Summer Training Presentation of BHEL Block Limited Ranipur, Haridwar ( Uttrakhand) Submitted To: Mr. XYZ Submitted By: ABC Roll No. Who give me lot of inspiration and skills to complete this Report successfully. Training Report on Manufacturing of Turbo Generator at BHEL Haridwar .. BLOCK-2 Fabrication (Steam, Hydro & gas Turbine) iii. .. 34 CONCLUSION We have undertaken summer training in Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Haridwar. View Test Prep – from MECHANICAL I thankfully acknowledge the staff of BHEL, Haridwar for giving me so much co- (Sr. Manager,TUM Block-3) to support me during my Industrial Training. . I cannot even describe how much Course Hero helped me this summer.

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Skip repoet main content. Test procedure for measurement of impedance of rotor winding with 50 hertz supply SCOPE — This procedure covers the measurement of impedance of rotor winding 50 hertz source.

Continuous circulation of gas inside the rrport through a drier in order to remove any water vapor that may be present in it 5. To ensure that a high quality product is obtained, strength of material analysis and ultrasonic are performed during the manufacturing rotor. Erection commissioning, operation and maintenance service vi. The steam passes through the stationary nozzles and is directed at high velocity against rotor buckets causing the rotor to rotate at high speed.

These include high voltage power and distribution transformers, instrument transformers, dry type transformers, SF6 switchgear, capacitors, and insulators etc. It supports the laminated core and winding the stator comprises an inner frame and outer frame. The following events take place in the nozzles: The end stator is packets and core clamping and is intensively cooled by through special ventilation system.


The stator slots are provided with platinum resistance thermometer to record and watch the temperature of stator core and tooth region and between the coil sides of machine in operation.


The bar insulation is cured in an electrically heated process and thus epoxy resin fill all voids and eliminate reporrt inclusions.

Stator houses the armature winding. This field repkrt also controlled by taking feedback from main generator terminal voltage, to control exciter field variation by automatic voltage regulator.

First plant was established in Bhopal in ; in Haridwar in January, Today BHEL has 14 manufacturing divisions, 9 service centers, 4 power sector regional centre and about project sites. The top strip are provided with axial slots of same cross-section and spacing and used on the rotor winding. Turbo generator requires water cooling arrangement over and above the usual hydrogen cooling arrangement.

Each retaining rings with its shrink fitted.

Remember me on this computer. Stampings are hydraulically compressed during the stacking procedure at different stages. Bhel Haridwar training ppt Download Report.

The approximate area of these plant is a follows: Insulation life endurance test assessment facility. SCOPE — The procedure covers the measurement of capacitance sumker phase with respect to ground of the stator uaridwar.

National oil well U. To prevent the potential difference and possible corona discharges between the insulation and the slot wall, the section of bars are provided with outer corona protection. Segments are stamped out with accurately finished die from the sheets of cold rolled high quality silicon steel.

Seimens AG Large size gas turbines. The axial fans mounted on either side of rotor ensure circulation of hydrogen gas.

Threaded root fastenings permit angle to be changed. Cogeneration and combined cycle plants have been introduced to achieve higher plant efficiencies. This help BHEL to keep pace with the worldwide technological progress and hraidwar state of the art equipment to its customer.

The elementary conductors to be Roebel transposed in the slot portion. Generator is to be loaded within a very short period.

To ensure that strands are firmly bonded together and give dimensionally stability in slot portion, a blocj of glass tape is wrapped over the complete stack. It gave us exposure of the practical implementation of theoretical fundamentals. The voltage insulation is provided according to the proven resin poor mice base of thermo setting epoxy system. Slots pitch is selected so that the two solid poles are displaced by degree the rotor wedges act as damper winding within the range of winding slots.


Simulator, Telecommunication systemOther advanced micro —processor based control system.

Bhel Haridwar training ppt

The rectangular cross section copper conductors have ventilating ducts on the two sides thus providing a channel for hydrogen flow.

The Central Foundry Forge Plant CFFP is engaged in manufacture of large size Castings and Forgings of various types of steels like alloy steels, creep repkrt steel and supercritical grade steel. The steam expands first in the stationary or fixed blades where it gains some velocity as it drops in pressure.

The number of layers or thickness of insulation depends on the machine voltage. For this purpose DM water of proper specifying resistance is selected.

Training Report on Manufacturing of Turbo Generator at BHEL Haridwar | Hitesh Gupta –

Also in order to prevent used hydrogen from generators, casing, and sealing system is used to provide oil sealing. Wotan CNC horizontal boring machining. Steamless steel tubes, Sriral finwelded tubes. Thermal Power Station Plant. Solar cellsSolar lanterns chargersSolar clocks.

INDUSTRIAL TRAINING AT BHEL, HARIDWAR – ppt video online download

We undertook this project and learnt the basics of the construction of turbo generator by going through every section and basic building blocks of the plant. The retaining ring is secured in the axial position by snap rings.

The company has been earning profits continuously since and paying dividends since

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