Three months of bitter air-ground-sea action in the Solomon Islands had resulted Two battleships, under Rear Adm. Hiroaki Abe, headed for Guadalcanal with. The Japanese sent another battleship, the Kirishima, accompanied by that Halsey had to fight in a surface action were two warships at sea. cruiser/destroyer action on the night of. November, the First Naval Battle of Guadalcanal and the battleship action on the night of November, the.

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Guadalcanal was in many ways guadalcajal Stalingrad of the Pacific for the Japanese — a massive drain of forces to hold an island they had no chance of defending effectively.

We might be ambushed. I was reading an informal biography today of Sargent Shriver. Lee decided to wait, patiently staying miles south of Guadalcanal. One was all the torpedo misses, which were the result of poor firing angles. First phase opening ranges 16, – 18, yards, illumination by setting moon.

She was noticed by AsagumoMurasameand Samidare who had just finished blasting Laffey. They were chosen because they had the most fuel remaining in their bunkers. Kondo had to figure out his next move. Halsey to halt yet another major effort by the Japanese to bombard Henderson Field and land more reinforcements on Guadalcanal it was a last-ditch effort for the Japanese too.

Second phase opening range 6, – 9, yards; illumination by star shells, did not add to accuracy of fire.

Naval Battle of Guadalcanal – Wikipedia

Most historians appear to agree actikn Abe’s decision to retreat represented a strategic victory for the United States. They smothered Monssen with gunfire, damaging her severely and forcing the crew to abandon ship. While the Tokyo express will continue to prolong the fighting, the Japanese advance was stopped and the US will start its long campaign toward Japan.


An officer on Monssen likened it afterwards to “a barroom brawl after the lights had been shot out”. Washington gun boss Walsh sat guadalacnal in the upper conning tower and ordered his gunners to load their inch weapons.

The star shells rose, terrible and red. PortlandSan FranciscoAaron Wardand Sterett were eventually able to make their way to rear-area ports for repairs.

I marvel as I read this story about the charachter of these people who so casually put themselves in harms way and NEVER talked about their heroism.

First phase 13 Nov: Kirishimahowever, was still afloat. The executive officer, Commander Arthur Ayrault, wasted no time with formalities. Enterprise guadakcanal through squalls, low clouds and rain. Worse, her captain had lost touch with Washington.

Naval Battle of Guadalcanal

Fraser ordered abandon ship. Thereafter, the Imperial Navy was only able to deliver subsistence supplies and a few replacement troops to Japanese Army forces on Guadalcanal. There is a documentary just completed by a group who dove on the USS Atlanta with amazing footage and interviews of survivors.

After the battle, when Lee and Gatch discussed the after-action report, Gatch asked Lee to confirm some outrageous battle claims by South Dakota. The ship looped to escape gunfire, then staggered back in to action at 10 knots.

At the time of first contact both main battery directors guadqlcanal the target and the shift was made for designation, but the secondary battery director had not yet settled down and its designation was not used. The complete Imperial order of battle: The Japanese ships were, apparently, not equipped with radar. In this connection it is noted that a considerable period of time is taken to adapt the trainer’s eyes to the telescope at either night or day after looking at the radar scope train indicator.


These high-speed warship runs to Guadalcanal occurred throughout the campaign and came to be known as the ” Tokyo Express ” by Allied forces and “Rat Transportation” by the Japanese. Her executive officer, Commander A. Guasalcanal watched all this as battleahip quarter moon vanished, leaving behind darkness. Monssen avoided the wreck of Barton and steamed onward looking for targets.

During Phase 1 radar train was used. Israel and the Kurds have women in combat and they are doing just fin. Frank states that Morison attributed both submarine contacts to Trout but was in error.

Battle of Guadalcanal

Japanese losses had amounted to men. He noted his ships had only operated together for 34 hours of a high-speed run.

After that, Meade pulled Walke and Preston survivors out of the drink. The Japanese post-mortem also outlined other problems during the battle. Such a system is made possible by the fact that the director is trained automatically by generated bearing. A Japanese force of cruisers and destroyers from the 8th Fleet based primarily at Rabaul and originally assigned to cover the unloading of the transports on the evening of 13 November was given the mission that Abe’s force had failed to carry out—the bombardment of Henderson Field.

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