[13] epD‐BfS‐ () Environmental Product [21] Schweizerischer ingenieur‐ und Architektenverein (SiA). () Merkblatt energieausweis für Gebäude gemäß Sn en und Sn en zurich. [22] Schweizerischer . Flash point: > 21° C „Beschichtung auf Zink und verzinktem Stahl“ from Bundesausschuss Farbe und Sachwertschutz (BFS) according to Merkblatt 5 of BFS. Flash point: > 21° C. Solid substance: approx. 55% Zinc and galvanized surfaces are to be prepared according to Merkblatt 5 of. BFS. Clean the surfaces to be painted and remove dirt of all kinds, including dust, mortar droppings, and similar.

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Unstable Mineral Paint Coatings: The value of travel time VTT is nfs important element cost-benefit analysis of transportation projects, by encapsulating the willingness to pay of the population for improvements in the transport system. Reinforcement with Polyester Fabric on Smooth Surfaces: Deeper damages up to 20 mm should be repaired with Histolith-Renovierspachtel.

By eliminating the need 211 sample alternative paths for estimation, it also simplifies the estimation process, making it a viable choice as an integral solution for joint route and mode choice modelling. Do not apply on sun heated substrates, during strong wind, fog or rain, high relative humidity or imminent rain and frost. This product contains max.


Sylitol® NQG

Protected against algal and fungal attack. It is therefore advisable to apply a first coat in a similar hiding pastel tint, based on white.

Roughen glossy surfaces and enamel coatings. Dispose containers with residues of liquid product via waste collection point accepting old paints and enamels.

Only completely empty containers should be handed in for recycling. Mechanical loads on matt facade paints in dark colour shades may produce bright-toned stripes as a product specific property no writing resistancebut the effect is minimised when using ThermoSan NQG. Lower temperatures and higher humidity extend the drying time. Thus all relevant copper surfaces must be protected against oxidation. Touching up surfaces is depending on many parameters and may be visible after drying.

ThermoSan NQG: Caparol

Repairs must have adequate time to cure and dry. Priming coat with Dupa-grund or CapaGrund Universal according to substrate requirements. Applicable on mineral and synthetic organic renders, coated or uncoated. Non-absorbent substrates, treated with paint stripper: SP-Befragung zum Verkehrsverhalten. Clean chalking coats of emulsion paint by high-pressure cleaner, in compliance with the regulations. Each additional application with a consumption of min. Maximum temperature for high-pressure water jet: An additional priming coat of CapaGrund Universal minimises the risk of efflorescence on alkaline finishing coats of mortar groups PII or PIII and the substrate is recoatable after a holding time of 7 days.

Check tinted paint before applying to avoid colour differences. As usual for facade paints, Cap-elast system products must not be applied in direct sunlight or on sun heated surfaces, during strong wind, fog or rain, high relative humidity, imminent rain or impending night frost. Therefore a durable and invisible crack bridging treatment by paint products is impossible.


Adverse weather conditions, influenced e. Clean existing renders by suitable wet cleaning method. Remove completely by suitable means, e. Modeling competing free-floating carsharing operators: Lower temperatures and higher humidity extend the drying time.

Constant exposure to splashing water is detrimental to the durability of coatings.

Cap-elast Riss-Spachtel

Keep out of reach of children. HPC High performant mobility simulation for the Swiss transport system. While a trip-based model could probably be calibrated to yield a good fit with MATSim, the tour-based model bears the potential of not having to perform a lot of calibration work when setting up the simulation. Surfaces Contaminated with Factory Fumes or Soot: Field of Application For weather-resistant, crack covering coatings on cracked exterior render and concrete surfaces.

Determine the exact amount of material merkblatt by coating a test area on site. Jointing must be dry, free of cracks and salts salty efflorescence.

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