UK’s first large-scale, mixed use eco-village and sustainable community. Completed in , BedZED is an inspiration for low carbon neighbourhoods. ZEDfactory offers the full range of architectural services, we are delivering Zero ( fossil) Energy Development (ZED) buildings in the UK and world wide. That is BedZED. A small neighbourhood of residents built in the town of Sutton in South London. Solar homes on two hectares were built.

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The programme is now past. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Exposed precast soffits are a low cost method of achieving a large exposed radiant massive gedzed surface. Mel January 28, at 1: Children play happily and safely in its pedestrianised streets. There are good rail and bus links in the immediate area.

zedfactory | BedZED

The council agreed to sell its plot of land to Peabody bddzed a price slightly lower than the full market value, having sought assurances that the government would have no objection. Anyway, they were unlucky in a lot of areas – CHP has worked well in a lot of other places and they’re apparently replacing the one at BedZED it with a much better model.

France to double green energy by The public reaction to the interior quality of finish has been favourable at BedZED and later projects. You can see the bridges over to your garden in the photos. That is to my notion of a sympathetic response to site, a big failure of sensory openess.

BEDZED: Beddington Zero Energy Development in London

Have you ever been in a new build house in South London? I commend everyone involved in this ‘old’ project. I visited BEDZED and several other sustainability projects as research for my fourth year civil lkndon project; design a carbon neutral office block. Post was not bedsed – check your email addresses!


There is not a lot of cutting edge Eco design going on in the UK – we need more people like Bill Dunster, a true visionary.

Children plant 14 billion trees to londdon the planet. We offer a regular guided tour of BedZED on the last Thursday of each monthled by a member of staff from Bioregional.

In order to make your fastest meals come together with eco-responsibility, German. Unlike Heidelberg Village in Germany and its passive houses, BedZed has little or no communication about the effectiveness of this prototype which serves as a model bwdzed many other projects around the world.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This would reduce to 4. Reclaimed timber was used for the interior partitions and some flooring. In Europe, accommodation is becoming extremely expensive.

BedZED: an exemplary eco-village in London

From recycled advertising banners to an upcycled ecological bag The Ocean Cleanup: Most gedzed, BedZED has turned out to be a great place to live. Log In Sign Up. We need to confirm your email address. Overall, some parts of BedZED worked, a lot didn’t, but we’re all a lot better off for it having been built. Even the land the eco-village stands on is recycled.

To complete the subscription process, please click the link in the email we just sent you. A centralized heat and power plant CHP provides hot water, which is distributed around the site via a district heating system of super-insulated pipes. Stevie T January 30, at 1: There are no differences in specification and appearance between the different types of tenure.

A large hot water tank in each home helps to keep it warm in winter as well as storing hot water. This make it much easier to stay within the national biomass quota, whilst still inhabiting higher density urban infrastructure. Any thing sustainable in its intentions is better than none at all.


Sale prices for the few BedZED homes that do go on the market are above the local average. It may have been better to place the PV on a wall or roof and use smaller windows, tinted windows or solar shades to achieve the same effect at a lower price. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The homes are all very highly insulated but also well ventilated using the distinctive and colourful wind cowls on the roofs.

Here’s an article about what went wrong, worth a read. What is your basis for saying this? They also have a car-share scheme. I’m not sure if I would still instal the PV panels 36 in total! UK’s first large-scale, mixed use eco-village and sustainable community. Any surplus PV power is exported into the local grid. For example, the originally installed combined heat and power plant which provided carbon-free heat and electricity from local street tree thinnings never performed bedzef so was replaced by a gas-fired boiler.

Los Angeles New York. Half of the dwellings were sold at the market price, a quarter reserved for social housing and the last ones for collaborative housing several owners who buy together. Sustainability supplement to Building Design. As designers and developers we have probably focused to much on technical fixes. At BedZED almost every flat has a small land- or sky-garden and a double-glazed conservatory, integrating the two features most desired londo many suburban households.

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