Golf Swing Construction The Bertholy Method Revisited [Doug Ferreri] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Bertholy method [Paul Bertholy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Golf Swing Construction The Bertholy Method Revisited. http://www. Thanks to BC_Mist, I ordered this book a month ago.

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As in any dojo martial arts training hall Tiger learned to take his swing apart position-by-position in slow-motion, and put it back together to ingrain the swing into his muscle memory.

School of Golf – Martin’s Library: The Bertholy Method

I felt a difference in only 4 days. You must rejuvenate, and be born again. The golfer first learns berthoky parts of the swing before learning to use them with motion. The first day I played golf following three days of drills, I swung at the ball but it was not my regular swing.

I do see a lot of similarities with Lag’s Abs system, however the begtholy hands on backswing enables me to take a full swing with lower plane more around the waist feelings.

You hold these positions for 10 seconds with a weighted club or lead pipe. I took lessons for two year and my game was screwed up after each lesson.

Cheers, Strive for perfection, but never expect it! Cheers, “To gain a fine golf swing, man must work. Keep metthod the good work. You have sold me. The book explains that the club must be sung waist high methos waist high. Oh well, their loss. Results 1 to 22 of 22 Thread: For most of us it may take longer, but it works. Moe talks about it in a lot of the videos I’ve seen on YouTube.


Advanced Ball Striking • View topic – Paul Bertholy

Just make sure vertholy follow the instructions and keep you wrist as flat as possible. Please login or Register. I may give it a shot over the off season.

He was also the first teacher in golf history to methox the anatomy, physiology, and berthply in the golf swing. I can feel the changes in my swing with positive feedback on the course. It has nothing to do with Natural Golf. It may be deferent for you but it is worth the shot. There have only been a couple days where I have caught video of myself with this early left elbow “reappearance”. Very much a “swingers” method with retention of the triangle until the last second, then roll our Supinate your left hand.

Total Golf Fitness – The Bertholy Method

The work, however, is hard. Back in the day on a par five I would hit a Ping 1 iron from about yards into our 10 green. If my time runs short I will have my understudy- Lag- carry the torch in my absence. Now in my early 70’s and can’t use the system anymore, need to be flexible to get high hands at the top, then pull down to set the lag, before reversing swing. Always looking to improve though, so this sounds like a great idea.

Paul Bertholy often said: The important thing that always gets bertyoly is that at impact all of the good players look more or less the same.

Any other info on your current progress with this system would be much appreciated. You are training your subconscious mind to control your swing, and it will, in time.

Since reaching the age of 66 to his present age of 77 he has shot his age or better times. The entire pipe is filled with sand and I put a golf grip on the end.


I understand that this book was written with note from the 40s 50s 60 s. Google [Bot] and 0 guests. I am really interested in buying this book and trying this method. As somewhat of a Golf Channel berthly, the topic of the “Modern” swing came up the other day in the discussion of Todd Hamilton. That’s the beauty of it.

School of Golf – Martin’s Library: The Bertholy Method | Golf Channel

I am willing to work my tail off in this regard, so I hope to see similar results that you have seen. Fri Jan 01, 4: Originally Posted by jvincent.

His handicap at the time? Let me know how it goes. I have been working on program 1 for three weeks now.

Developing some lag, arm strength and slowly moving the club into the “on plane” position, via slow motion, and static position drills, while time consuming and perhaps boring at times, will make you a better golfer, sooner.

Point taken on the ‘modern’ swing. Fri Nov 16, 3: Paul Bertholy,The key to super stardom. People are different heights, arm lengths, etc. What is the Bertholy Method? One other thing that I noticed about this method is that it was crafted in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. It’s just a matter of getting there in a repeatably.

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