endorsed by Games Workshop, Black Library and/or Fantasy Flight Games. As a fan-made . living in the latter half of M41 in the Calixis sector. A native of .. distant, lightly populated, and lacking in important industries. The sub is big on faith. Following Games Workshop’s closure of the Black Industries imprint, and compiled it into a PDF titled “The Calixis Sector Encyclopedia”. Black Industries regret to announce that Dark Heresy: Disciples of the Dark Gods 31 Mar , and The Inquisitor’s Handbook (optional supplementary rules). .. The Calixis Sector is very deliberately a region riddled with.

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It is vitally important for every middle citizen to be properly recorded in the Rolls of Justification which each place of industry maintains, because if they cannot prove to the authorities of the Spine that they are permitted to fulfil the role in which they work, they are banished to the Underbelly. Here is the fate of all. Site of the Gaolist Astropaths. Also, xenos ruins in the southern hemisphere of the planet have fhe been properly explored.

Planets of the Calixis Sector – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

The outermost layers known as the Hiveskin are hellish; it is almost too hot to breathe and hivers are bathed in sunlight so potent it can make those caught in it blacken and shrivel up in a few minutes. Attending court on a false ticket is technically an offence against regulation, but in practice most officers turn a blind eye to the custom.

This enigmatic threat, the Hereticus Boack, or the Tyrant Star as it is known, is something the forces of the Inquisition most fervently wish to uncover, to comprehend and to destroy, before it is too late for the people of the Calixis Sector–and perhaps all of Mankind.

The degenerate medieval populace of this planet worship the ruined hulk of an Imperial Battlecruiser. Idle nobles the sector over collect illicit xenos curios, any one of which might harbour some taint that poisons the soul and leads to damnation. Violent zealots who see sin everywhere, the tactics of the Redemptionists are simple: The Commons sectpr teeming, but it is not a boisterous, lively place. Its visitations cannot be predicted.

This crowded, reddish-brown world is the current seat of the scholastic order known as the Decatalogues of Prol.


Inevitably, it industrifs far easier for a noble victim to get the Magistratum to investigate a crime, and far easier for a middle hiver criminal to be arrested for one.

Of all the main population centres on Scintilla, Gunmetal City is the most dangerous and lawless. The Calixis Sector is located in the Segmentum Obscuruson the northern edge of the known galaxy near the Eye of Terrorand represents a portion of the considerable territories conquered by the Imperial Lord Militant Angevin almost two thousand Terran years ago in the 39th Millennium during the Angevin Crusade.

Community Forum Discord Server. The area around the cathedral is a forest of statues of saints and important citizens of Scintilla, the most impressive of these being an enormous statue of Saint Drusus that has pride of place outside the main doors to the nave.

Dark Heresy 1st Edition Warhammer System. Members of Skaelen-Har are recruited from calixiis strata of society, as long as they have the potential to accept the Concordium. Most inhabitants of the Gorgonid live in the Commons. On a related note, be sure to check out glyph21 ‘s Planet Glossary – very useful for ‘filling in the blanks’. Jonathan rated it it was amazing Jan 17, Trip to Cryptus ‘ is a euphamism for death. Even if you get there, there indudtries no guarantee of a return ticket.

Calixis Sector

Here is the tread of would-be gods and slain saints. Jul 31, Andre rated it liked it. Indusries duties include maintaining the Sororitas honour guard at indusries Cathedral of Illumination on Scintilla and guarding important Ecclesiarchy Adepts who visit the Calixis Sector. Shaun Clinton rated it liked it May 07, As the players work for an Inquisitor, most missions involve rooting out heresies or matters relating to them, industies the bredth of the game allows for many other missions, including wiping out dangerous gangs, gathering evidence of corruption, or eliminating rogue psykers.

Samuel Potter rated it really liked it May 23, In reality, crew who behave poorly often find that they suffer the consequences indusyries they return to their normal work. Zillman’s Domian is a low technology level Feudal World with a heavy Imperial tithe burden.

When that got taken over Guuide didn’t copy all the information likely rites issues just the planet list. Each morning countless thousands of serfs trudge to the Face from the Commons and every evening they trudge back again, pausing only to pay deference to the barons who tour the Face to ensure that the slothful are punished. Lathe-world blades are famed throughout the Calixis Sector for their unbreakable character.


Apokalypsetest rated it liked it Apr 15, In reality, crew members treat their days on the court benches as if it were a theatrical performance. The Administratum fully accepts the situation on Iocanthos. Like all Imperial territories, the Calixis Sector is at risk from the chronic dangers facing humanity: Be the first to ask a question about Warhammer 40, Roleplay.

Calixis Sector – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Mass panic and insanity precede a visitation of the Tyrant Star. Some lesser warlords eye the support received by the more powerful with jealousy, however, and endlessly plan to launch devastating raids on Port Suffering. Mutants have their own crude society where seniority is based on brute strength and the degree of mutation.

I do have the The Calixis Sector Encyclopedia a 40pg document. A barren world, dominated by bleak dust bowls and salt-deserts, it supports, thanks to the Chartist ships, a population of pilgrims who maintain the shrine: This outworld, close to the Scarus Sector border, is unninhabited.

The central palace is a labyrinth of chambers and anterooms, a warren that, so proverbs say, many have entered and subsequently died trying to find tthe way out again. They exist as small, tribal units of monsters in the dense forests. Endless, waterless deserts of dust and calcification stretch out to the very edges of the planet. The Chaos Commandment ]. If another Great House needs raw materials, they often come from mines, fields or refineries managed by DeVayne thralls.

This rumour has undoubtedly arisen from the mind-altering effect of industeies emptiness and the heat. Pious, Emperor-fearing citizens abound and pronouncements by Ignato or the Synod can be disseminated by inrustries clergy and reach the ears of the average citizen far more effectively than through any other means. The most blessed among them carry the Evisceratora massive two-handed Chainswordwith which to mortify the flesh of sinners.

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