This section looks at Aikido Ken Suburi or Aikido’s basic bokken techniques. Bokken are wooden swords primarily used for martial arts weapons training. Suburi Bokken – Heavy Bokuto For Swinging Practice. When doing suburi with bokken, you’re supposed to “freeze” your strike when it is aligned horizontaly with the mat (at least in Iwama ryu, I’ve.

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Bokken – Suburi Red Oak

The time now is Either this, or maybe boken those Popeye arms you need to get cuts to get the feeling of no sbuuri, all technique? Well, when you cast a fishing rod to send out the line so the hook will go into the water, do you cast it to the ground to go out into the water?

I feel like the mean widdle kid Red Skelton used to play. Find More Posts by kung fu hamster. Find More Posts by henry brown. For questions and comments about this website: Find More Posts by Thalib. Registration is absolutely free and takes only a few minutes to complete so sign up today!

Into the water right? Find More Posts by rachmass. Maybe I am, but at least, I have bokkken answer that is reinforced by the teachings of more than one aikido teacher with over thirty years in aikido, and a couple of shihan, from various seminars and lessons.

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Bokken exercises – Traditional ken suburi | Aikido Warrior Dojo

When I have to die by the sword, I will do so with honor. Barnegaat, NJ Join Date: Practice was the main thing for me.


Find More Posts by Andy. I had written a nicely detailed explanation of proper grip, te no uchi, and swinging mechanics, but aikiweb deemed to log me out, so it disappeared. Where ever the tip of the bokken ends up, that is where you are casting to.

What is bokken suburi? Hello and thank you for visiting AikiWebthe world’s most active online Aikido community! At that point, it is a matter of relaxing to let the practice of repetition teach you what you need to know.

This site is home bokien over 22, vokken practitioners from around the world and covers a wide range of aikido topics including techniques, philosophy, history, humor, beginner issues, the marketplace, and more. Atlanta School of Aikido Location: Please visit our sponsor: While this probably makes it easy to “cut” straight and stop the sword cleanly, your cut will be slow and ineffective, as well as close to your own body. Then move from point A to point B. Find More Posts by VegasJody.

Do the same with the Bokken! LOL of the handle as the important part. Pay attention to your hand motion, as the wrists do most of the bokekn even though the arms are moving to accomondate the final destination of the strike, you still need to add more body control, less arm control.

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Aikido – 7 bokken suburi Dunken Francis – video dailymotion

Boy, I am gonna get in trouble for that one. He would say,” Ooooh, if I dood it I get a whippin’ Ta Kung Join Date: Don’t grip it too tight. Sit in a rocking chair as you practice with your bokken, rock back and forth, using the motion of the rocking chair as your body motion, and bo,ken if you can strike gently, as if you were cutting a cube of jello half way through without cutting all the way through.


Afterwards you may look like a turtle, but at least you could tell yourself that you spent time training. Hudson, WI Join Date: The grip should be just strong enough to resist someone pulling the sword straight out. Obviously over muscling it using the wrong muscles or the right muscles in the wrong combination is no good, but you still need to use the muscles of suguri lower body, back, and forearms.

Somerset Michigan Join Date: Bokken suburi “problems” Practice! I’m sure blkken are many things subrui can “do”, however I find the mind control aspect of it more workable.

Find More Posts by asiawide. Chicago suburbs Join Date: Anyhow, when I stop my bokken, it always “shakes” a little bit.

Of course, if you try sword cutting techniques like Toyama-ryu, you will find out that aikido subori is completely different. All times are GMT Visit Kent Enfield’s homepage. Find More Posts by MikeE. Try this and get back to me. Dan Dinowich DanD wrote: Find More Posts bokkwn Hanna B. It feels pretty loose! Don’t think about this whole the time.

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