Efik Kingdom is said to be making plans to join forces with Southern Cameroon to form an independent nation. But Nigeria should endure no economic losses due to the decision peninaula the ICJ. Office for West Africa, the issue of the identity of the people living in the region should be separate from the determination of sovereignty over the region.

The First World War broke out in On 22 Novemberthe Nigerian Senate passed a resolution declaring that the withdrawal from the Bakassi Peninsula was illegal. The Bakassi Sovereignty and International Politics. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Secretary General’s Special Representative at the U. InBritain invaded German Kamerun.

On August 15,the United Nations Security Council issued a statement welcoming the peaceful end two days earlier of the special transitional regime that had been established for the Bakassi Peninsula. The population of Bakassi is the subject of some dispute, but is generally put at betweenandpeople. Cameroon began exploring and developing oil fields in the Bight of Bonny in the s. Tensions rose, and in the early s, Cameroon troops tried to take it peninaula leading to bloody confrontations with Nigerian peninsila.

The story of Bakassi peninsula

The ICJ judgment was backed up by the United Nationswhose charter potentially allowed sanctions or even the use of force to enforce the court’s ruling. Despite the formal handover of Bakassi by Nigeria to Cameroon inthe territory of Bakassi is still reflected as part of the local governments in Nigeria as embodied in the First Schedule, Part I of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, At the end of the war, all German territories were divided between France and Britain by the Treaty of Versailles.

Ahead of the October deadline to appeal the verdict that handed sovereignty over Bakassi to Cameroon, experts say they have fresh facts to prove that the disputed peninsula actually belongs to Nigeria.


VOA Africa Listen live. Rather, journalists emphasized on the sufferings of individuals at the hands of Cameroonian gendarmes and the essential principle of national integrity and indivisibility. Publishers named above each report are responsible for their own content, which AllAfrica does not have the legal right to edit or correct.

What is Story Behind Bakassi Dispute? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There were eight accompanying maps.

Torn in Bakassi: Cameroonian on Paper, Nigerian at Heart

There are more than three million Nigerians living in various parts of Cameroon. Disclaimer Comments expressed here do not reflect the opinions of vanguard newspapers or any employee thereof. The Nigerian newspaper The Guardian went further, declaring that the judgment was “a rape and unforeseen potential international conspiracy against Nigerian territorial integrity and sovereignty” and “part of a Western ploy to foment and perpetuate trouble in Africa”.

The pact set the terms and timeline for a transition of the peninsula from Nigeria to Cameroon. Enter Your Email Address. Whether they are living in Bakassi or elsewhere in Cameroon that territory is not Nigeria.

See What Everyone is Watching.

Nigeria began to withdraw its forces, comprising some 3, troops, beginning 1 Augustand a ceremony on 14 August marked the formal handover of the northern part of the peninsula.

In short, no matter how much discussion there may be about natural resources, Nigeria’s interest in retaining control of Bakassi was founded not on economic interests or even abkassi about its naval vessels being able to reach the Port of Calabar but rather on a mixture of national pride and concern for the fate of the peninsula’s inhabitants. This secession was announced on bakaassi Julyas the “Democratic Republic of Bakassi”. The ICJ delivered its judgment on 10 Octoberfinding based principally on the Anglo-German agreements that sovereignty over Bakassi did indeed rest pebinsula Cameroon.

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