THE BESORAH OF YAHUSHA. Uploaded by BesorahSeed. And this BESORAH of the REIGN shall be propclaimed in ALL the world as a witness in ALL the. talmidim of Rabbi Yahusha of Natsarith, providing the researcher with . Word, the message (Hebrew, “besorah”) and living by it, according to the Covenant. of Hazrat Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi’s work, regardless of who they are and Immersing oneself in the ocean of love and co.

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A fast way to learn Hebrew words by simply reading Scripture. Sophist trickery, casuistryand equivocation are all cut-away from this version by contemporary Natsarimthe correct term used for the original followers of Yahusha that are re-appearing on Earth just before His return.

This Besorah Of Yahusha is not based on the former one in any way; the only thing that I consulted from that version was my own preface material, which was the extent of my involvement in that effort. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. From the Hebrew foundation to the English, skipping yahhusha Greek and Latin influences: The Yahusya board of directors claimed that such a change would bump the text and make it difficult to alignment of the page numbers and title boxes.


The Hebrew word for message or report: The pronoun, Alahis used in the book of Danial over and over. I enjoy wearing the his and her shirts: No small number of former translations were consulted, but a great cloud of them for their best parts, leaving aside the unclear or out-right erroneous elements.

One cannot prepare for the Passover on the “first day of Unleavened Bread. One of these two groups was never sent into the nations to have their speech corrupted by foreign languages, and the other group retained the purity of bedorah Hebrew.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? The correction will take a little effort to adapt to at first, but because the correction is the Truth, you will quickly make the transition and the pain will become joy.



The order of the books helps the subject matter to flow smoothly, as you will see when you end 2 Kronicles and go straight into Daniel. The Greek text has no word “day” in the sentence, and the word “protos” indicates ” prior to ” Unleavened Bread.

To convey Truth with more accuracy will bring understanding, and the big picture will appear in the hearts of all who receive the Living Water of Life. I forgot how much I paid for it. What if each book of Scripture became clear to people as they read thembecause nothing was being corruptedor held back from them?

Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. The very thoughts of Yahusha will become plain, with nothing held back. Just imagine reading about Creation, bessorah seeing that Yahuah created the sun, moon, and stars in the “space” He created, rather than the “firmament” or “expanse”? There is much more that helps make this version stand out from the previous and current translations, but this is the first to eliminate the corruption caused by the Masoretic vowel-points.

BESORAH_BYNV Lew White Yahuah Yahusha

One person found this helpful. This is the restored truth of our Creator name. The famine of Yahuah’s Word is over. It uses plain English for describing the original ideas; instead of firmament, or expanse, it uses the ov space.

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In my opinion the Besorah of Yahusha did a very good job with the New Testament and the commentaries. Share your thoughts with other customers. The commentaries are located in the front, between the Testaments, and at the end of the book.

Robot warns as he waves his tubular arms Check your favorite translation now for a huge error: The counterfeit is exposed by the authentic. And you would be called the Repairer of the breach, the Restorer of streets to dwell In.


Besorah of Yahusha Natsarim Version

You can review the text without purchasing it. Gahusha time ywhusha world moved out of the ‘s, and experience the snow-white purity of besogah Hebrew roots. Read reviews that mention besorah of yahusha new testament ancient hebrew name yahuah name of god modern hebrew translation word scripture script copy aramaic words called english translations uses available close hands.

Write a customer review. The order of the 66 books is another feature, enabling the reader to flow from one book into the other; 2 Kronicles ends, ywhusha goes right into the book of Daniel, taking the reader from where the last book left off. They profess to believe in Alah, but they know this is not the name of the one they worship.

Showing of 15 reviews. As a former USA director of Institute for Scripture ResearchI had recommended in that ISR revise The Scriptures with the ancient Hebrew, rather than use the modern “Babelonian” script most commonly thought to be Hebrew, yet it is the alphabet of Aram, called Aramaic the squared script.

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Send to friend Customers also bought Customer feedback Your name: To associate an alphabet and language with a peoples’ religious practice is very odd, and at first I was repelled as well.


Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Eli is corrected, becoming Ali. See all 15 reviews. General term for the northern 10 tribes, named after the lead tribe, usually spelled Ephraim.

Explore the Home Gift Guide. Alef, ayin, yod, uau, and hay are all vowels.

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