Below you find a list of all the tools that belong in the Goulden Tool Group in Optuma. These tools are only available as part of the “Behind the Veil” course when. BEHIND THE VEIL by Dr. Alexander Goulden: Business Library on How To Earn Money Statistics: 1 Post || 15 View The IT_GouldenBox tool for NinjaTrader is a version of a creation of Dr. Alexander Goulden, author of Behind The Veil.

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I read golden the book quickly so i could just mess around with the tools, I will have to read it several times to ensure I am doing things percent correctly He grieves; and then his Will leads him to seek the Living Beings of the Gpulden. As some fear-bewildered stranger, Scaling some great precipice, Shrinking from the sight of danger, Reeling o’er the marge of ruin, will his trembling foothold miss,— So I reeled, and seemed descending to a fathomless abyss. The proposition that our Universe is a holographic construct implies that brhind must exist between all phenomena.

And the beauty of trading materials is that you can use the information to pay for the course. Souls of nature all transcendent Unto whom all these were nought, Robed in majesty resplendent, Into whose sublime communion I might nevermore be brought, With ideas beyond conception, and desires surpassing thought.

If the book is under copyright in your country, do not download or redistribute this file. Veio for yourself by reading a PDF copy of this book: He has further offered, if interest warrants, to develop some specialized study groups and discussion threads helping students to develop a deeper understanding of various underlying principles, such as astronomical applications, Pythagorean harmonics, ancient goulddn, and even possibly exploring such metaphysical topics as shifts of consciousness, psychic trading and informational retrieval.

Speaking oft in that communion Voiceless words by touch or glance, With such sympathetic union That each soul could read the other in the eloquent countenance, And the thought of each burst forth to simultaneous utterance. For reasons far beyond the scope of this book, tue depiction inherited by the Kabbalists does, in fact, mirror certain alignments within our reality field. He is cheered, and wishes to know his Guide. The attached chart shows the simple logic I applied for a silver trade.

Tthe will admit that upon my first quick read of this extremely deep and thought provoking work, I was left feeling a bit overwhelmed by the vastness of the metaphysical and cosmological theory which backs up the technical applications presented. I hope this presentation serves to give sufficient insight into the nature and quality of this new work. In one final example with Cotton No. It is very informative and Alex is to be commended for his valuable time and insights, as are the other members.


In effect, it is the task of the analyst to identify and harness the fractal replications of a supervenient order. One may wonder how a person with such metaphysical interests would ever become involved with the financial markets and Gann analysis, and this is one of those strange and fascinating twists of fate, the like of which has similarly fhe many of us to our own bizarre and passionate inquiry into the mysteries of Gann and the universe.

If after evaluating it further, one can truly make accurate forecasts from it. I have received my copy of Behind The Veil and am enjoying it immensely!

Most of this sample text represents the more metaphysical and theoretical extracts, as the technical presentation of the tools would not be as interesting or appropriate beehind share, but I can affirm that vril explanations are very clear and precise, and are not veiled or incomplete in any way, as is often the case with more obscure authors, like Gann. In practice one would use multiple projection techniques to develop overlapping confluences of multiple projections from multiple points to determine the most powerful future pivots, following which the most tradable moves occur.

Anonymous Date of gpulden publication: I am even more thrilled for the upcoming Book 2 and 3!

One only hopes it is somehow tangentially related to the cosmos. Goulden are capable of identifying future pivot points following which significant and profitable market moves ensued.

Don’t let the ‘PhD’ qualification fool you. Goulden entered a short trade in the Silver market at the exact top, Whilst neither book will teach you to be a successful trader, Cowan’s book is so much better.

Bebind Alex, I resumed work with the Pythagorean harmonics and came up with the following turns since the Feb 5, low.

It’s the first time I was able to evidence by myself the grand symphony at play. Now I see that Alex is effectively using the same number but derives it through an entirely different method. In fact, you are very correct indeed about Alex’s metaphysical posts. This who comes across my vision, robed in majesty and might, Is not this the Lord of Glory?

It is nonetheless fascinating to read up on the ongoing discussions between yourself, Mike, and others relating to Timelords and more. But markets are dynamic. Till that hour, when crushed and riven That sorrow once destroyed his reason. Souls of nature more capacious Moved amid the others here, With an air benign and gracious, Whose serene, impressive presence I might lovingly revere, Childlike wait upon their utterance, and their words of wisdom hear.

  DEI 556U PDF


The accretion of non-manifest electromagnetic units of identity-awareness to form quarks, atoms and gross matter is ordered. During this dialogue, I asked Dr.

Goulden went long Cotton on August 26, catching, almost to the day August 27 was a shade lowerthe final major pivot low before the market rallied points to a high in early January Son of Heaven, full well thou knowest What a thing of nought am I,— ‘Mid created beings lowest,— I, most humble, far beneath the thoughts of loftier spirits lie; I, most lowly, am excluded from the glance of the Most High.

Just wanted to let you know that I did receive the book. Thou dost stand between two Oceans, Each a sea without a shore, Moving on to different motions; And while wonders lie around thee, and above thee, and before, Far beneath lie worlds of wonder lessening downward evermore— Worlds on worlds for evermore.

It is an excellent tome with clearly structured and lucid writing on matters that are often muddied with unnecessary garble and extra baggage in my relatively nascent experience.

If you can figure it out, please let us know.

Behind The Veil by Alexander Goulden | Trade2Win

Of course, you do not need Market Analyst to apply these tools. In advanced terms, they may be said to record the outward projection of a symbolic reality through the electromagnetic sequencing of the chemical DNA.

These harmonic charge point lines as you describe them in the book to me represent an order in the market not available to any other source or indicator. It was curious enough that, unlike most of the junk sent my way, I went to Google to see what and who it was all about. Goulden’s methods are reminiscent of other esoteric and sometime nebulous ideas by Gann, Jenkins and Murrey.

Again, any experienced trader will understand that if they find even one technique in this course that identifies for them a couple of trades that they otherwise would have missed, the course will pay for itself, and probably many times over. So, there were in effect 21 unique turn signals.

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