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Husinec, Antun; Read, J.

Fide Elo 01/2010

Deposition of trace metals in sediments of the deltaic plain and adjacent coastal area the Neretva River, Adriatic Sea. Evolution of a Dinaric foreland basin fill: Rocky-shore unconformities marking the base of Badenian Middle Miocene transgressions on Mt.

Sensitivity of Self-Organizing Map surface current patterns to the use of radial versus Cartesian input vectors measured by high-frequency radars.

Induction of apoptosis in mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis gills by model cytotoxic agents. Nontarget analysis of polar contaminants in freshwater sediments influenced by pharmaceutical industry using ultra-high-pressure liquid chromatographyequadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry.


Szerkesztő:Csurla/Cikkek – Wikipédia

Factors bzlogh particulate lipid production in the East Atlantic Ocean. A note on the pure katabatic wind maximum over gentle slopes. Experimental and model data from a paradigmatic case study.

A Michaelis-Menten type equation for describing methylmercury dependence on inorganic mercury in aquatic sediments. Attenuation of coda waves in the contact zone between the Dinarides and the Adriatic microplate.

Preservation of NOM-metal complexes in a modern hyperalkaline stalagmite: Kriaztina primorje od kraja Drugog svjetskog rata do Effects of bottom topography and anthropogenic pressure on northern Adriatic Cystoseira spp. New insights into the Neanderthal thorax from the study of rib cross-sectional morphology.

Slovac Academy of Sciences, Geological Institute, Global geographic and feature space coverage of temperature data in the context of spatio-temporal interpolation. Detection of charge density wave ground state in granular thin films of blue bronze K0.

Modelling of Heavy Metals: Atmospheric impact krisztiba ship traffic in four Adriatic-Ionian port-cities: Hydrochemistry, stable isotopes and tritium-based mean residence times. Assessment of their potential through ocean modeling experiments.


Tour Operator Regione Campania – Agenzia Incoming – PDF Free Download

Surface active substances in atmospheric aerosol: Snow climate baseline conditions and trends in Croatia relevant to winter tourism. Truncated vortex generators for part-depth wind-tunnel simulations of the atmospheric boundary layer flow.

Electrochemical detection of commercial silver nanoparticles: Impact of heat waves on mortality in Croatia. Copper x properties of exudates and metabolites of macroalgae from the Aegean Sea.


Towards the northern Adriatic empirical ecological model. Croatia – selected site: Toxin producing Ostreopsis cf.

Assessment of stability of drug biomarkers in municipal wastewater as a factor influencing the estimation of drug consumption using sewage epidemiology. Effect of acanthocephalan infection on metal, total protein and metallothionein concentrations in European chub from a Sava River section with low metal contamination. Sveuciliste u Zagrebu Geotehnicki fakultet,

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