Blessed Unrest has ratings and reviews. Robert said: Paul Hawken’s new book, entitled Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Movement in the World Cam . “Blessed Unrest” is about a movement that no one has noticed, not even the people involved. “The movement,” as Paul Hawken calls it. The New York Times bestselling examination of the worldwide movement for social and environmental change Paul Hawken has spent more than a decade.

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Blessed Unrest

When we hear about a chemical spill in a river, it is never reported that more than organizations in North America have adopted a river, creek, or stream a local example is A Rocha – a worldwide Christian environmental movement – that has adopted glessed a river in South Surrey – the Little Campbell River. Jun 17, Shasta McBride rated it really liked it.

Paul Hawken is stupendously well informed. This is a genuinely whole-Earth catalog of environmental and social activism. Apr 01, Pages Buy. Bill McKibben has been unwavering and unerring in his cautions about climate change.

I forced my way hasken this book because its written by Paul Hawken, one of the authors of Natural Capitalism one of my very favorites. Nothing you read for years to come will fill you with more hope and more determination. Biological agriculture can increase yields and reduce petroleum-based pollution into soil and water.

Jan 12, Michael rated it it was ok. Alas, many transformationalists agreed with him. It has no manifesto or doctrine, no overriding hawksn to check with. At the same time, John D. Grassroots groups that fix local problems with an international mindset are the only hope we have of lasting through the next few centuries.

Greenbuild International Expo This is the book for all the people in the trenches of justice work, feeling discouraged about changing the world, feeling alone, powerless. Is there an invisible and exceptionally life-loving political movement in our midst? In the ujrest, the rules change whenever necessary to keep the game going.


Paul Hawken, Blessed Unrest: A Critique

Both forms of fundamentalism believe that ordinary citizens cannot be entrusted with the reins of power and that a small group of superior individuals should rule over the majority of inferiors. One of the disturbing parallels that is frequently made in this book is between the fundamentalism of the Christian right and the fundamentalism of free economic enterprise.

I think the Paul Hawken is a great voice in the environmental movement because he doesn’t alienate the business world, but rather invites anyone who wants to to join in.

I expected I would really enjoy it – I liked Hawken’s “Ecology of Commerce” many years ago – but I found that I fundamentally disagreed with his basic premises here. Jul 25, Blaine Morrow rated it liked it. The World Bank, whose stated mission is to promote economic development throughout the world, rather, acts, when not toxically incompetent, as an enforcer for robbing resources from the so called 3rd world for large corporations.

Blessed Unrest explores the diversity of this movement, its brilliant ideas, innovative strategies, and centuries-old history. Subtitles should be an art form, but, ultimately, have to be the boring half of the colon. The I forced my way through this book because its written by Paul Hawken, one of the authors of Natural Capitalism one of my very favorites. Some of the nastiest people I knew in the New Age movement were veritable founts of love and light. To view it, click here. We play finite games to compete and win.

Rather than a movement in the conventional sense, could it be an instinctive, collective response to threat? That pattern, amazing simultaneously in its intricacy and simplicity, gives clarity to the direction humankind is moving in its struggle for survival.

Account Options Sign in. Apr 28, Allison Myers rated it it was ok.

They asked their students to question and challenge and, as opposed to modern religion, to take nothing on faith. Also by Paul Hawken. Ideas do not belong to anyone, and require no approval.


In reality, there is very little that is “free” about it. But I am not questioning whether the human condition permeates the movement.

Blessed Unrest – Wikipedia

The appendix seems useful and I might keep the book just for that reference to how to find thousands of local organizations working for good. I have friends who would vigorously protest this assertion, pointing out the small-mindedness, competition, and selfishness of a number of NGOs and the people who lead them.

If you examine its glessed, missions, goals, and principles, and I urge you to do so, you will see that at the core of all organizations are two principles, albeit unstated: At the same time, we cannot build a movement without extending respect and dignity to all.

Politics is about getting and protecting and giving, not about constructing pretty word-pictures. Jul 30, Liz rated it really liked it Shelves: Hawken provides example after example of haqken tragic effects of the unrestrained progress of such corporate led globalization – that is imposing pau, “market-based rules and precepts on the entire planet, regardless of place, history, or culture, in the belief that economic growth is an unalloyed good, and that it is best accomplished with the minimization or elimination of interference from government”.

He has founded successful, ecologically-conscious businesses, and consulted with heads of state and CEOs on economic development, industrial ecology, and environmental policy. A culmination of Hawken?

I believe it is all of these, but whatever it may be to each person, and however we name it, it is not knowable”. Democracies can sustain freedom because their citizens and representatives continually adjust, maintain, and as necessary enforce standards, rules, and laws. Not at all what I expected from such an inspiring public speaker. Penguin- Nature – pages. It also bleased a real call to action, other than to help complete blesseed online database.

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