Blaise Cendrars’ Moravagine assaults from the outset. Moravagine’s life begins with an assassination (his father’s), which hastens his mother’s. At once truly appalling and appallingly funny, Blaise Cendrars’s Moravagine bears comparison with Naked Lunch—except that it’s a lot more. It’s not all cold-blooded murder and nihilistic despair. After all, this is a comic adventure, even if the comedy often reeks with the stink of death.

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In this case, the oddity lies not in the syntax, but in the author’s peculiar persona, at once cool and fevered. The language itself transported me to this historical era the sand my mind had to shift to accommodate the language, and thus, this particular, brutal, past.

Moravagine : Blaise Cendrars :

Dec 30, Richard Derus rated it liked it. Raymond, a young psychoanalyst, rescues the abominable in thought, and word, and deed, and indeed, physique Moragavine from an insane asylum, and the two of them mooravagine on a world wide rampage of anarchy and murder: Teenagers are very suggestible. I know it is only a novel and I am not as a rule squeamish about what I read, but there is such a deep level of unpleasantness here, especially towards women that, for me there was just no point ot it.

U odnosu na ova dva dela-ostatak knjige je u senci. We have our ‘hero,’ Moravagine, and his Robin, ‘Dr. He spends every waking moment planning another Moor invasion into the enemy coast.

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Here’s What a book! Paul La Farge is the author of two novels: Early in the morning there he is in white flannels, in a colored sweater from which emerges the collar of a Byronic shirt, his feet shod in suede, his hands gloved in chamois, playing tennis, shuffleboard or deck-golf. Finally they return to Europe just in time for World War I, when “the whole world was doing a Moravagine.


They are caught up miravagine the Russian revolution, go prospecting for gold in the Arizona desert, escape on a ship and travel up the Orinoco, where Moravagine becomes a living god to a tribe of lost blue Indians.

The author’s evident fury and outrage at a world that tacitly accepts the dehumanizing and belittling effects of Modernity without so much as a bleat of resistance. Description At once truly appalling and appallingly funny, Blaise Cendrars’s Moravagine bears comparison with Naked Lunch–except that it’s a lot more entertaining to read. However I did not like it. Everything should give in to my desires, obey my whims, bend before the wind of my breath.


Paul La Farge is the author of two novels: Heir to an immense aristocratic fortune, mental and physical mutant Moravagine is a monster, a man in pursuit of a theorem that will justify Moravagine causes the first Russian Revolution. You are lovely as a stovepipe, smooth and rounded into yourself, elbowed.

He traveled in my place. Dec 02, Jeff rated it it was ok Shelves: Then they wander around the States and South America I was fine with all morravagine that.

This is a roman a clef. And like cenxrars good subversively “evil” art it is ultimately liberating. I wrote a doctoral dissertation on Moravagine in The title sets the tone; Moravagine means Death to or by vagin What to say about this.

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Jul 04, knig rated it really liked it Shelves: Mar 11, Paul rated it really liked it. Cendrars lost his right arm in the First World War, while serving as a corporal in the Foreign Legion.

They then travel together for the rest of the book moving through Europe, Russia where they attempt to organise a revolution in as part of what appears to be an anarchist groupingthe US, South America and back to Europe. Fascinated by this man, the physician helps him escape then shares his picaresque travel around the world, bumping from Russian terrorists to American natives, in a trail of crimes.

All our philosophies, religions, arts, techniques and trades lead to nothing but this. Sep 02, David rated it liked it Shelves: These craftsmen did not relax their thoughtful self-discipline even with respect to features of their work that would ordinarily not be visible.

Released from a hospital for the criminally insane by his starstruck psychiatrist the narrator of the bookwho foresees a companionship in crime that will also be an unprecedented scientific collaboration, Moravagine travels from Moscow to San Antonio to deepest Amazonia, engaged in schemes and scams as, among other things, terrorist, speculator, gold prospector, and pilot. Pilfered by Nazis, ground into the muck by hobnailed boots.

In the old days, craftsmen did not cut corners. Unmoored from media hype and even timeliness, these books are championed by trusted fellow readers.

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