ISKCON Desire Tree – Devotee Network is a social network. This manual is meant to provide the essential information to start the Bhakti- vriksha Program. This material is the result of over 2 years of practical experience . This Book is a comprehensive guide to help the Bhakti Vriksha Servant Covered all the parts of Bhakti Vriksha Week: Spiritual Edification, Nectar of Holy .

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So make the invitation only for the first day. A bhakti vrksha leader can keep track of the members of his group; an upa cakrapati can look after of all the bhakti vriksha leaders under his charge. Since all the demigods are loyal servants of Krishna, they will be happy to receive his remnants.

The siksha levels thus designed by the Congregational Development Ministry are excellent means to fill the new devotees path with exciting frontiers to reach and cross at every step. To lead a pure holy life by avoiding intoxication alcoholic drinks and smokingmeat-eating, gambling and extra-marital sex.

Bhakti Vriksha Manual

And if I run, my heart will be palpitating. So you can help them progress in their spiritual lives even better. Train assistant so that in your absence things can be done. The ball is quickly passed from player to player, as noone wants to marry Jara.

» Bhakti Vriksha Preaching Materials

The emphasis is thus on the bhakgi application of Krishna Consciousness and the development of bhakti or devotion. You can have periodic quiz and tests from each chapter from the Bhagavd-gita to see how seriously they are reading it. So in this way, one teacher can manage hundreds of students of different categories. We will also give you reminders for going on picnics together, for attending the yatra programmes, etc.

Leaders could be sector leaders or other seniors in the hierarchy are requested to conduct these seminars periodically for the members. If these signs are not manifest or happen only gradually, then we are still committing offenses against the holy name of the Lord.

If we give them services, so that it briksha benefit them spiritually, they will accept it with great eagerness. Srila Santana Goswami recommends this for chanting the Gayatri mantra. It is ideal if the leader conducting the study class could be the sector leader or the circle leader can attend a Bhakti shastri course conducted either by the VIHE Vrindavan Institute of higher education at Vrindavan, or MIHE Mayapur Institute of Higher education at Mayapur, or if somebody is conducting it in your own yatra.


There is also a chapter dealing with solving potential problems that one could encounter while conducting a Bhakti Vriksha group. This has been done in a graded way so that the lessons take one through the Spiritual Achievers Club or “Siksa” manua from Shraddhavan to Krishna Sevaka to Krishna Sadhaka, etc. Introduction to the Bhakti Vriksa ModulesDear devotees,The Bhakti Vriksha programme material is intended to facilitate your application of the Bhakti Vriksha principles very systematically.

Are you willing to render practical devotional service during the festivals?

Application part of the interactive session is an important component of bhakti vriksha. Ayi nanda-tanuja patitam kinkaram mam visame bhavam budhau.

Another part of ,anual is called raganuga. Also make them learn by heart vriksna of the important verses These are listed in this chapter. To introduce them to the concept of maintaining a record of their daily sadhana, the bhakti vrksha leaders must convene a meeting of all the devotees who are at Prabhupada Asraya and above. Now Srila Rupa Gosvami bhkti to describe devotional service in practice. The Bhakti-vriksha Program accompanies a person through their first eighteen months in Krishna consciousness, bringing them to the level of first initiation.

This chanting has so much power that it immediately attaches one to Krishna. And because the emphasis is on being servant leaders, rather than being ambitious and power-hungry, the leaders in a Bhakti-vriksha communty are eager to serve, and not at all eager to become leaders.

Similarly, the Counselor System primarily focuses on providing care and support for already existing devotees, but this obviously includes how they are able to perform and increase their msnual, which often will be some type of outreach, like book distribution, etc. Why do you run away from all this? Vaishnavas are all great souls. A preacher who bhakhi no other motivation than serving and uplifting others will always be open to other programs.

Thus the Bhakti Vriksha model is very successfully implemented in Ujjain. But I have attended many bhakti vrksa programs around Europe, Australia and Bangladesh. The players hold hands very tightly to form a linefacing the other team, with about 50 feet 15 m between them.


As ISKCON is a vast, rapidly expanding extended family of multiple Gurus, all under the shelter of Srila Prabhupada, this understanding of ecstatic, selfless service mood is very essential if we want the Bhakti Vriksha program to expand and flourish. The Bhakti Vriksha is a well-integrated program with senior leaders available for consultation and help. Read out first this passage from the Nectar of Devotion, Ch. Of course, the entire Bhagavad-gita cannot be covered in the study classes, due to lack of time, but the purpose is to give them sufficient taste and knowledge and encouragement to make a thorough reading of the entire book by themselves.

There are two teams of eleven players each. List 10 qualities of the soul: Kindly mark your valuable presence and ready to collect prizes. In cultures unfamiliar to the Vedic culture, you could phrase it differently. So by catering to the spiritual growth of others, the leader becomes more and more selfless and progresses quickly and wonderfully in Krishna Consciousness. Ensure the recommendation sheet is filled once the member commits to the spiritual standard.

Bhakti-vriksha Program Versus Counselor System–Which is Best? | IskconKL – News

Most bhaktii them are action oriented group games and a few thinking games at the end of the list have also been given. It is advisable to distribute them according to geographical considerations, so that it becomes easier for them to attend the programmes and the leaders to care of them well.

The initial expenditure for running a Bhakti Vriksa is the prasadam that to be distributed every week to the members. Laziness of mind leading to interrupting the chanting by doing some other activities in between like talking, resting, etc.

As long as they do not justify their weaknesses and deviate the philosophy, and are sincerely trying to advance in Krishna consciousness, they cannot be a source of disturbance to other members, and sufficient time should be given to them for them to come up to the proper platform of devotional service.

This will greatly encourage them.

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