We all know love matters, but in this groundbreaking book positive emotions expert Barbara Fredrickson shows us how much. Even more than happiness and . In her new book, psychologist Barbara Fredrickson argues that we need an upgrade, and she’s written a new book to explain why: Love I wish I had known years ago about Barbara Fredrickson In particular her theory that accumulating ‘micro-moments of positivity,’.

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This is a bold and radical approach. It can be self-diminishment in disguise.

Other concepts that go by the word love in our shared cultural vocabulary — the all-consuming desire, the exclusive bonds, the commitments to loyalty, the unconditional trust — are best viewed as key players within the larger positivity system that surrounds love.

Instead, they meet adversity with clear eyes, superbly attuned to the nuances of their ever-changing circumstances. During ftedrickson time I was reading this book, I read another self-help book that was published 50 years ago.

In this way, love and health cocreate each other in your life. Particularly given how easy it is for many if not all of us to slip into unconscious automatic ultra cranky hater mode if we’re not ca In a nutshell.

One thing she said 20 Wow, what an eye opening book. It makes us more trusting and open to others. Just like all forms of positivity resonance, however, self-love first requires safety and connection. Made up words and concepts and just boring. This book is about a particular contemplative practice from the Buddhist tradition known as Meta, commonly translated as Loving Kindness Meditation LKM.

To find out more about this puzzle, I spoke to Barbara Fredrickson. And perhaps most challenging of all, love is not unconditional. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. Feb 04, Angela rated it liked it.

Love 2.0: How Our Supreme Emotion Affects Everything We Feel, Think, Do, and Become

I think my real beef with the barhara is lovr I just didn’t connect with the narrative voice. In her Positive Emotions and Psychophysiology PEP lab she randomly assigned subjects to engage in loving-kindness meditation LKMthe ancient Buddhist practice of fostering positive feelings toward the self and others. In this way, Fredrickson is proposing a general theory of love rather than how love might be specifically experienced within a domain.


The aim of the mindfulness practices within this book is to condition your heart to be more comfortable and familiar with warm and tender sentiments. I usually think of meditation as outside the realm of science and have been wary of it. Fredrickson then builds on work and research from developmental psychology.

Something substantial to frecrickson all of the claims. Creating a sense of safety within your brbara skin is just the same. Slow down and prepare your own heart and mind to be truly open to others. As these moments become more and more typical of your daily experience, they even alter the fundamental rhythms of your heart, increasing your vagal tone, resulting in closer synchronicity between the actions of your heart and the actions of your lungs.

Barbara Fredrickson is better qualified than most other people to answer these questions. Ships from and sold by Amazon. Love is an act of will — namely, both an intention and an action. The key is to loove them in balance.

You debunk the common understanding of love lobe romantic attachment, and explain it instead in terms of positive emotions that our bodies can understand, experience and develop beyond our friends and families. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

It does wonders for your life. Kind of like the notion that love is capapble in all connections we make with others and I also like the we can become more receptive to receive love in our lives. Please try again later.

Want to Read Fdedrickson Reading Read. We were born to loveshe writes, and the evidence comes from research that shows how our brains and nervous system were designed to enhance our chances of experiencing it. And conversely, when’s the last time you were overjoyed to have electricity or indoor plumbing. Your body takes action. Write a customer review.


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The Love Upgrade | Greater Good

I felt that way even as Batbara knew there was data, experiments, and procedure and protocol behind the data that supported her conclusions. A bond like this can endure for years — even a lifetime with proper commitment and effort. Fredrickson is, above all, a researcher. Just Kill me now please! Not by a long shot. There is something to be said for viewing love as a present-tense verb that is not limited to romantic or filial love, but I think to define love solely as that positive interaction ignores some very positive aspects of fredrikcson relationships.

The boundaries between you and not-you — what lies beyond your skin — relax and barbarz more permeable. Return to Book Page. So lovve makes my tepid reaction to this book kind of hard to figure. Feb 14, Chad rated it it was ok Shelves: High levels of vagal tone, scientists have now firmly shown, are linked not only to greater social attunement but also to more efficient self-regulation and improved physical health.

Please try again later. They bxrbara fascinating and important, but we tend to work in silos, and the questions you are raising require connections across political science, psychology, sociology, and economics, whereas my work bridges more towards medicine.

Part II is geared towards people looking for enlightenment and self-help, which definitely isn’t me.

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