Editorial Reviews. Review. “Brilliant [and] harrowing Historical reality combined with fictional The Fixer: A Novel (FSG Classics) – Kindle edition by Bernard Malamud, Jonathan Safran Foer. Download it once and read it on your Kindle. It is the story of a Jewish handyman, or fixer, who discovers that there is no rational reason for The Fixer, novel by Bernard Malamud, published in Bernard Malamud was born in Brooklyn, New York in The Fixer is based on the notorious real-life Beilis blood-libel case in Russia, which in its day.

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The world is grotesque, horrifying and unjust; yet redemption, individual by individual, is possible, is indeed the reason and the glory of life. The redemption of ugliness is in humor, of cruelty in charity, of suffering in maalmud and compassion.

And, by necessity, it makes the rest worth undergoing. This might be called the Th factor in the Judeo-Christian outlook, the extra-dogmatic source of the rejection of suicide as a reasonable and ethically viable political act. Certainly in literature, perseverance is the prerequisite of redemption. On March 20,the mutilated corpse of a Christian boy was found in a cave in the outskirts of Kiev, Russia. The murder could have been easily solved had not the crime been taken up by the virulent anti-Semitic groups as a pretext for massive persecution of the Jews.


Mendel Bellis, a Jewish laborer who worked in a brick factory near the cave, was arrested on trumped-up charges of ritual murder. According to the anti-Semitic hallucination, Christian blood was supposed to have been used by Jews in the preparation of Passover matzo. Bellis was interrogated, tortured, imprisoned; the frame-up became a political issue, extending to the Czar.

Change your place, change your luck, people say. And Malamud has him think: When the blood-drained corpse of the Christian boy is found, Yakov is arrested by the secret police in the name of Nicholas II; and so enters his terrible ordeal.

The Fixer (novel) – Wikipedia

The world is petty, cruel and corrupt, but also creakingly inefficient. Bibikov has a conscience; he cannot totally turn his back on truth.

Refuses to Confess Yakov endures. He endures solitary confinement, chains, ficer physical searchings and beatings. He refuses to “confess,” and in his cell he comes to an understanding of that refusal. His victory is that a trial will take place; whatever the verdict, the evidence of his innocence will be made public.


The Fixer by Bernard Malamud

Thus Yakov, a most unpolitical man, fulfills his political and moral function. He comes indeed to know his choices, to make a choice and come to terms with it.

The novel closes on this note as Yakov is at last being transported to his trial. Yakov will doubtless be convicted, but in his drams the Czar confesses helplessnes and in the streets through which the prison threads its way, bloody revolution spurts to its final warnings. Malamud correctly wards off identification of “The Fixer” with the Bellis case, citing Dreyfus and Vanzetti as nearly equal inspirations.

Yet a Yakov-Bellis identification is unavoidable. Moreover, it is a pertinent fact of history that while the crime of ritual murder was confirmed at the Bellis trial, Mendel Bellis was himself acquitted. Fizer must of course be taken in its proper context. The Fixer By Bernard Malamud.

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