Up to now most of the ballastless track systems, which have been built on Ballastless track systems using discrete rail seats as well as systems with sleeper . The Group (formerly ‘Pfleiderer track systems’) was involved from the earliest days in a leading role for the development of ballastless track systems. At the beginning of the s, the ÖBB started using ballastless track systems. During the first phase (from until ), several different types of ballastless .

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Bi-block applications guarantee a safe and reliable bond between the sleeper and the infill concrete as well as easier handling. At the moment, the maximum line speed is kilometres per hour.

This tool allows the collection of large amounts of data, its analysis and the prediction of situations based on statistical patterns. Additional documentation in verification of requirements was requested only for the sleeper shoulders of the System rail-fastening system, which were slightly higher than for the W14 track.

Due to its shorter slabs and its bituminous sub-base, the system can adapt to ground settling without suffering irreversible damage to the prefabricated components. Bridge engineers are frequently responsible, for example, for approval of the concrete track supporting layer — and railway engineers, for approval of the track components.

Ultimately, the project dealt with two offices; one for the ballastlees components, and another for bridge construction for approval of the concrete components e.

Ballastless track systems: top performance on a firm foundation

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Views Read Edit View history. In many cases, a maintenance-free track system is indeed the more cost-effective solution over the long run. Call Send a quick message.


On the basis of the consistently positive operational experience gained with its systems in Germany, RAIL. Advantages High attenuation of vibrations: As a result, it is hoped to achieve a maximum of security against potential attack. As a result, there was practically no reference basis for later ballastless track systems in India.

One additional and special challenge results from the politically tense situation within the Kashmir region. Accept Reject Read More.

The restoration of the Berlin MRT system the S-Bahn enabled gaining of extensive valuable insights into the structural engineering of such track systems. Approval of the concrete track-supporting layer proved to be considerably more difficult. Ballastpess application of these bridge standards to railway tracks entails two disadvantages. Furthermore, ballastless track systems must often be examined and approved by various and different public offices. Trakc company Patil Pfleiderer track systems Pvt.

The mats are emplaced loose, thereby guaranteeing fast as well as smooth installation. HTS Wire units are equipped with the latest technological facilities as a part of backward integration. This model was successfully implemented with mono-block sleepers on the Berlin-Hanover high-speed line, in Rathenow. Frequently, authorities refuse to accept the regulatory framework on which the existing official approval had originally been based — which means that the system is formally considered to be a new development.

The following points of reference were used for information to help complete this article:.

Ballastless track – Wikipedia

Trafk is primarily a result of the fact that, as mentioned above, there are practically no uniform international bodies of regulations for ballastless track systems. Due to various BLT systems are available. Railway line types Railway track layouts. The maximum axle loads are approximately Over the last decades, there has been growing concern regarding environmental pollution in large cities.


Acoustic adaptation RHEDA RX is a ballastless track that is designed as a mass-spring system supported elastically over its entire surface. With the systemm of a number of European countries and Japan, ballastless track systems have been installed only to a limited extent.

The pre-customized sizing additionally reduces the cutting waste of the matting to a minimum. Track-system technology for the railway infrastructure of the twenty-first century. Therefore, ballastlezs track forms will be needed as well.

Consistent and positive ballastless track systems – Global Railway Review

All of its components can be exchanged individually. Now, trac the award of the contract for ballastleas and construction of the ballastless track to a German-Indian consortium, RAIL. During the first phase from untilseveral different types of ballastless track systems were tested. Throughout the world today, new track projects and infrastructure expansions are being planned and engineered from the very beginning as ballastless track systems, which have proved to be safe, reliable and cost effective.

The mats can support walking and vehicle traffic, which means no restrictions for track construction. High installation performance due to the prefabrication and reduced size of its components.

The main activity, however, is related to the Indian Railways. ONE engineers during the planning and official-approval stages and also of the difficulties involved — with an example of a project in northern India.

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