Check out what Foster+Partners managed to create for Banyan Tree in Corniche Bay. With a discrete and environmentally intelligent. Inhabitat favorite Foster and Partners designed these gorgeous eco-friendly residences for a community called Banyan Tree Corniche Bay in Mauritius back in. Banyan Tree Corniche Bay | Mauritius | Image. Banyan Tree Corniche Bay | Mauritius. This eco friendly resort located in Mauritius was designed by renowned.

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Giuseppe Pettazzi’s Fiat Taglier Michael Khately and a Tgee The striking wave-like, curving roofs are designed for optimum natural ventilation, and to collect rainwater for treatment and reuse.

On the side on which the house opens, we find a large terrace, partly covered by the same deck that covers the housing. As a result of an international competition, the group OCP, a global leader in phosphates extraction and transformation, commissioned in Switzerland Post Haus restaurant. Wooden beams are placed with different inclinations allowing them to create a regulated area.

Situation The site that inspired this work is none other than Mauritius. Across the central module is the main dwelling, juxtaposed with the different environments, beginning with the kitchen area, dining area, lounge, courtesy laundry and bathroom and followed a gree room with some privacy and three bedrooms with their own bathrooms.

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Banyan Tree Corniche Bay | Mauritius

The Good, the Bad and Outr Egypt inaugurates Museum of Arabic Calligraphy We need to confirm your email address. Log In Sign Up. Sign me up for weekly Inhabitat updates. Type II Villa, 2 bedroom, sq m. The first follows the pedestrian access and hosting the pond, although this is cornicbe longer connected to the main pool.


In Accra, a landmark building has helped in creating mental maps for its city users, contributing to the local conditions of the site. Newton Landscape Architects The masterplan is for a discreet and environmentally intelligent architecture that blends harmoniously with the lush and extensive landscape. The U2 homes are a very small variation on the U1. The Banyan Tree Corniche Bay, a complex issue, is as its name suggests.

I can withdraw my consent at any time by unsubscribing. Water is the second element that is present in all corners of the project once again promoting the integration of their homes with natural wild.

In regard to short vertical enclosures it must be said, the cover is what first draws attention and captures our interest. The concept evolved from a single line that is the starting point for the dynamic curves that categorise the scheme.

These materials also create this link between the island and the nature of housing for the smooth aging buildings and the materials are prepared to withstand the weather conditions in the area. Hassan Fathy’s New Barris Village. Martin Kimani on Architecture in Africa. The corridor is divided into 8 modules, including 6 which are the major functional spaces above and 2 smaller spaces that serve as transition.

The buildings are equipped with green technologies such as water collectors and solar panels. Type I2 I2 housing type are only a slight variation on I1. The only differences are found in the access and the pool.


Foster + Partners Design Undulating Eco Villas for Mauritius

Combined, these elements provide an idyllic haven in a luxuriant tropical garden, a pervading sense of tranquillity and luxurious relaxation. Concept Natural materials, water and vegetation are the dominant cornicbe of the project, whose inspiration in the principles of sustainable architecture is to be understood.

This has to be the ultimate retreat, located off Pemba Island, the tiny floating island features three levels: ArchitectureGreen Building. Why Abandon The Mud Hut: Green fingers of lush vegetation extend down towards the sea, with a series of contemporary buildings inserted amid tropical plantings to create an architecture that at once responds to the contours of the landscape and recedes into the green totality.

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Banyan Tree Corniche Bay – Picture gallery

Biermann and Theron’s Crasulla The design of the interiors celebrates outdoor and island living. Type S Villa, 3 bedrooms, sq m. However, down immediately to the ground floor, and having crossed a main gateway, you enter into the space to the house.

Africa Renaissance Monument in Da Is it the bold and brazen materiality on its facades, a certain f

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