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Furthermore, her illustration of the contrasting methods and goals of the Biopolis biomedical center in Singapore and BGI Genomics in China raises questions. BGI · BGI · BGI · BGI · BGI · BGI · BGI · BGI BGI · BGI · BGI · BGI · BGI · BGI · BGI annotations, further analysis on sequenced strains from the EHEC outbreak – ehec-outbreak-crowdsourced/BGI-data-analysis. FT gene

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Founded inBCGSC is the largest academic genome centre in Canada, and among the most productive in bgo world in the fields of cancer genomics and bioinformatics. Genotypic is ISO The core facility is equipped with a HiSeq and a MiSeq for whole genome and targeted sequencing, and a HiScan for genome-wide genotyping, methylation and expression analyses. It has become the largest genomics organization in the world with a focus on research and application in personalized healthcare, agriculture, conservation and bio-energy fields.

BaseClear is the leading service providing laboratory for DNA-based services and research in the Benelux region. Our mandate is to advance knowledge about cancer and other diseases, to improve human health through disease prevention, diagnosis and therapeutic approaches, and to realize the social and economic benefits of genomics research. Services are offered at a research grade, clinical or under GLP protocols.

With an integrated team of experienced molecular biologists and bioinformaticians, Yourgene is well equipped to provide you with the most suitable experimental approach to answer your research questions. CAG will work with you from experimental design through data analysis and reporting.

Advanced Genomics offers comprehensive cytogenetic and genomic services, developing custom molecular bvi with either microarray or multiplex PCR configurations. The massively bgk sequencing unit offers high quality sequencing data as well as analysis services offered by the bioinformatics platform.

CSPro is a service partnership established between Illumina and service provider laboratories designed to help insure your success in providing your customers with the highest-quality genetic analysis services using Illumina’s leading-edge technology. Genergy 50043 Shanghai Co. Large-scale genomics revolves around three platforms: We have a strong track record over more than 25 years for the provision of research services.


For bgu 20 years Genetic Visions Inc. You can also contact us for Illumina genotyping services. Our highly skilled 504 of professionals will provide you with high quality data and the best services. Novogene was founded on March 15, All Next-Gen epigenetic sequencing byi feature state-of-the-art sample prep technologies and workflows, cutting-edge bioinformatics, and are offered at competitive prices.

Specializing in Next Generation Genomics, Sequencing, Expression Analysis and Molecular Biology services, SeqWright has earned a reputation for quality, technical expertise and a willingness to provide client-specific solutions.

Irvine, CA Phone: NYGC’s Integrated Genomics approach includes experimental design assistance, sample preparation and quality control, next-generation sequencing, bioinformatics, and data storage. For all areas in which DNA plays a key role, BaseClear offers high quality services which can be customised to match your specific needs. SABiosciences accepts and processes cell, tissue, biofluid or fixed samples and then provides either pathway-focused or genome-wide analysis yielding superior results for scientists.

The laboratory uses a variety of technologies to provide genotype services, and is specialized in large-scale SNP-genotyping.

Micromon is a non-profit core facility within Monash University Melbourne, Australia. Our platform based at the Pasteur Institute of Lille, has bioinformatics resources essential for data analysis from genomic and transcriptomic studies e. Fast turnaround time, high quality results and highly qualified wet and dry lab team proven track record team makes our SME the best choice for your projects.

D European Genomics Institute for Diabetes.

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To find out more about an Illumina CSPro organization, click on the links in the scrollable list below. We have established broad academic partnership with home and abroad institutions, e.

SinceTheragenEtex has led the “Root industrial technology” from Ministry of Knowledge Economy — “Next generation bioinformatics analysis platform development. We are equipped with a MiSeq and a HiSeq It is open for research groups inside and outside the university.

GeneDx specializes in genetic testing for rare hereditary disorders. Genotypic is a pioneering genomics service lab with Genomics and Bioinformatics facilities in Bangalore, India.

Instead, our team will send the data as a comprehensive report customized to fit your needs! The Illumina Certified Service Provider CSPro 55043 is a collaborative service partnership dedicated to ensuring the delivery of the highest-quality data available for genetic analysis applications.


CSPro Partners

Genomic Medicine Institute GMI was founded in with mission of providing Asian whole bgl sequences and supporting the development of genomic technology for future personalized medicine and taking a role as the institute of excellence for Genomics in Korea.

ChunLab specializes in next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics for metagenomics, transcriptomics, and microbial genomics.

The facility provides Illumina platforms and assays for genotyping and gene expression and can provide epigenetic profiling using the K BeadChip and immunoassays via MSD assays, including cytokines and chemokines.

The Microarray Facility offers researchers the place to generate and incorporate genomic and expression microarray data into their researches. NGI aims to provide knowledge along with sequencing services and hence supports project design as well as bioinformatics analyses.

Society Health and Medicine. Genes Diffusion offers breeding facilities for several animals and provides custom molecular assays. PerkinElmer DNA Sequencing and Analysis Services provides scientists access to sequencing platforms and robust analysis and visualization software delivered through a Web-based private secure byi computing environment for “anytime, anywhere” genomic data interpretation and analysis, all backed by PerkinElmer industry expertise and the highest quality standards.

Jiang zhi, Liu Jian Phone: The proteomics platform offers high-quality protein analysis services.

International Convention of Asia Scholars | Accelerating Research in Asian Studies since

CSHL’s research programs focus on cancer, neurobiology, plant genetics, genomics and bioinformatics. NYGC supports a wide range of sequencing applications, including whole genome and exome sequencing, RNA sequencing, and other custom assays.

Kitts and Nevis St. Louis, MO Phone: Our services cover all steps from study design, nucleic acid extraction, biobanking, qPCR based testing, microarrays, NGS and bioinformatics services. This is the international website for Illumina.

Head of Facility Phone:

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