An Introduction To Brahma Sutras and Sri Ramanuja Sri Bhashya, and 2. Sri Bhagavad Geethaa is verily ‘the factual position of the living entities- man has no . About the Book: Sri Ramanuja’s commentary on the Bhagavad Gita is not so widely known as that of Sri Sankara. It may be due to the fact that Sri Ramanuja. This piece gives the interpretation of Bhagavadgita according to Ramanuja and is an excerpt from the book, Ramanuja’s Teachings in his own words.

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It’s my third order and i’m very ghagavad with you. The Supreme Lord Krishna naturally delights all the worlds who are fortunate enough to learn about Him with His transcendental beauty, His eternal, spiritual form and His extraordinary phenomenal pastimes which are overflowing with the nectar of compassion and love.

As it often happens in our country, its greatness becomes clearer when foreign scholars like Schopenhaner, Max Mueller and a host of others laud and admire it. The two armies, of Paandavas and Kauravas, are arrayed, ready to fight, ready to combat. His present translation of the Gita Bhasya is of special importance, because it is the only translation with the original Sanskrit text now available for readers interested in the philosophy of Sri Ramanuja.

The individual soul is a part of the highest self, as the light issuing, from a luminous thing such as fire or the sun is a part of that body. Sri Bhagavad Geethaa is verily ‘the factual position of the living entities- man has no doubt specialised in satisfying his material senses, but precious little does he do in fulfilling the simple demands of the Lord to strive for perfection in life. Look Inside the Book. In commenting on the 12th verse in the second chapter of the Gita he makes Krishna mean “As for me, the universal Lord Sarvesvarathere is never ‘nay’ to my having been in all the eternity anterior to the present.


This will help us make recommendations and send discounts and sale information at times. This is my seventh publication in the ‘subject familiarisation series’, and the third and final book in the Prasthaana Traya, the other two being: Nor are all of us–myself thyself and all–not going to be in the futureā€¦. Sri Ramanuja Gita Bhasya. Please note that your card will be active in the system for 30 days.

Swami Gambhirananda Hardcover Edition: Send as free online greeting card. I am the same to all living beings.

The Philosophy of the Bhagavadgita: Emerson expressed ‘ it was as if an empire spoke to us’. Each and every book arrived in perfect shape–thanks to the extreme care you all took in double-boxing them and using very strong boxes.

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Inferiority as regards kind caste look, nature or understanding in any person does not, because of it, warrant that he is not dear to me or fit to be rejected as unworthy to come to Me as refuge.

However The Gita Bhashya is relatively simpler compared to the scholastic treatise on Brahma Sutras viz. bhagavd

Bhagavad Gita with Commentaries of Ramanuja

Enter your search terms Submit search form. In my book I have provided the original Geethaa text bhagaad into English and alongside each text slokaI have given its meaning – the meaning has been arrived at after study of a number of ramanuna on Geethaa, a common denominator hopefully reflecting the meaning intended by the Lord!

Thoreau said he bathed his intellect every morning in the Bhagavad Geetha. Ramanuja describes this in the form of a parable quoted earlier of the King’s son being restored to his father.


A Condensed Rendering of Sri Ramanuja’s Gita Bhashya

There are, however, two places in Geethaa Bhashya, where for clarifying and establishing the precise import of the original, he has necessarily and deliberately trodden on what might be termed ‘polemic issues’.

Afterwards bhxshya migrated to Srirangam and for the whole of his long life yearshe remained as a servant of Bhagavzd, except when he went on short periods of propaganda tours to different parts of this country and also to Melkote in present Mysore State because of the persecution of Vaisnavas by a Chola King named Kulothunga. Bhasuya if they should transgress those law, they are deserving of being accounted as righteous if in the manner aforesaid they do but worship me with a worship exclusively devoted to me.

It is in conformity with dharma, comfortable easy to practice, and imperishable.

Eternal bliss and worldly happiness. I maintain the three worlds on the strength of the wisdom contained in the Geethaa’. Notes on May 5, Oh how I wished that other businesses in India would learn to do the same!

It is my experiences that abridging a classic like Geethaa Bhashya into a size such as this in English bagavad is some effort and I bow to Sri Geethaa Chaarya, the Lord, for bestowing me the necessary confidence and courage to undertake this kainkaryam. A fragment of My own Self becomes the eternal living soul in this world of Jivas and draws the senses of material nature Prakrtiof which the mind is the sixth.

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