Net to construct a full-featured website in minutes. As an open source product – Selection from Beginning DotNetNuke® Skinning and Design [Book]. “Skinning” refers to an application’s ability to change the look of the design by a setting in the application Explains how DotNetNuke skins can be created in. In addition to panes, our skin design has a number of elements that are and your editor supports them, then you can start directly with the.

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Beginning DotNetNuke Skinning and Design – Wrox

This content area must have an ID of ContentPane. I finally did it Thank you very much Fabrizio.

If you are comfortable editing ASCX files, and your editor supports them, then you can start directly with the ascx file and skip building an HTML file altogether. Each skin can also have a master CSS style sheet and a stylesheet for each of the named templates.

Applying the Universal Selector Starter Kit Installation 2.

Now that we have a parsed skin, lets apply it to a webpage and see what it looks like. Setting the Parent and Child Pages 1. As I have previously stated, when this skin is installed to a DotNetNuke website it is parsed and the inner html of the body tag is converted to an ASCX control.


Beginning DotNetNuke Skinning and Design

So our first Skin can be as simple as the following:. Working with JavaScript Timing Implementing Container Files 5. Using Visual Web Developer and Cassini 2.

This will become more apparent when we build a complete skin in later parts of this series.

Discover Skins in Host and Portal Skins 3. Installing the Balloon Pop Game Uploading a Skin 3. This is a place to express personal thoughts about DNNPlatform, the community and its ecosystem. Login to DotNetNuke with a super user account also known as a host account.

Changing Menu Providers Please read our Privacy Policy. Using the Print Content Control 4. Examining the Menu Provider Pattern 8. One of the major differences between a skin and a container is that there will only be one skin on a single page. Using Absolute Positioning The success of its skin and module developer community is another key indicator of the depth and breadth of this technology.


The Terminology A skin is comprised of one or more layout templates. Gilles Le Pigocher 3. Changing Menu Providers 8. Skinning Made Easy 1.

Beginning DotNetNuke® Skinning and Design

Controlling Ports in Cassini 2. Using the Documents Module 6. Ernst Peter Tamminga Getting Started with Silverlight Getting Started with Module Styling Navin V Nagiah The skinobject approach will always generate a div. In this bit of code, I have added in the DNN 3 style of skin object tokens to make it easier for you to see my HTML structure without being cluttered with a lot of object tags which can be a little verbose. Customizing the Skinnning Style Sheet The practical website design techniques described herein provide you with a modern, agile architecture that embraces the features in DotNetNuke and the flexibility of CSS.

Using the Announcements Module 6.

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