90 Supporting Information ANNEXE 1. Advice on Selecting Alternative Risk Mitigation Measures BCI Good Practice Guidelines | GLOBAL EDITION. 9 Glossary of Terms 11 Good Practice Guidelines BCI Good Practice Guidelines GLOBAL EDITION []. 4 Contents BCM Management Professional. URL: html (accessed July 23, ). BS URL: (accessed July 23, ). This page.

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Policy and Programme Management PP1.

The BCI Good Practice Guidelines (GPG)

You get a softcopy of the GPG as part of your membership. Created and run by the venerable Jim Kaplanthe organization’s mission is to develop a complete “utility” for audit-related information, products, and services. Gppg failure to fulfil an agreed requirement or expectation. Good Practice Guidelines GPG are therefore intended for use by practitioners, consultants, auditors and regulators with a working knowledge of the rationale for BCM and its basic principles.

Business Continuity Trends, Requirements and Expectations in A strategic business decision won t necessarily be abandoned because of lack of preparedness, but this limitation could impact the full economic value of the proposed change. The gp of Choices for each product and service is intended to define how the organization intends to protect or not its ability to maintain their delivery, so that this decision bc available for external scrutiny for example by customers or regulators.

Product or Service Readiness Record The output from a process. Examples of products and services include: Unfortunately this wrongly suggested that BCM was just another name for DR and possibly hindered its growth as a new discipline, especially in North America.

The BCI feels that adoption of BCM should be driven by the need for higher levels of organizational resilience and consequent performance rather than by regulators and legislators.

However, it needs to be acknowledged that this approach links BCM to a specific event or incident type, and does not suggest an enterprise-wide approach to BCM. The main components remain the same but there have been some refinement of language and more emphasis on global trends and issues.

Business Continuity Management BCM is an holistic process that identifies potential threats to an organization and the impacts to business operations that those threats, if realized, might cause.

This policy is a key part of the Department for Transport s internal control framework and specifically covers the Department. Service is the result of at least one activity necessarily performed at the interface between the supplier and customer, and is generally intangible. Not having this information should not stop the BCM programme being undertaken. Singapore Standard SS More information. The process of enhancing the business continuity management system in order to achieve improvements in overall business continuity management performance consistent with the organization s business continuity management policy.


Start display at page:. If a BIA has already been conducted to ascertain the effects of a loss of products and services the group will include the outcome of the BIA in its review.

What is More information. Contributors to the guidelines have agreed that they have no copyright or IP bpg to the material, which remains the property of the Business Continuity Institute. These colleagues may include PR and crisis management professionals to supply chain practitioners, and human resources personnel.

BCI Good Practice Guidelines (GPG) 2010

Purpose All public sector bodies are required to establish, maintain and review business More information. Strategic document Approved Manager Organisational.

Any other treatment would be illusory in its efficacy. BeyeNETWORK provides resources and professional community support for business intelligence, performance management, data warehousing, data integration and data quality.

The company s business and operating glg Key value creating products and services Key dependencies critical assets and processes How the company will respond to a loss of or threat to gph of these What the main bcl are today and on the horizon Evidence that the continuity plans bi work in practice Enterprise Risk Management is another discipline bc embedded as a strategic discipline within many large organizations today.

In a more mature BCM organization g;g which these techniques are embedded at functional level, the role of the BCM manager will move to a policy setting, governance and quality assurance activity, possibly reporting to the Head of Risk Management, Audit, Compliance or Company Secretariat.

However location may also be used to limit scope, allowing the BCM programme to include or exclude one or more sites. This policy sets out the structure for ensuring that the PCT has effective Business Continuity Plans in place in order to maintain More information. Newcomers to the discipline should also work alongside an experienced practitioner or attend an appropriate education programme.

  E5CN-HR2M-500 AC100-240 PDF

What skill sets does the bcm practitioner require? One example is supply chain: This thinking was already encapsulated in the Business Continuity concept first proposed many years before, but it had taken well over a decade to gain wide-scale understanding.

For those products ggp services that are deemed out of scope, the business risk of loss or non-availability is not mitigated by complete BCM, and has to be managed by alternative means. A customer requirement A regulatory or statutory requirement Perceived high-risk location due to proximity to other industrial premises or physical threats such as flooding Product being an overwhelming proportion of organizational income Reasons why a product, service or location may be excluded from the scope include: They are not intended to be a beginner s guide, although they do provide excellent material for those wishing to become certified BCM practitioners through the CBCI examination scheme.

A person with competence to conduct an audit.

Corporate Services Policy Number: DCC Francis More information. It is important to note that BCM is focused on identifying vulnerabilities within organizations, especially those linked to the underlying value they support and understanding the impact of their nonavailability over time on the organization.

The process to collect information on the resources required to resume and continue the business activities at a level required to support the organization s objectives and obligations. Business plans Strategic plans Annual report Marketing report Current management information reports outlining process details, volumes, targets and, where possible, quantified value of the activity Review The impact of organizational strategy on BCM should be reviewed as a minimum annually as part of, or at least to coincide with, the business operational and strategic planning processes.

Business Continuity Management Business Continuity Management Factsheet To prepare for change, change the way you prepare In an intensely competitive environment, a permanent market presence is essential in order to satisfy customers More information.


cbi A specified way to carry out an activity. Member functions are locked. Updated forthe GPG is the essential foundation for business continuity and resilience professionals.

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