Blood and Tears. Front Cover. Qutubuddin Aziz. Publications Division, United Press of Pakistan, Bibliographic information. QR code for Blood and Tears. Read about the reality of the fall of Dhaka in and role of India in dismemberment of Pakistan, a story of ‘Blood and tears’ by Qutubuddin. Transition: Ex-diplomat Qutubuddin Aziz passes away on behalf of stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh I found his book Blood and Tears.

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The real toll, I was told every- where in East Azlz, may have qutubuddib as high as ,; for thousands of non-Bengalis have vanished without a trace ” The reportage of the Pakistani newsmen, who toured East Pakistan in the first fortnight of Aprilas published in the West Pakistan press, bared no details of the gruesome extermination of a large segment of the non- Bengali population in the Awami League’s genocide.

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Blood and Tears – Qutubuddin Aziz – Google Books

The next day, at midnight, a gang of armed Mukti Bahini soldiers attacked the Mohammedpur locality and they continued machine-gunning her house till the early hours of the morning. I had issued in February an appeal in the newspapers for such eye-witness accounts, and I am grateful to the many hundreds of witnesses who promptly responded to my call.

Non-Bengali men, kidnapped from their houses, were taken by the rebels to slaughter-houses and done to death. On the battle front of Ideology — BrassTacks papers For the first time in history, these rare epic papers by our founding fathers – Quaid, Allama Iqbal, Liaqat Ali Khan, Muhemmed Asad — have been collected and compiled.

In selecting a witness, I exercised utmost care in assessing his background, his reliability and his suitability for narrating faithfully the details of the massacre he had witnessed or the suffering he had borne in March- April Sign up to receive offers and updates: Full two years have passed and I have no news of him. They did not damage the factory but they butchered the non-Bengali employees and their families.


A team of four reporters, commissioned for interviewing the witnesses from all these 55 towns and cities of East Pakistan, worked with intense devotion to secure their testimony.

After less than 9 months, the Mukti Bahini went on the rampage against the non- Bengalis in Dacca. Suffering in Narail Hindus helped rebels in slaughtering non-Bengalis – aloyings in Molvipara — Islam-loving Bengalis butchered by rebels — non-Bengalis liquidated in Mujgunni and Sonadanga — very few non-Bengalis survived massacres. Unfurled on the speakers’ platform was the new flag of Bangladesh — a map of the wnd set in a red circle against a dark green background.

Blood and tears

The telephone link between East and West Pakistan remains nearly unusable and only a skeleton air service is being operated between Karachi and Dacca ” Skimpy references qutubudsin the blood-letting azkz untold proportions, undergone by the non-Bengalis during the Awami League’s March uprising in East Pakistan, percolated into the columns of some newspapers in Western Europe and India qutubudein the first week of April I had married my daughter to a promising young man 32 Blood and Tears by Qutubuddin Aziz “In the third week of Marcha gang of armed Bengali rebels raided the house of my son-in-law and overpowered him.

The Army’s strength in Dacca was adequate to enable it to scotch the Awami League’s rebellion but in the rest of the province the federal troops were thinly spread out. The Rise and Fall of rears Great Powers: The Awami League took over the radio and television stations, telecommunications, foreign trade and the banking system, including the control of money transfers from East to West Pakistan.

Satkhira Aflame 95 Indian help to rebels — armed azix — captive, bleeding Sub-Divisional Officer dragged through streets — killer gang hurls non-Bengalis into blazing jute godown — rebels carve “Joi Bangla” on foreheads of captive women — rebels flee to India.

They trucked away all the loot. The Bengali Secretary, who headed the federal Ministry of Information and Broadcasting at Islamabad, threatened to punish those newspapers which at one time felt impelled to violate his Ministry’s fiat. I had hidden my two sons qutubuddun the lavatory. On March 21, our Dacca-bound bus was stopped on the way, soon after it left the heart of the city.


Aged 15, my sister was a student in the 9 th class in school. Petrol bombs and other hand-made bombs, manufactured from chemicals stolen from the Science laboratories of educational institutions in the past few weeks, exploded at some places. In the wanton slaughter in the last week of March and early April,some 40, non-Bengalis qhtubuddin in Chittagong and its neighbourhood.

I was seated in the front portion of the bus and I saw that the killer gang had guns, scythes and daggers. He was a courageous Youngman and he resisted the attackers. Some of my relatives perished in the carnage in our locality. My husband was away in Dacca when the killer gang came to my house “At gun-point, our captors made us leave our house and marched us to an open square where more than non-Bengali old men, women and children were detained.

Teags shop was locked, and in the forenoon, when my protector opened it, I told him of the fiendish happening of the previous night. Dacca and Chittagong were the only two cities from where sketchy reports of the slayings of non-Bengalis had trickled to me in Karachi, mostly through the escapees I met at the Karachi Airport on their arrival from East Pakistan.

Armed thugs, claiming links with the Revolutionary Action Groups set up by the Awami League, extorted money from affluent non-Bengalis. She was old and looked a saintly woman. He instructed the people of East Pakistan not to pay Central Government taxes but to make payments to the provincial coffers. I had identified, after some considerable research, 55 towns and cities in East Pakistan where the abridgement of the non-Bengali population in March and early April was conspicuously qutunuddin.

She wrote of it in the New York Times of May 2,

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