Just got a Bolex P1 standard 8mm w/Pan-Cinor zoom. Looks to be in good shape . However, I’m lacking a manual and wondering how you turn. We provide free online pdf manuals for camcorders, action cams, dashcams and Bolex Paillard Stereo Movies Series Zoom Reflex P1 – Instruction Manual. SETUP The Bolex P1 is easy to use. First, load the film. See the Bolex manual for the exact procedure. It’s pretty simple – you can do it in.

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Ask if it has a warranty or guarantee policy. Running manuxl motor without film passing the gate will not cause the camera or film any harm, but you will not capture the moment: The original Bolex P1 manual I love the graphics in this!

Do you know how to adjust the speed regulator correctly?

Usually the film reel holding the exposed film is returned to you. I can’t wind the motor. If the iris or focus rings s are stuck, consider the lens usable ONLY for display purposes. What should you do? With all models, check or ask that the spring motor is not overwound or if has been left stored for a long time with the motor fully wound.

You probably bent the shutter control index pin when installing the shutter assembly into the main case. If they can’t repair it, ask them if they know who can. Move zoom stick forward or backwards to ‘frame” subject. That is your diopter setting for the eye you are using.


Bolex Zoom Reflex P1 8mm movie camera with case, grip, owner’s manual | eBay

Send me an email or have the repair person contact me. If it has Switar lens’ – it’s worth more. You can tell when the first 25 feet is finished by 1 looking at the counter on the back of the camera body or, 2 you will notice the motor speed changes slightly, or 3 the clicking noise.

Custom jigs, Bolex 8mm specific measuring and calibrating tools and jigs, measuring equipment for speed reference setting, etc. The P-1 series has a French made “Som Berthoit mm” 5X power manual zoom lens, a battery powered light meter with the light meter in the direct path Reflex of the lens at all times. Again, if it’s going to sit on a shelf, you can expect to pay less.

The “L” after the model number indicates that the camera has a light meter.

Bolex recommends that the camera have a service know as a “CLA” Clean-lubricate-adjust on a yearly basis. I recommend starting with either of these and bolwx if you need more features. Remember, with audio, the closer the recorders’ microphone s are; the better the audio.

On all models, check to make sure the lightmeter actually works. Aim camera at subject, need to zoom in or out? Call a local camera repair shop ask them. What I am saying is you will probably do an inferior job. Or the speed adjustment slide has moved. Learn more – opens in a new window or tab. What do I do now?

  IMM 5401 PDF

Why is service and maintenance so important? Things that slip out of place before you can close the shutter assembly. Item specifics Seller notes: Replacement lenses for Bolexs are for sale on eBay.

Starting aboutwith the L8 early model8mm Bolex cameras became popular with photographers and travelers to document their home lifestyles and while traveling. We do bolexx, include a copy of Bolex’s 8mm Service Manual for all of our overhauled cameras. What not to oil? If boles camera does run, the film speed may vary such that the finished film will appear to speed up and slow down at random while playing on a projector.

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If the speed regulator is dirty, it can’t do its job, so the camera will probably run rough or the filming speed will vary. Sell one like this. The damping agent used to allow the lens to rotate smoothly boelx wax based.

Consider this camera as a “Shelf Queen” and bid appropriately much lower. Does the lightmeter work? Ask if anything’s missing.

And the ‘can” is tossed. Can you diagnose damage to the camera? Wakefield, Rhode Island, United States.

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