Birkat Hamazon or Birkat Hammazon known in English as the Grace After Meals is a set of Hebrew blessings that Jewish Halakha (“collective body of Jewish. Shir Ha Maalot. Shir ha-maalot, beshuv Adonai et shivat tziyon hayinu ke- cholmim. Az yimalei sechok pinu u-leshoneinu rinah az yomru va. Birkas Hamazon, ברכת המזון, Birchas Hamazon, Prayer After Meals (Bentchen) / Grace, Blessing After Meals. Visit to say Birchas Hamazon.

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Racheim Adonai Eloheinu al Yisrael amecha ve-al Yerushalayim irecha ve-al tziyon mishkan kevodecha ve-al malchut beit David meshichecha ve-al ha-bayit ha gadol veha-kadosh she-nikra shimcha alav.

Birkat Hamazon – Wikipedia

At the time, our mouth was filled with laughter and our tongue with cries of joy; at the time it was said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them. When three or biirkat men have eaten together, one invites the others to join him in Grace After Meals: It is held that this, though a chovah duty[9] is not a mitzvah a commandmentas the practice was instituted for health reasons specifically, to avoid the danger of touching the eyes with harmful salts.


Ha-rachaman hu yishlach berachah merubah ba-bayit ha-zeh ve-al shulchan zeh she-achalnu alav. This site uses cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. Stand in awe of the Lord, you who are His holy ones, for there is nothing lacking to those who stand in awe of Him.

Birkat Hamazon

AbrahamIsaacJacobMoses and Joshua will all claim unworthiness to lead the grace and the Cup of Blessing will pass to King Davidwho will accept the honour. Ba-marom yelamdu aleihem ve-aleinu zechut she-tehei le-mishmeret shalom. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Uve-tuvo ha gadol tamid lo chasar lanu ve’al yechsar lanu mazon le-olam vaed. And let us witness, Lord our God, the consolation of Zion, Your city, and the building up of Jerusalem, Your holy city, for you are the Lord of redemption, and the Lord of consolation.


We thank You, Lord our God, for having given the heritage to our fathers of a lovely, fine and spacious land, and for having brought us out, Lord our God, from Egypt, and for rescuing us from slavery, and also for Your covenant which You sealed in our flesh, as well as for Your Torah which You taught us, and Your laws of which You told us, and for the life, grace and kindness You have granted us, and for the food which You supply and provide for us constantly, every day, all the time, and at every hour.

A minority of Modern Orthodox authorities, citing earlier authorities including Meiri, Sefer HaMeorot and the Shiltei HaGibborim, also hold that 10 women can or should constitute a minyan for purposes of saying Zimmun B’Shem for birkat hamazon. Traditionally, the cover of the bencher is customized to reflect the event. In particular, the Italian version preserves the ancient practice of commencing the second paragraph with Nachamenu on Shabbat.

Birkas Hamazon – ברכת המזון (Bentching) – Grace After Meals –

Eloheinu avinu re’einu zuneinu parneseinu ve-chalkeleinu ve-harvicheinu ve-harvach lanu Adonai Eloheinu meheirah mi-kol tzaroteinu. The first three blessings are regarded as required by scriptural law:. May a plea be heard on high, for them and for us, which will result in the security of peace. On Hanukkah and Purim al lygics is added to the middle of the second blessing.

Grace After Meals – Text

Ve-hareinu Adonai Eloheinu be-nechamat tziyon irecha uve-vinyan Yerushalayim ir kodshecha ki atah hu baal ha-yeshuot u-vaal ha-nechamot. Egyptian Slavery, Desensitization and the Holocaust. May the name of the Lord be blessed from hmaazon and forever more. Ki yom birka gadol ve-kadosh hu lefanecha lishbot bo ve-lanuach bo be-ahavah ke-mitzvat retzonecha. Among those who do practice mayim acharonimthe majority simply pour a small amount of water over their finger tips.

Potei’ach et yadecha u-masbia le-chol chai ratzon. Ha-rachaman hu yishlach lanu et Eiliyahu ha-navi zachur la-tov viyvaser lanu besorot tovot yeshuot venechamot. Retrieved lyrivs August Nodeh lecha Adonai Eloheinu al she-hinchalta la-avoteinu eretz chemdah tovah u-rechavoh ve-al she-hotzeitanu Adonai Eloheinu mei-eretz mitzrayim u feditanu mi-belt avadim, ve-al beritcha she-chatamta bi-vesareinu, ve-al Toratcha she-limadetanu, ve-al chukecha she-hodatanu, ve-al chayim chein va-chesed she-chonantanu, ve-al achilat mazon sha-ata zan u-mefarneis otanu tamid be-chol yom uve-chol eit uve-chol sha’ah.


Lyrucs the Merciful One be blessed in heaven and on earth. For this is indeed a great and holy day for You; to rest and be at ease, with loving concern for the command of Your will.

Additional sections are added on special occasions.

Hebrew words and phrases Jewish prayer and ritual texts Jewish blessings Positive Lgrics. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Although sometimes done at ordinary meals, it is more commonly done on Shabbat and Jewish Holidaysand almost universally done at hamazn celebrating special events.

After these four blessings, there is a series of short prayers, each beginning with the word Harachaman the Merciful Onewhich ask for God’s compassion.

If one forgets al ha-Nissimone does not repeat Birkat Hamazon, although one recites a special Harachaman toward the very end, followed by the paragraph Bimeiwhich describes the respective holidays. Retrieved from ” https: May the Merciful One bring us the day that will be totally Shabbat and rest in everlasting life. Kefirim rashu ve-ra’eivu ve-dorshei Adonai lo yachseru chol tov.

A special ritual dispenser can be used to dispense the water, [10] but does not need to be. Psalmeponymously called Shir Hama’alot Song of Ascentswhich expresses the Jewish hope of return to Zion following their final redemption, is haamzon recited by Ashkenazi Jews before Birkat Hamazon on ShabbatJewish holidaysand other days on which the penitential Tachanun prayer is not recited.

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